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Thx for testing out my game. Sadly I had no time and no experience with sound effects.


I really love the art of all the stuff in the foreground, but the background looks a littlebit too repetitive. The soundeffects are also pretty fitting. The controlls feel pretty good, but I wasn't able to figure out, what the goal of this game is or how I am supposed to use the shop.

But all in all I had fun playing your game!

I really like the artstyle and the soundeffects of your game. The gameplay is nothing new and innovative but pretty good. I like it!

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I love the atmosphere and the soundtrack. Espacially the models look fantastic!

Gameplay wise it feels a bit slow and I really dislike those invisible walls. I think it would have been more of a challenge, if those weren't there.

I would be really happy, to hear some feedback on my game aswell.  It's name is SpacePool.

I really like the atmosphere of your game and the concept is good aswell!

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Hey Dani Desa,

I realy like the atmosphere of your game and the idea of it is pretty intersting.

Espacially the models are pretty good!

But the controll of the rotation is a little bit complicated and in the second level it is really hard to see, where these little balls will land.

But all in all I realy like your game!

Wow this game has a simple concept but it is so perfectly polished!

I just love the art style and the soundeffects!

Good Job!

It should be playable now.

Thanks you!

Thanks for the hint, I am going to reupload it