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I got same issue... :(

oh God I think I am stuck!!

Very nice concept! I think quite original as well! Congrats!

I like your solution of making the buildings transparent , it is something I might copy for my game too :D . I don't know if it normal but I don't hear any sound at all: could it be a BUG? Controls, better to use the mouse.

Ah ah ah yes I saw your entry, nice one as well!  and the funny thingh is that I happen to be  in plymouth right now.. :D  

thank you for your feedback! yes the scoring system could be improved.

Hey Thoof, thanks for your feedback! I really like the level base approach and i was thinking the same, so maybe you are a traffic police man and you are called in different part of a big city to help directing the traffic and every time you solve different kind of challeges based on the same mechanic and you earn badges and move forward next level everytime you accomplish the mission.... something like that.. The only problem I don't have time to work on it!!!! :( 

Thank you! I am Glad you have fun playing it!

I was simply cherry picking those lovely grapes and suddenly I cut off the forehead of that guy. OMG. My personal interpretation: the way we are producing and consuming food is not healthy and we are eating ourself because we are not thinking of the consequences of our actions. We like that and we are blind to a brighter future. We need to step back and reflect for a moment regarding our relationship with the nature. I don’t know, this game makes you think. And what about this wonderful smooth animations and sounds? Really good job.

ah ah ah ah, that's funny idea... :D

Hello there, yes it is working even if I don't hear any music, I don't know if actually there is any :) . Also, it is not clear how to play and what I am supposed to do, maybe just a quick intro tutorial or something like that at the beginning could be good. The graphics are nice and I love the characters.    

Oh, thank you for your feedback! I might extends the game in the near future. Thanks for playing it!

I'm curious to try out this game, can you provide a Mac build as well? Thanks!

Ehy Thomas, this is fun! Really like the atmosphere and the story but I couldn't progress too much, I'm stuck in the meme cemetery, is to hard to move the player and fight at the same time, I mean the key binding + mouse to fight it is kind hard... Don't know if other people are comfortable with that, maybe if there is a way to avoid using the mouse...   

Thanks for your feedback! Glad that you liked it!

Yhmm I think I get what you mean. Thanks for your feedback yes I definitely would like to try it on a phone/table to experiment with tilting even if I don't know if people really like tilting on a mobile.. At guess it is an option to try anyway in case I go further with this mechanic! Thank you! I cannot try your game I don't have windows machine at the moment :(.

Ehy thanks for your feedback. Thanks to you I lowered down the pitch for the 'falling' sound effect and it sounds much better now! You were right. I wrote a review for your game, you can check it out. After the jam I will probably do some changes keeping teh core mechanics and graphics and expanding from there. I really would like to see where I can bring this idea.

Definitely there is some good concept there. So good luck with your future development, I hope you will try to improve things. for sure I would like to see more from you!  

I'll be honest with you, after reading how to play I was still trying to find how to play. I spent 10 minutes on it and I couldn't manage to understand what my goal was. I think you should make more clear how to play maybe with some animation (tutorial) . When playing games usually the player wants to get to play as soon as possible and I think in this case is not possible. Your little dude is very cute! Sounds and music as well! 

Well, actually after your last comment I went there to have a look and I discovered that as long as I use

Input.GetAxis("Horizontal") I can be assured that it is frame-independent by default so I shouldn't be worried about Time.deltaTime in this case, I can leave it out. I guess the only option here is to have an option menu where the player could set the sensitivity, that should solve the problem, yes a slider in a settings menu would be good.

(1 edit)

Thanks for your feedback! I think the goal there is to move the platform and not the player so it seems intuitive to me to rotate the platform that way but maybe I'm wrong or maybe is not the same for everybody. I'll try to maybe make a more polished version of it trying to solve those issues.

Ehy thanks for your feedback and you are right it is clear at this point that the second level it is hard and also not clear what to do for the player. I definitely need to review it after the jam. I'm confident I can do better. :)

Let's see for sure I would love to do something there and I will probably do but I also have some other ideas in mind. :) Thanks for your feedback again! 

Ehy, thanks for your feedback. What do you think about removing level two and build an entire world around level 1 with better controls? Do you think that would work?

Thanks for your feedback, I agree with you. I guess I learned something after all during this game jam. Next time I will focus more on mechanics and controls for sure!

Thanks for you feedback and for what you do for the community! Yes there are two levels but I guess the controls are not that good so I guess I learned something during this game jam! Next time I will focus more on the mechanics/controls! Thanks again for your feedback! BTW I tried your game it was hard but very nice idea sounds and music! 

Overall the game is good but sometimes it feels that even with random moves you can succeed. The merge mechanic it is very good and the game seems smooth too, nice graphics as well.  

Thank you so much! I will try to build from your feedback after the game jam is finished. I'm working to make it easier. 

Yep you are totally right, I need to review controls and mechanics. Maybe after the jam is finished I will have some time to further explore this concept more. Thanks for playing!

Ehy SMAEL thanks for your valuable feedback and yes the second level it is kind of bad designed I guess, I couldn't think of a nice mechanic but I will work on the game I guess after the jam, I would like to expand this concept further.. The second level definitely needs a better approach! 

Thanks for your feedback, using the keyboard shouldn't be too bad. You are right it is a bit difficult. I couldn't come up with a better mechanic I guess...  

Ehy, thanks for your feedback. Maybe I can decrease the rotation speed. It was ok for me but maybe not for everybody. Maybe I can make an option to let the player choose between different sensitivity values, I'll give it a think.  Thanks again for your feedback and for playing the game!

Thanks for your valuable feedback, I really appreciate. I can try to make this aspect better taking your point.   Thanks a lot!

Thank you! :)

Ehy Pfail, yes there was a complete list of 'new' game mechanics pending in my TODO list for this game but if you start adding you'll never stop and this one was kind of a prototype. I don't think I will be adding anything new now I want to work on more different small project to really improve my skill and try different thighs. I also encourage you to try my latest attempt to create something with my latest project 'Lily's Adventure'  ,  something I did for the 10th Creative Game Jam.  


Ehy Dumivid, thanks for your comment. You are right and you are not the first one to comment on that lack of interactivity. The think is that I need to get better at coming up with cool mechanics and I get that a game that is just 'random' doesn't have to much appeal to a player. Thanks again for your feedback, my future games they will be better!