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Great Job! The game is very polished and fun!

The only thing I would criticize is that the side you pick does not make any gameplay difference besides the color switch, it would be cool if you get a different shot style or something.

Overall good job tho!


The only small thing I would have to critique is that I think the lasers should have two beats of warning--or I'm just bad.


Thank you!


I complety agreee

Thank you!

Good job!

Lol, great game. I click to 1000 and then used autoclick, very creepy.

AMAZING WORK! Very good job, the UI could look better, but that is my only complaint. You did am amazing job here.

Also I glad it is not a prop.

Simple yet fun game! Good job on making so many different enemies.

Very tough!  Though the player speed could be toned down a bit more, and the choose a path was a bit frustrating, but overall good job! The graphics were very good!

Nice short game! Though the controls were hard to grasp, the theme and the graphics were great!

A game jam I'm hosting about messing with the idea of time in games!

This will be a low-pressure Jam from November 26th 2021 at 5:00 PM to December 3rd 2021 at 11:00 PM, you can join the discord  to interact with the community or get a team! This will be a ranked jam with a theme and winner, sadly there is no extra rewards for winning besides, well winning.

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Fun! Not a ton of improvements but both were very good!

I got stuck on level 5 in new, that one got a lot tougher!

Fun Game! Offscreen enemy's can be a bit unfair, but overall fun!

Also, where is the old version?

Thanks, if you miss one in combo you miss all of the block in it, so 0 points!

Hmmm, I could be an offset, if the click was too much off it could desync it. Try to turn off offset on the menu, or download it to lower lag.

Thanks for playing!

The fact that the font didn't load is weird, but I'm glad once you fixed it you liked it!

Thanks! I didn't make the tracks(Bensound), but thanks!

Thanks! Appreciate it!

Fun Game! One puzzle was offscreen, don't know if that's on my end!


Very fun, good job making this in only 11 hours!

Thank You!


Nice twist on the commonly used concept!

Amazing game!

Very fun game! I cheesed the last puzzle!

Great Game, very challenging!

Very fun!

The enemies will spawn on you at times, which leads to an instant game over.

Great job!

Very fun! Restarting is very harsh though, but otherwise really fun. glitch out and posted 3 times

Cool little game, but  a tutorial would have helped.

Very chaotically fun! But I would probably give the player more health btw

Fun! Was a bit claustrophobic at times though.

Very fun, I really liked it. The only bad thing is that hats don't work...

A Heath bar would be nice, and smaller hitboxes, but otherwise, Great Game!