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Combine boxes and go for new high scores!
Submitted by Equinoxxx — 47 minutes, 11 seconds before the deadline
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This game became one of my most addicting games of the jam. The mechanic was simple and easy to grasp, but allowed for hectic and engaging game play! This also had a lot of polish and I am glad you turned this into the jam!

I streamed it here:


This game was really addicting to me xddd. Good Game.


Original game and fun idea! Well done!


Once I got the hang of it, it became really fun! Amazing job, this was very well made! 


This was beyond amazing! It really surprised me. The difficulty curve was beautiful and the "just one more game" aspect is very well executed. I could see this becoming a new type of Tetris. Really good job!


Oh, Man! That gets way more difficult than I expected with time. It's simple and small but amazingly innovative. Loved the sound effects too. Thanks for this game!

Please take some time to play and rate my game as well. Thanks!! Cheers!!


very fun and addicting game.


Quite fun. Very satisfying to sort things as they fall down and try to on the fly thing of different ways to combine things to keep the number of boxes down. Good job.


It's pretty fun, and quite addictive. Though I don't think I'm not very good at it honestly 


Got 1272 points :D Pretty addictive, had to spam space bar to make me stop :P


Superb approach to the theme, you can definitely feel how intense the game gets when there are too many boxes. Good job :)


Simple, but clear and you did some polish like particles, so that's good :)
Actually not sure what to add, maybe some post processing would make it more graphicly appealing.
You can also try to change on the style and do something more glowy. So that all the cubes have their color, but they got emission material attached to them. It could also look nice :)


What a cheerful idea. I've seen many color related games, but this one really got me. Great experience.


Also simple, but very well made, both sounds and music. Ear-catching definitely :P


Fun, no bugs. A lot of variety and requires thinking, what else you need :)

Game Design:

Also pretty good. I really like the tutorial (having a preview of the mechanics there is a great idea!), you really need to learn management to get into the rhythm and ye, I love the option with space to spawn, really helpful.

Maybe at lvl 10+, 20+ etc you could add something that was in Tetris, so that boxes are spawned quicker and music speeds up a bit, so that you cant play this game forewer and it gets intense ;)

Anyway, amazing entry! Good job


This was definitely a simple but deep and satisfying game.  Especially with the feedback and the seemingly endless nature of it.  Honestly I could've kept playing but I tore myself away to write a paragraph and play more games.  Some feedback tho:

  • The level design, however minimal was pretty good in the way it contributed to letting you plan out placement of the boxes and letting you grab them as they drop which was nice and just a bit of QOL.  
  • The grabbing was a little weird sometimes, I'm not entirely sure why, it felt like it missed the box by just a little bit.  Lag or something else possibly?  Hard to say without knowing myself how the actual detection is handled but maybe slightly increasing the boxes "hitbox" for being grabbed could help?
  • The points were interesting, honestly though I just got pulled into the actual game and there's not a ton of feedback for them going up.  So maybe adding some sort of particle or popup with the amount the points went up based on a specific combo, and maybe just adding combos in general for extra points?  As well as maybe showing them on the game over screen would be nice.

Overall a simple but interesting concept that's definitely just the definition of a time waster.  The one thing I'd say is maybe adding levels as a separate mode where you could mix up the layout of the level to make it more complicated and force you to think about where you are combining the boxes.


I can't believe how fun this game is despite its simplicity. I love the little details like how the boxes spin around your cursor and how the colors combine to their respective colors. How were you able to achieve that sort of "pinned by the cursor" effect? Oh, I also love the music and how it carries over between the title screen and the game. Great work!


THEME: You want less boxes because its less crazy.

VISUALS: Simple but good.


SOUNDS: I liked the pop sound effect when you combined boxes/

MUSIC: Fits really well with the game!

DESIGN: I feel like it would be nice to have unlockables in an endless game like this but the design was really good!

OVERALL: Really good game. 

P.S. Box baseball is really fun.


Might seem to get challenging at first, but it’s pretty easy to get used to and the difficulty of the game is greatly balanced. The art is simple and is perfect for a game like this! Nice job!


Fantastic execution! A simple concept is taken to a masterful conclusion. I love the increase in difficulty by adding in the color and slowly drip-feeding the player so they figure it out until they get two big colors that don't connect. Great work! Really clever! Keep it up! 


My game idea was pretty similar at the beginning. Just with houses. I think its nice that u stuck with it. It was pretty engaging. The music was ok too.


Cool take on less is more! It's like a more hecktick 2048. I think the box limit is a little low though, would have liked it to be a little more like Tetris where if you hit the top of the level with a box then you lose.


Highscore 8000 pog 


i like that the blocks chance color cool puzzle game

Submitted (1 edit)

I'd have made a better layout for playing or various to improve the experience, but overall very nice

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