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Hey, thanks for trying out my game, the bug should be fixed by now. Can you try again ? :)

Maybe you can try to download the unityZip file

We're glad you enjoyed it! 
And thanks a lot for the feedback, I didn't realize that the swinging thing was part of the hitbox.  For the defeat screen, it's true, I wish we had more time to fix all these bugs. 

Thanks a lot for playing it and your feedback!
We're glad you enjoyed it ^^

Thank you so much for making such a cool video about our game!
I really loved it :D

Thank you for playing our game and commenting on it!
We're glad you liked it, I think our programmer Manus made a great job at balancing the game. To know you failed once and then were able to win the second time is a confirmation of that to me :D

Hey, we're glad you liked it! Thank you for your comment :)
The distance meter is an interesting idea!

Your game looks so beautiful already, I can't wait to play it!!

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it
I used Unity engine and yes I drew everything myself, all on paper with pencil at first and then colored it on photoshop :

I posted it 6 days ago ^^

Interesting game, at first I was disoriented because the game plays itself, and you have to wait to act, but in the end, it's the part that I enjoyed. It's a slow pace kind of game and the music going with the rhythm works perfectly. It got a bit predictable too fast but overall, It's a cool game! 

Your game was really cool! 
I rated it yesterday :)
If you like to check mine, here it is

Once I learn how to drive better, the game really worked for me, I got into it had fun! Nice visuals and cool idea. Nice job! :)

You are actually a really good video maker, really enjoyed your devlog!
I'm going to try your game now. 
If you want to try mine, maybe you have already 
It's this one :

I love the art of your game and animations are great!

Really nice game, well done ! 

I'm checking your game now ;)

Here's mine :)

Nice idea and design! Good  job :)

I'm checking your game now ;)

Here's mine :)

Hi, my game isn't per say narrative but it takes place in a rich environment where you can imagine many stories, check it out, it might interest you :)

An experience more than a game, funny when I realized I was going to pick which musician I will have in my group to get a good music. Really funny ! XD

good job!

Interesting gameplay! It's shame that there are not more levels but it's really nice game! Visuals are awesome and the music too!

That game got me laughing so much! I was like "wtf" when I got to the end XD

Great art and music!

What a cool music! I like that kind of parkour game, nice job :)

5 stars deserved on many levels!
Really well done, I love that kind of game :)

It's a shame that there are no music or sounds but the game is fun, I like the choice in weapon we got!
Good job :)

Original game and fun idea! Well done!

I was frequently getting out of the game because of clicking out of the monitor, but overal, the game looks great, the models texture looks really cool. The sounds were really done as well I think!

Hi, here is my game
It would be cool to see play on stream

Read the page well before you play, important information in it ;)

Nice game, I'm curious to know on what engine did you develop it.
I thought the enemies were shooting too fast but overall, it's nicely done and I had fun.
The music was great too!

It took me longer than I thought to get it but once I was able to play the game correctly, I really enjoyed it. It's very original and it fits the theme so perfectly!
Really cool entry

and the general atmosphere with the visuals, sounds, and music  is sweet

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Post your in the stream chat and I'll play them :)

here's my game :

I agree with you that it is good for us, young developers to learn marketing, and it is what it is.

However, I'm not sure the rate4rate system is actually a marketing strategy that we will benefit from in our future. (But what do I know? Maybe... I actually don't know what I'm talking about, I'm not an expert)

For anyone reading this, I don't mean to send a bitter/judgmental message. I'm genuinely questioning and I'm curious if actually the people who do the rate4rate maybe agree with this. And they do it against their will.

In general it felt to me that the week was a bit too much of ("look at me!" , "look at my game") than focusing on other people's games. 

My guess is we don't really want that but we do it anyway because we're scared that the people who do it will overshadow our games.

In my case, I did it, because I thought that I had no choice, because of that. And I didn't really like focusing so much on promoting my game than actually enjoying all of your games.

Because there are actually some gems here and there in you have done  guys :)

it's my first real game jam and I didn't know how the rating period would be. I'm a little bit surprised of the amount of effort we need to do be seen. I didn't expect we had to do that.

I did that effort in the first days, but mostly it makes me question if this is how it should be (the things like "rate my game and I'll rate yours") and how could it be different.

It feels that amongst the most rated games, we have a mix between really good games and really strong marketing games, and of course a mix between the two.

Let me know what do you think

(That being said, I had the best two weeks in a long time, making a game is such a great pleasure and getting to play games after for an entire week is the best reward)

I'm glad you liked it ^^

I just love this music! Nice game, I like that you can grab the ball in mid-air and still redirect it! Cool game!

I just love this music! Nice game, I like that you can grab the ball in mid-air and still redirect it! Cool game!
That'd be cool if you would like to check my game

Hi, I will try your game now,

that would be cool if you want to check out my game :)

I'm not sure if tried it already. 

If not, it would be cool if you want to try my game

I'm not sure if tried it already. 

If not, it would be cool if you want to try my game

I'm not sure if tried it already. 

If not, it would be cool if you want to try my game