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It's a dot eat dot world, but you don't want to eat anything but yellow dots.
Submitted by EroAxe — 20 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline
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Nice game! it was fun to try to manage the most efficent way to eat all the yellow dots. Although, i didn't understand what were the black dots, but beside that it was pretty fun! great work


I really liked how you grow bigger by collecting dots, great concept!


I like the idea of the game. The movement is a little simple but accurate. It might be cool if there was some kind of jump and maybe the levels had floors. It would be very satisfying to have sounds while collecting the dots. I think it fulfills the theme very well with the black dots. It was a little weird when I could move out of Map. I think it could be cool that if you fall down, you would fall back to the level beginn from the top, but a simple wall would do it, though. Overall a very good game, sounds and music would have been great. But the most important thing, it was made with Godot ;)

Developer (1 edit)

Yea unfortunately I ended up forgetting to add the wall I made to a ton of the levels so... a lot of anti gravity gameplay there.  I appreciate the feedback though and I'm definitely regretting not throwing some random sound effects in just to have something, I haven't messed with them so I didn't get around to it.

Also, Godots the best :3

Edit: I do have one question about your game name tho, is it a reference to Rising of the Shield Hero or am I just weird ?


I'm sorry to say, but I never heard about this name. So it’s not a reference, but the names are very similar. It's seems to be a coincidence.


It's the name of an anime, the name of your game was so close it felt like it might've been a reference.  Guess not though :/  It's good show!!!


Sounds interesting. Maybe I’ll take a look in it.


The game fits into the theme, but doesn't do anything necessarily special with it. The inverse score mechanic of not not collecting black dots is interesting, but since the game doesn't track them long term, the high-score aspect is lost on the player. A small "total time, total black dots collected" screen at the end would've made going for a highscore more compelling.

The art is quite spartan, but communicates the ideas effectively. Yellow and green good, red bad, blue player, black points, all of these are intuitive choices.

As for the controls, I found myself mostly moving by repeatedly tapping the movement keys due to the really high speed and acceleration. An instant start & end to movement with slower max speed would've fit the precision challenge better.


It's a cool concept, I think it needs a bit more polish though. I think some sound effects and music would really help it out in this aspect. But I'd also love to see some cool particle effects and stuff


Criticism - For a game that requires precise movement, having a player that has uneven acceleration that flattens off at a high speed is somewhat annoying.  It would've been a bit nicer if there was a consistent acceleration and deceleration so the player could plan out exactly how they want to move much more intuitively. It also would've been nice to have an explanation of why getting the black dots is bad because it was a bit unclear.

Support -  After understanding what all the dots did, it became very clear how the game fit the theme.  The game also has a sort of tacticalness to it as you have to decide what dots you are going to get first in case you accidentally grab a black dot.  The gameplay kinda reminds me of The Worlds Hardest Game.


Nice to see a paragraph of feedback, I did add a slight bit of acceleration to the player at the start of it's movement but as people as made abundantly clear it wasn't strong enough apparently.  Though deceleration I didn't get to adding unfortunately, at one point I had a bit of it, but I never quite got it working how I wanted so I ended up removing it.  Some tweaks to the movement are the first on my to do list for fixing up the game post-jam though.  


Well i figured out what the red one does :D The game is simple but fun. Maybe instead of intant velocity we could add force to our ball to make it more chaotic to control that would be more fun i think :d

I think you already know that but sound effects would make this game better.Also some kind of particle effects when winning a level or dying can make the game feel alive.

Overall it was fun playing this nice job :D

Note : I would be happy if you could check out m ygame as well :d


Nice simple concept!  Gameplay was smooth and the instructions were simple enough. It would be a lot easier if the ball had a slower base speed and a buildup instead of darting from one place to another.


Really nice! It all ran smoothly for me and looked very well though-through! You've done a great job on the movement and camera effects, and I think some sound effects and music would really tie it all together! :D


This game is ok, the control is simple  but the description goal said "only eat yellow dots" but in game we have to get all black dot too?


No?  The point is to try and beat the level as fast as possible while grabbing as few black dots as possible, since they lower your speed and increase your size to make it harder to avoid obstacles and reach the end.  Once you grab all 3 yellow dots on a level you can head to the end and it will take you to the next level.


Oh, my bad. I just confused when I got all yellow and not finished the level, but it turn out that I didn't go to the green one  haha  


Submitted (1 edit)

Nice and fun little game. I really loved the idea of it with respect to the given theme of the game jam. It took me some time to get used to the speed of the ball, but once I got hold of it, I enjoyed playing. Great effort has been put into level design. I feel like there's still room for some improvements, mostly with the background and environment setup. But given the limited time to develop the game, it's an amazing work!

Also, if you have some time please play and review my game. Thank you!!


so the idea is that less dot mean more player size? but it was a nice and panicking game and why is there always a second green circle to the left?


1) mind putting a tutorial in game? at least some text on the first level like this dot you need or this dot DIED

2) like the idea of avoiding black dots not because you die but becoming too big to finish the game but what if you HAVE to be big to destroy a certain wall or to be able to eat red dots

3) why not make the red dots decrease your dot amount instead of just killing you so there's more room for level design like a level that force you to be big enough to crush through wall only to eat a red dot so your small enough to enter smaller spaces and complete the level

4) TOO FAST FOR MY OWN GOOD XD, so why not add a sprint  mechanic or a crouch so you either choose to be painfully slow and go as fast as sonic

good job :D

Developer (1 edit)

Ah yea, the other green circle is actually left over from when I was making the levels and I made myself a mini "tileset" for placing stuff and then forgot to delete it on most of the levels.  I definitely need to remove it when I get the chance.  

As for your suggestions though they're definitely interesting, especially allowing you to hit a red dot to get smaller, I feel like that could go a bit more puzzle wise which would be cool.  I actually originally had a few areas where you needed to be smaller to access them, but the way you got smaller at that point was to "drop" dots and gain speed and lose weight.  Which was just tied to a hotkey, unfortunately the dots seemed to bug out with each other and I couldn't really figure out a way to balance out the mechanic so I ended up removing/disabling it.

On the topic of speed it seems quite a few people felt it was really fast, though I like your idea the best of what I've seen, adding a crouch/sprint to allow you to tweak your speed.  The one thing I definitely wish I could've tested and tweaked some more is the slight acceleration I added to avoid you running into stuff so incredibly fast.  I added a tiny bit, but then wasn't able to do as much playtesting as I wanted and it seems it wasn't enough :/

Edit: Just noticed you made Circuit Balace, that game was great!  I think you already responded to my paragraph there so I appreciate a return paragraph here.


thank you :D


I liked the idea and the game design. It would be more enjoyable if the player had a little acceleration and deceleration. And you could use some simple Sound effects too. I liked it overall


Hey, I love the idea, but the webGL version only showed a pink screen? 


That's weird... I tested it a bunch, and other than a long loading time the Web version seemed to work fine.  Were you able to check it out with one of the downloaded versions?


Nice game,  maybe it would be better if the modification after eating dots are more visible. Some acceleration and inertia in the movement maybe could improve the feeling of "dot mass".
after all a good and fun game to play.


It's good but it would be great if you've added more impact on eating dots

Also player is moving too fast, it hard to control. And camera sees too little.


Not bad at all, especially with Godot 3D! Just needed a little bit polishing. A little bit of texture on the dots, some sounds, and boundary walls on the outside the level and it would be a cool little game.


That's weird, I could've sworn I added in a simple boundary wall just made of the other walls.  I'll have to see if maybe I forgot to put it on some of the levels.  Textures and sounds are definitely something I need to work on, I haven't really messed with them at all so I never really got around to trying them for this game.  



Great job, fun little game and I liked the graphics and that you added little touches like the spinning camera while it was loading and the floor tiling. I found the controls a little sensitive but that just adds to the challenge of it and it's good once you get used to it!  It's cool that you made so many levels as well :)


That was a nice little game, had fun playing it :)

Some (I hope) constructive feedback:

  • The controls where sometimes a bit hard to do precisely, making precision movement difficult because the player directly goes to max speed instead of slowly accelerating.
  • The camera is placed almost on top of the player, making it look almost like a 2D game. It would have been nice to make more use of the 3rd dimension! Maybe a jump or ladders to go from floors to floors ?

Overall I really envoyed the design and the feeling of speed on the ball.

I also use Godot and never managed to make 3D games, so congrats! Can't wait to see what you make next



Thanks a ton for playing it!!  I'm happy you had fun.  Sorry about the controls, I did add a slight acceleration on the player but I wasn't able to get anyone else to really playtest it before the jam ended so I guess I didn't get the acceleration down right.  I was also kinda hoping to get some more out of the 3D aspect but honestly the main reason I did 3D is because I really suck at 2D art while actually know how to model in 3D.  Plus 3D has primitives (which I ended up leaning on more than I expected for this game).

I did sorta plan to make use of the fact the game was 3D but considering I spent a pretty long time being stumped on level design I didn't get around to implementing it at all.  Not to mention throughout the jam I was still mostly stumped on the theme, if someone hadn't suggested this idea to me I probably would not have had an idea.