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pog more update

most of the moves are self explain but there are some thats not, like what does confusing touch does is it a form of parry? would really like an in game explaination of what each move does

awesome >:D

thanks :

oh ops i forgot the leaderboard might want to add that later XD

thanks and the blocks have different amount of health and shape to determine how you want to hit them but that's all cant really add more

awesome game it has everything about it great just that the hitboxes are a little confusing as the ball have to reach the middle and not actually hitting the triangle :D

nice game with some polish to it but i really wish there's more level than only 4 technically tutorial counted as one and i try to go for the shortcut version in the third level didnt work too tight :( (that's what she said) but it really is missing music and a whole lot of bouncing like i want a level where i have to bounce off all four corner of the room to get to my goal

overall nice game just need more level :D

love it, it's giving me that old quake feelings but with alot of motion blur and really hard to control character cause air movement feels like movement a boulder with my mind and the jumping is sooo short like really? not even as high as the knee but overall really nice game with a rhythm to it like bouncing and shooting at the same time and the music telling me to chill when the water is like a meter away from me

nice :D

game's game design, quite the tongue twister and it's just a ball with a retarded amount of forward force in the start function

pretty chill game with some chill music but there isnt a whole lot of bouncing after you start the game as for some reason the 5 enemies that spawned all decreases down to one for the rest of the game and sometimes enemies just decided to spawn directly on you so game over for me :D

overall nice game :D

awesome sound, awesome music, awesome look and awesome gameplay but not so awesome camera as it goes up linearly and doesn't follow the player

nice :D

thanks :D

thanks although i was planning to add more like a special target when it cant be destroy and has no physic it just boost the ball and player speed but ran out of time

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love it and it feels smooth as well, it's also funny how in timed you can go under the net instead of over it and counts towards points but for the levels are entirely bull cause it's design to be a side scroller game with precise movement but your a fucking ball with uneven ground and the portals are stupidly small and the boss gives no time to chill like after entering the portal well your fucked cause you aint got time to build momentum, the portals can also be ignore in the boss since you can jump all the way to the left side with enough momentum

all in all it's good with nice art, sound effects and music just not for the levels only the menu apparently? movement feels great except the one where i click the middle of the screen but end up in Narnia good job :D

here's a lovely ice cream

pretty simple but good game especially how well polish every thing is like the ball juggling, wavy text, music and sound effects

love this game especially how similar it is to megaman x legend with zero combat style

love the graphics and sound effects as well as the music, the controls and shooting is good with all the camera shake, it looks like a pvp arena but there's no multiplayer, I mean love the everything about it's just not very fun without anything to shoot at, maybe at some training dummies,(the game may not be a complete mess but a partial mess)

good work :D

love this, the forth wall break, game play and the mechanics of your trumpet being broken and of course the sounds and music, although the "thanks for playing" didn't appear when curtains close until I start clicking and the main menu button also didn't work

awesome game :D

LOVE everything about this game, and the concept of your guns and upgrades are like a double edge sword, and just wondering is the boss suppose to be bouncing back and forth in a complete straight line? cause this also happen where the ENTIRE arena completely FLIP on itself and I was like wtf am I high right now XD

awesome game :D

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great game, only problem is that the sprite could've been improve

good game :D

edit: forgot to mention the screen is small as hell and the fullscreen ain't helping

good simple game :D, only problem is that there is no quit button and a lack of background music, there is also the problem with the lack of variety where all you had is this one gun, maybe a sword or something

good game :D

a very simple and good game only thing is can't you replace the blue cluster with something else like an asteroid, or maybe some sound effects like a 'boom' sound when you hit the blue cluster

good game :D

yeah sorry the html version isn't working so I added the download version instead since there's not enough time

I lOVE this, it was honestly the most interaction I ever had in a clicker game where you have to chase the ball around,  this concept fits the theme since it's utter chaos trying to click the ball and leads to many more ideas like having a box spawn every so often depending on the upgrades that can only be broken by the ball to gain coins, sad that there isn't any ending

awesome game :D

love everything about this despite the so called disaster that was mention, just that you may to use post processing to give improve the graphics like a bit of blooming or more types of enemies like a smaller guy that shoots small bullet

good game :D

love every bit of this reminds me or crypt of the necro dancer, and adding it's move to the beat element might add more chaos

good game :D

awesome graphics, concept, and generally everything, just that a bit of music with more "oofm" makes it a bit better, love having to spam my left mouse button just to get one target XD

good game :D

awesome graphics, music, sounds, gameplay and the concept reminds me of games like darkwood which is super interesting, just that the only complain I have is that there isn't alot of variety like a shotgun blast or powerups which can definitely be put in your enemies spawner as a stationary object with some quirks

awesome game :D

interesting game, I can see the concept just that you could use a bit of polishing like add in a music transition between scenes or a scenefader, you at least have music and sound effects which are often missing, an explosive effects like a particle system that launches cube when a person dies can add a bit "oofm".

good game :D

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love everything about this, especially how you introduce the player with the comedic story(you got ta pay respect to the ice cream man), fit's the theme, only wish that it wasn't so laggy, and have more impact like explosive particles to c4 or to the destructible environment, especially the hammer where you can swing it like it ain't no body's business but the animation was slow as hell, and it seems bullets can pass through walls,

good game :D

edit: BTW did anyone had the same idea of just hugging the brick wall to make it fall?

awesome and charming art style, smooth animation, don't understand the chaos other than darkness, can't see the ui especially how many coins I have, saw the darkness is just a square once the camera can't catch up to me falling, but with all that said one of the most important element of a game is WHERE IS THE SOUNDS AND MUSIC XD, love the cheeky text like the one where it says "only true explorer gets to this point" and the emojis to add a little bit of content, also love the "In what way does your game fit the theme?" and answered with "There's chaos in this game" is this referring to your game internally like spaghetti code XD

good game :D

thanks for the feedback :D

nice music and graphics, the gameplay is alot like power washing simulator with the "job well done" kind of fell, but could use more variety like a vacuum cleaner or the dust bin is being carried around.

good game :D

good graphics, sound and music just that it needs more details like what does the generator do?

good game :D (also why is there a auto "start falling" timer?)

cool game with nice ideas just that you could REALLY use some music or sound effects from sfxr or any other sound effect generator, and the game play is just sit in the corner hoping you don't jinx yourself like what I did XD. maybe make the map more "rounded" like a hexagon.

good game :D

yeah sorry the web version isn't working properly so get the downloaded one instead

it matches the theme, nice art, music and sound, it's just like any other clickers games, addicting, although it needs more content other than drag and click maybe some tombstone that takes up space and you need a certain evolution of boss to destroy it, cause the only way to get game over is to not have enough space which is VERY rare, or a human that harm nearby boss and have to move them elsewhere, making use of the fact you can move bosses rather than evolving them, other than that clicking and dragging sometimes work sometimes don't, (FYI: fullscreens allows me to see the congrats and game over panel XD)

good game :D

love the art and design, concept was fun and interesting, music was bopping, smashing my partner was fun ( ͡° ʖ ͡°), only problem is that there is a serious lack of control when you are swinging you partner and i don't see how the brick or spike is any different other than aoe damage, plus the one i'm swing get's stuck easily and end up getting hit.

good game :D