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Amazing little metroidvania dude, i like the sketch aesthetic, the controls feels good, the music is really great, the sfx are okay, the final battle is a bit simple but still entertaining, really great job.


I'm glad you liked it!

By the way i was thinking about your comment, and that you said that the final battle was a bit simple ;p Allow me to elaborate about how the boss works. So when you rescue the friend in skyland, the two spikes get linked to one another so that you only have to hit one of the levers before you can hit the boss hitmarkers. Rescuing the friend in rainland gives an extra hit marker on the boss so you have 3 instead of 2. Also double jump makes the fight easier ;p So technically the hardest way to play the boss is by going to the jungle, and then skipping the rainland friend and go straight to the boss. Iwanted the experience to be slightly different for everyone who plays it :) But there is no AI or anything, this is something i might try out for my next gamejam! :)