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Welcome to Tiny Town, Small WorldView game page

Help the townsfolk out by completing various quests!
Submitted by Ciber_Turtle (@CiberTurtle), HappyGamer500 — 2 minutes, 52 seconds before the deadline
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Welcome to Tiny Town, Small World's page


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This was a solid experience. The platforming worked very well. The level design layout was nice, but the placement of some items were very strange. The graphics seemed to be MS paint inspired, which is what I usually use when prototyping or doing jam games lol The dialogue was interesting. The game really depends on replay. You will not beat it the first time around, there just is not enough time. Reading the dialogue takes up time, which a pause on that would help. But You'll keep guessing and checking with random NPCs and items until you found the most efficient path. This does get a little tedious having to redo a lot of the same thing over and over. Especially if you mess up a jump in the later stage of the gameplay can result in an easy restart.

I streamed it here:


This game is so fun! I included it in my Blackthornprod GAME JAM #3 compilation video series!


Pretty good speedrun game but it might be a little too much, i mean all of the npcs want something for you but you can't focus on the text because you need to find food for yourself, i think that a separate mod without the hp or timer mechanic would be great for casuals, and can give speedrunners a practice range to learn all of the npcs items. Overall really cool and pleasing visuals, great platformer controls and a pretty decent melody, well done!      


a really good game for only a week, didn't even scratch the surface of the game i feel like but i still really liked it, it's a bit too repetative for me though, still, hope you end up high in the ratings!


This was a very ambitious project considering you only had a week to make it, and I'd say you pulled it off pretty well. I was found myself very frustrated whenever the time ran out, but I kept playing again because I had some new bit of information that I knew would let me get a little further. The art could use a bit of polish and the addition of sound effects would be nice, but I don't know how you would be able to do that in just seven days. 6/5 for gameplay and creativity. Great work!


I didn't expect anyone to make such a big game in such a short time. You sir are one of very few who made a full-fledged demo of a game in 7 days. I would honestly recommend you to just polish the sprites a little and make a mobile game for this. This is just some amazing level of hard work done here! Thanks for submitting it!

Please play and rate my game too, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!!


Wow, the world is so big, and the game feels so polished. It's almost unbelieve that this game was done in a week!! Good Job!!


Really addictive gave it 3 or 4 attempts. Love all the work that went into it, inventory, mini map & all the assets. 


Really amazing game, i like a lot the chain of choirs with focus in the speed, the music and graphics are really awesome, i did a speedrun after my first tun, achieved 8:55 i think. Great game dude.

Submitted (3 edits) (+2)

Amazing game, I can tell you put a lot of work into it. I really liked the open world aspect and the inventory system.


Really fun game, didn't finish it bud did multiple attempts. I love the way of how you get a better grasp of the world with each try, always trying to remember who to help next.

The art is awesome, and the music is very good too:)


This is a really great game, I wish it was a bit easier so I can see more of it. The timer is a good idea because it force to hurry up but I think it should be a bit slower.

The leveldesign is good, especially considering the size of the map and the short time you had to make it. The alsmost invisible lava beside the mummy is the only major leveldesign problem I noticed.


Thanks for the feedback! I’m working on a sandbox mode that disables the timmer so new players can more easily learn what to do!


This game is great, and packed with content, especially for a game jam! Not to flex, but I beat it 100% *sunglasses emoji*

This was a great submission, loved the art, music and gameplay, though death is very punishing. (Maybe go back to the last quest you completed.) Anyway, great submission!






Great game! Art , Audio, Game play, liked them all. Thanks for sharing!


Really difficult but super fun game, art style is great too! Also H A M B O R G E R




visuals are on point. theres a lot in this game too


I'm really impressed with how great of a game you made this week. Nice job. I Beat it on any% but I could never find the food that's not cheese to feed to the bird.


Scrambled eggs. take the egg from the chicken and cook it on the cooking stone.


that makes sense. Guess I'll have to play through again.


Holy cow this game is massive!!! I’ve only done one run through so far (ran out of burger fuel)

Any advice on where to go?


Start with the mines, then either break the rock to the jungle on the left using the masons hammer or make the beanstalk.


Can't play it on browser. I will try executable version later.

Error in browser console:
Uncaught SyntaxError: illegal character U+FFFDttsw
Uncaught ReferenceError: unityFramework is not defined

Developer (1 edit)

Sorry about that, I’ll check that out right now!

Edit: I think I found a solution, but I can’t upload the fixed game during the rating period, I’ll upload it as soon as I can!

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