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I feel offended by this game but other than that great game, though I got lost a couple of times, and couldn't get out of draw number 2. 

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Thanks for your feedback, I did see in your video that there is a bit of a difficulty curve, so you didn't see everything in my game so I'll just tell you. If you go through 8 rooms a boss portal will appear, the boss has a great amount of health and low attack speed so you can get your limit much easier. When you defeat the boss you can choose between 3 power-ups (extra damage, hp potion, or 2 extra jumps). When you've defeated the boss you can go through a portal that sends you back to the start but the game will get harder and harder the more times you defeat the boss, and more enemies will spawn, giving you a bigger opportunity to get limit. Limit make you go much faster and invulnerable when dashing. 

Yea, I wanted the boss to be really easy to kill the first time and then it gets harder and harder.

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Really cool game, it's very creative and I've never seen a game like this before. I really like that every character has each their role in the team, it makes for interesting combat. you also have a great art style.

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There was also a boss, if you go through 8 rooms, you'll see a room pop up, it will also show on your map, after you beat the boss you will be able to get an upgrade, the rooms will also get harder the more times you defeat the boss.

Great simple game, it's very fun and reminds me of asteroids. would have liked some sounds and effects to the game i would also like to see an icon for your game so that more people will play it.

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Good game, but I would really like a tutorial, and the combat could be a little better if you add some range to your attacks, so you don't have to get so close. but I did like the pixel art it was very fitting.

Fantastic game, love the upgrading system, it makes me addicted to playing because i want to see how overpowered I can become. Love it 10/10

Really fun game, I liked that the level select screen was a level itself. It reminded me of the old nostalgic red ball game. Overall super fun and creative levels, would play again.

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Uhm, I'm kinda confused about how you win... but the art and music were good so you still get a high score from me, because playing the game made me curious about what I needed to do so I played it for a while.

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Ha, looks like we have similar games. I love it when I get a long combo, it makes me feel like I'm invincible. Probably one of the most entertaining games I've played.

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Amazing game, I can tell you put a lot of work into it. I really liked the open world aspect and the inventory system.

The game is super fun, but I think it should be a little more difficult. The game has a lot of potential and would like to see a full version with lots of tricky puzzles. 

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Probably the best visual game, I've played in this jam. The was a little challenging, but it was fun. Great work, hope to see more. Oh and the music cut out when I got to the end.

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Really fun game, I liked the puzzles, though it was difficult, it was fun to play. I thought that the concept was pretty good, and has a lot of potential.  I did how ever think that level eight was a little too difficult.

Amazing game, I really liked the different guns you could equip. The music was a little repetitive but the shooting sounds were good. I really liked the shot effects and explosions, and the boss was pretty fun. The game reminded me a lot of the sly hacking minigame. Overall, really fun would play again.

Fantastic game, I loved how much personality your character had, and the mechanics were super fun and creative. though I didn't like how repetitive the speaking sound of the character other than that i don't have any criticism.

Amazing level design, I liked that the game is open world and that you tease with areas that I can't complete without a certain ability.  I would have liked some music though.

Yea I could tell that you wanted to add more drinks because of how much space was on the table. But I can tell that the game has a lot of potential, it could be cool if you could buy bartenders that helped pour drinks or if you could upgrade your pouring speed. 

I really liked the pixel art of your game, but i would have liked more content, i also liked that you had to buy food, and such at the end of the day, it reminded me of papers please.

Yes, there was a little swing animation when you attacked, sorry for the misunderstanding, i meant that the sword should swing over the attack area, instead of the red circle.

The game was a little difficult, but the idea was really creative. I really liked that you used a new song for each level. I also thought that the mechanics were really cool.

Thank you I did have a lot of plans for this game, like screen shake for when you hit an enemy or hit a wall, but decided to focus on other things.

Sure, maybe a ranged attack or a charge for the sword that would make the sword bigger and deal more damage, or maybe some magic, the game does have a fantasy game feel to it.

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Good game, but wanted to be able to get a score. I would also have liked it if you could add a scooter that you need to ride to get from place to place. but overall I liked the music and the sounds.

Great game with great use of the theme, love the music and high jumps, it made the levels a lot easier.

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Love the voxel grapics, but the game is missing some sound and music. i also would have liked some better combat mechanics.

Good game, but it's missing some features like music, sound, animations. But the pixel art is amazing and the pigs are cute.

The game was a bit too long, and the control was a bit awkward and if you added a swing animation the combat would have been more entertaining. The map was really big and hard to navigate, if you added a map it would have been a lot easier to see where I should go. But the monsters were pretty creative and their attacks were pretty nice, but please add checkpoints so I don't have to start over when I reach the boss. The music was very fitting.

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Creative game, but the controls and mechanics weren't the best, the shovel should be able to hit moles when they are under the player, and should have a greater surface area of attack. But overall a good game and a great version of wack a mole. 

Great game, I really like the visuals, and the shroom mechanics, Though I would have liked an actual limit to the items. The levels were a bit too long, for a puzzle game, but there were a lot of checkpoints so it didn't matter. 

Fantastik game, with creative and hard puzzles. The visuals and music reminded me a lot of Baba Is You, but the mechanics were totally different.

Fun puzzle game, I thought the levels were creative, and the ice blocks was a great mechanic. There was one glitch that made me get stuck on the ice blocks a couple of times, but you add a reset button so that wasn't a problem. Great game, hope to see a full version with more levels and mechanics.

Amazing game, I really liked the combat mechanics and the ability to run and the quick attack. The music had a great beat. I also thought that the title screen was creative.

The game has amazing graphics, but needed better level design and better enemy AI, I would have loved it if the enemies could shoot me even if I was in the air, and follow me up blocks, then I would have to fight them.

I love those grapple mechanics, the game has a lot of potentials, to become a full game. But the collisions were a little too broken, I often got stuck in the wall, but because you added a lot of checkpoints and a reset button, getting stuck wasn't a problem, and that's good game design. But i guess you didn't have enough time to make the game winable, that's too bad.

Love the physics of the coins, and the wiggles of the player, but i would have liked a restart button, for when the boxes get stuck.

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It feels really satisfying when you send the zombies flying and i did like to see my high score get higher and higher the more I played, but I would have liked to see more enemies, or you could make the game more difficult the longer you play since it gets old when you just do the same thing over and over again