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Apparently uploading is locked. You can try cloning the library. Not sure if it will do any good anyways :(

It's Avara.

I'm not sure if love can use system fonts. 

I've just uploaded a version that switches between otf and ttf. Just press f.

No worries!! I think other games made with love 2d worked for you in the last jam and it was just mine the text was not showing up for. Which is odd because we all use the same packaging script.

If you accidentally fall down to robo-satan before you collect the stones the ending will make more sense :p

Title Genghis Karp, I love it!!

This was a fantastic experience! Loved the artwork, the music and the story!

Very nice!! Took a while to get the sensitivity of the controls down.

Very relaxing! I like to think that it's smoug, saving the world from smog.

Took a while to get used to the ccontrols and the mind warping warping, but after that it was a blast!

Very nice! Watched some of your twitch stream last night too. Seems like a pretty solid development setup!

That makes sense.

Seems like you had the same issue with my last game too!! Have you tried using the .love file?

Did the error happen when you were fighting the boss, or one of the other NPCs?

It should just advance when you press escape. I'll check it out on my PC.

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Thanks, yeah there were going to be two endings, but I ran out of time to implement the second.

I'll take a look at that crash tonight, It has to do with the way I handle timing when I create weapon hitboxes.

This is the opposite of the normal trend, i.e., things not working on Linux :/

Thanks! At around 10pm on Sunday I was playing through for the first time and thought the game was a little flat. I think the quips really helped.

That is good to know, though it may be the worst example of how to utilize the language. So much code repetition from last minute changes on Sunday night.

The repo for the submission is here:

If other submissions are working (Technomancy's & Jakob's) then i dont think it's love. It might be the font. Try cloning it and replacing the mali font with something else.

I'll upload a couple alternate open fonts tonight and add a keybinding to cycle between them.

Exactly as it's described.

I tried it out on windows 7 and had no issues :/ not sure what could be going on.

Who knew that evry problem can br solved by cats in beakers?!

I also got stuck at the breakout screen.

The more categories the better! Just to clarify, in this case the secret ingredient would be the theme?

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I tried it on my windows 10 machine using both the binary and the .love and had no issues. I will see if I can test the out on a windows 7 computer tomorrow. I had tested it previously on windows 7 and the binary had worked.

Will check it out! Did you use the windows release or the manual release?

Thank, they are my favorite parts too, and they almost didn't make it in! I was play testing a few hours before the jam closed and found the game rather flat. Solution; name the Heroes and give the slimes some quips. It took 30 min. They were by far the easiest thing to add.

If you are having problems making it to 20,000 coins check out the section on combat in the project description. I've copied it below.


Each hero has an attack and a defense represented by a A/D over their heads. The attack indicates how many strikes they can deal out each tick. These strikes are dealt out at random to all engaged slimes. The defense indicates how many slimes they can defend against before they start taking damage. Make sure that you always have more slimes attacking a hero than its defense.

I didn't realize I was holding my breath until the end. 

Thanks!! All and all the levels are creative and well balanced. There is defiantly some good progression.

The last level felt long, but when I saw the game over screen I was left wishing it was even longer!

The only thing the game feels like its missing is some listing of the commands. But those could probably also just be put on the game submission page itself. They may already be there and I may have missed them!

 The chiptune music goes so well with the game. Just chillin at the bottom of a hole listening to it.

Down at the bottom of a hole
No way out! NOOOOOOo

I missed the submission deadline as well.

I've posted a MVP at It was a two person job, I wrote the engine and my friend provided the content. It is pretty bare bones right now.

Emacs Story Engine

The first mock up for the text based story engine. I'm using this to build a harvest moon style simulation (more emphasis on plants, less on NPC interactions).

Currently the game uses two emacs buffers. An "interface" buffer where you enter commands, and the timeline buffer that "renders" the world around you.

The timeline rendering is essentially done (still need to propertize / colour code the text). The interface parsing not so much. I may have to drop the pipes in the interface. Since the text is formatted as ess expressions,  the functions need to be tightly coupled, rather than be orthogonal from one another in the unix sense. This would force the user to have a thorough understanding of the underlying data structure being passed to the function, not just knowledge of the functions themselves.