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Thanks for playing and thanks for the tip!

I was wondering how to keep executoble permissions on an appimage.

I like shipping the raw appimage because the user should know right away that it will run on their system without extra libraries.

Thanks for the feedback!

Many of the UI decisions were made / developed when the game was headed in a different direction.

The game started out as a safari zone action game with carnivorous battlin bunnies who you lured out of their holes with food and slingshot with rocks as they weaved and doged around the player before you finally slowed them down enough for catching in a pokeball.

The bunnies came out too cute and the game felt way to cruel. So, I pivoted to a walking simulator, where you play fetch with rabbits.

Good first step into 3d! I want to give it a shot but making 3d assets seemes to be way more time consuming than 2d assets.

Those chain reactions became pretty wild in the end.

Thanks for the instructions!

Ran the Ubuntu 22.04 without an issue. Made it to the last level but could not figure out the hidden combo

Solid Fennel game!

If you want to keep the mouse bound to the window in love2d check out love.mouse.setGrabbed

Also, when you flip a sprite using x scale, make sure to offset it by its width.

Something like:

(let [xp (- x (if flipped sprite-width 0))
      scale-x (if flipped -1 1)]
  ( image quad xp y rotation scale-x scale-y)

Loved the vibes. We need an β€œArtistic” / β€œRelaxing” category!

I was also grateful for the ghost AI. This may be the best I’ve done in pacman

That was a blast. Dropped the bomb at 1076

That β€œtypewriter” guy made me feel like I was the worst contestant in 8 out of 10 cats do countdown.

The no crouch challenge +10 bunny buddie points

The genera mashup was really fun!

I am so bad at twitch based games. But, I loved dodging the bullets with the Super Hot style movement.

Nice camera controls and movement. The hitbox felt a little unwieldy but I think that goes with the genera.

Cute lil sprite!

The game play feels very smooth! It got a little stressful there after a while

Surprisingly fun! I capped out at 18. I’ve got to check out Carp.

Wow that NixOS sitch was real! The more it went on the more I empathised.

I successfully resisted the funny die liquid!

For those running on ubunutu install libglfw3 to get it running.

apt install libglfw3

Loved the sprite art!

Missed the stream but am watching the recording now!

After I watched your video I installed medley and played around a bit. It’s mind blowing.

A very enjoyable galliga game.

I really liked how the hit points left on your ship were built right into the graphic and things that were going to explode were labelled [explode]. Fantastic!

Thanks for trying the desktop version :) I know the online version doesn’t work with the Brave Browser, it may also be another extension. The version of emscription its using is ancient.

I liked the twist on maze solving. I tested out the mobile browser version as well. It worked like a charm.

Can attest it works like a charm on Linux

I leap of faithed right out of the map on my first play through!

That gotcha, got me. The aesthetic of the game was very nice.

Neat idea! I liked the print out of the genes in the terminal. It gave me flashbacks to the old land of lisp game where you would program hunters and prey and watch their behaviour evolve over time.

Thanks for giving it a go! If you guys are using a trackpad and can’t press shift to crouch and throw at the same time, wait until the rabbit hides in its hole, throw 2 - 3 bones around the hole, then crouch in the grass and wait for the rabbit to come up. Repeat this 2 - 3 times. All other rabbits you should be able to outdistance their detection range with your throw.

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The Minimal fennel LΓΆve2d repo has been updated!

  • The repo is now using Fennel 1.3.0
  • The web builder supports Love 1.4
  • There is now a script for changing your projects fennel version

If you want to use Fennel 1.3.0-dev (or any other version of fennel) you can use the in scripts.

This repo is slowly expanding from a truly minimal setup to one that comes with a few batteries included. If you want a barebones setup to get you started check out: absolutely-minimal-love2d-fennel by @benthor.

If you want to just start coding up some fennel and love with no makefile or manual installation on linux check out love-fennel

Where to Start?

I highly recommend checking out the blog posts by Phil Hagelberg about his use of fennel for his 2018 submission Exo Encounter 667. The source for which can be found here

There is also a built in REPL on the languages home page that you can test out the language!

Games Made Using Love2D and Fennel

This is not an exhaustive list! I can include your game if you comment below.

Other resources:

Recommended Libraries

You don’t need any libraries to make a game! The ones mentioned here help solve specific problems.


  • Provides functional style functions, e.g. reduce, map, etc.
  • Provides some nice to haves that are not available in the lua standard library like lerp and split (for spiting strings).


If you need sprite animation, check out ANIM8!


Bump is an axis aligned bounding box collider. It has a bunch of useful built in presets for triggering actions following collisions. If you’re writing a platformer (without ramps) I highly recommend bump!


If you use want to use Tiled ( check out the Simple Tiled Implementation! It works well with bump.

There are many more libraries! Any library that works with Love and lua will work with Love and fennel.

Thanks for slogging through!

My plan was to have a tutorial option when you started the game, but ran out of time in the 72hr limit.

The gif was a stop gap. There is an in game pop up ready for the post jam version.

The repl activation is commented out in love.load in wrap.fnl. This is just to ensure maximum compatibility with different systems in the build release. You can uncomment it to get the repl back 😎

I use emacs and fennel-mode, so my dev cycle has a lot of code hotloading vs entering stuff straight into the repl.

Thanks for the feedback :)

I’ve been doing some clean up for the post jam version and have added additional popup text for when you brew a potion that will grant you an ability. I’ve also added a popup telling you which potion you are missing when you fail to perform an action on a target.

Thank you :) Glad you enjoyed it!

If you want to play around with the the hacked up map editor you can press tab to disable the ui and collisions then 1 to zoom out.You’ll see on the right there are a bunch of open squares where I was intending to introduce an NPC and some lava (for the Love Potion and Dragon Hid Concoction). [ and ] can be used to cycle through the available brushes. The first 5 autotile.

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Very relaxing game (once you get large enough)

Getting a error on loss. Looks like you’re taking the log of a negative number in the hud. I’d wrapped the mass in math.max(0, mass).

Also it looks like after the second level it searches for a level that does not exist

Edit: I also liked how the pitch of the energy absorbance was based on how fast your target was shrinking. Got some pretty bassy sounds

Those were some very fun puzzles. It took a lot of coordination and it felt like the magnet power was inconsistent.

Neat game. Very on theme. After I started looking at the shades of the wires the game became a lot less shocking.

PS: check out love.mouse.newCursor

That was a ton of fun! Had to adapt my strategies a bit once there was more than one wasp buzzing around