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The Minimal fennel Löve2d repo has been updated!

Improvements from last year:

  1. Fixed build scripts for Mac, Windows, and Linux
  2. Included build tools to target HTML5 (example)
  3. Fennel Macro searchers added!
  4. Error handling (boots you to a recoverable error screen)

It also now includes the latest version of fennel, and set to work with the latest version of love2d (11.3) by default.

Where to Start?

I highly recommend checking out the blog posts by Phil Hagelberg about his use of fennel for his 2018 submission Exo Encounter 667. The source for which can be found here

There is also a built in REPL on the languages home page that you can test out the language!

Games Made Using Love2D and Fennel

This is not an exhaustive list! I can include your game if you comment below.

Other resources:

Recommended Libraries

You don’t need any libraries to make a game! The ones mentioned here help solve specific problems.


  • Provides functional style functions, e.g. reduce, map, etc.
  • Provides some nice to haves that are not available in the lua standard library like lerp and split (for spiting strings).


If you need sprite animation, check out ANIM8!


Bump is an axis aligned bounding box collider. It has a bunch of useful built in presets for triggering actions following collisions. If you’re writing a platformer (without ramps) I highly recommend bump!


If you use want to use Tiled ( check out the Simple Tiled Implementation! It works well with bump.

Loving the new snow tiles <3

Great lil monster catcher! The artwork is Iconic, the characters are sometimes basic but always distinct <3

I feel like this could go a long way in its niche.

Interesting puzzles! All of these great tic80 submissions have me thinking I should make one for the next jam!

Thanks for playing!

Looks like I screwed up the recipie :(

The laser has a tempered base, a logical unit and two etched pieces for the head (can be seen in the fully assembled image)

Heada up for those who want to enjoy the story. There are two options, detailed on the gamw discription to reduce or skip the crafting.

  1. Skip to any of the 8 encounters (the first 5 are with training wheels) using the keys 1-8

  2. “Cheat”. If you press backslash your bench will be filled with weapons et al!

Neat concept. Turning the Game of Life into the Game of Death. Made it three rounds!

Playing around with source to get mouse controls and autofire. I really like your approach to hotloading!

Glad you figured it out! I really should have made the Tempered and Etched materials more distinct :p

Thanks! I should probably have made the colours for Etched VS Tempered more distinct :p

The background music was banging! I really enjoyed the nice jaunt and talking to all the eccentric characters :)

Wow, that was an amazing experience!

I got an … unfortunate ending. Should NOT have played this right before bed!

Chickadee is looking really good!

My submission was made with Fennel in Love2d. It’s based on the game “Frantic Flippers”, but with a Dwarf instead of a Penguin, and in space.

Warped straight into an Asteroid Belt!

Deepdwn community » Requests · Created a new topic Emacs Keybinding
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Fantastic application! I really enjoy the graphical feedback when designing charts / graphs.

Would it be feasible to add a few default emacs key bindings?

Open File C-x f (Meaning you hold C-x at the same time and then f subsequently)

Save File C-x s

Undo C-/

Paste C-y

Cut C-w

Set Select Start C-space

Move to start of line C-a

Move to end of line C-e

Move to bottom of page C->

Move to top of page C-<

Move to Next empty line M-} (Meta is alt on most systems)

Move to Previous empty line M-{

I’m not sure how you’ve structured navigation / selection interaction under the hood, so I understand that some of these might not be possible.

Thanks for checking it out! Appreciate the feedback :)

Thanks for double checking the fps hit :) Yeah, there is something about FF and wasm that don’t mix :(

Thanks for playing ;)

Ideally you cary as many packages at one time to maximize your score. 4x the points for pickup and delivery when you have 4 packages, 3x when you have 3, etc.

I was going to tie the score into the end condition. Finish the game with 2000+, ending 1 town is saved, 1900+ Steve is saved, 1900- better luck next time, but ran out of time to add it into the game in a way it made sense to the player (it seemed a bit punitive for such a casual game)

Concerning performance, unfortunately web support for the engine is still experimental on itch. Their header restrictions won’t allow for shared memory array buffers, which are needed for threaded wasm. For example, it was pegged 60 in Chrome on my venerable t420 (windows, 2nd gen i5), but chuggs in Firefox on my 2020 XPS (Linux, 10th gen i7). This is why I also uploaded a build for each major OS.

Which system (cpu, browser, is) did you play on? Pressing 1 toggles the display of the in game fps in the bottom right corner.

Thanks for playing!

The y axis damping was twice as tight as the x axis damping to ensure that you could see where you were jumping to / landing. I designed a few camera response curves to address this and tried out some vertical leading (like you see when you turn left and right), which would be needed to permit a looser response. Watching the character double jump with that implemented actually gave me motion sickness lol.

I left the sonic style camera in the game (press 6 to activate it). It doesn’t feel quite right and does not really address that tight y axis response :/

I could see that helping with the longer levels at the end.

One button platformer, that’s a pretty neat take on less is more. I couldn’t seem to figure out the first level of world two. No matter how I timed my jumps going down that shoot I couldn’t land on the next part of the level :(

Very magikaesk. I found the levelled up spells much less effective, and laughed, thinking, less in this case is truly more.

Thanks for playing.

Ah yes! P for “Post Office”. I didn’t think that one through -____-

Maybe an action icon indicating the key to press and the action to expect at the bottom of the screen, which pops up when you can preform an action, would be helpful?

It looks beautiful! The shrinking platforms really ramp up the difficulty, and when you think you’ve finally escaped, he starts throwing flame balls at your face and the lava wall starts chasing you, just for good measure -_____-

This guy fought like an end game boss, and I’m not much of an action gamer, so a slightly longer parry window would have been much appreciated. Maybe have an easy mode for us casuals, where the parry window is open until 0.3s after the sound effect.

Wow, the artwork, music, and sound effects in this game are amazing! Unfortunately, I am stuck on the tutorial right now (no mouse) :(

Neat game. Way easier to play on the phone than on the computer.

Great game design! Loved the consistent timing on the enemy attacks (made aiming a breeze even using a trackpad!!) and the fact that your spells went through multiple enemies. The only time it felt unfair was when they were hidden behind a wall.

Just having one spell is such a cool take on the theme! The hits also felt very satisfying. Like, I really smashed those ghosts / masks with my magic.

Who knew a 1D game could be so terrifying! The sound effects really gave those 3px ghosts a bite. I liked your use of colour (green clearly marked being outside of the mansion)

Those mirror levels were a lot of fun. And figuring out the timing for that final level was super rewarding!

Cool concept for a camera angle! I found it was a bit awkward to move towards the camera until I read your instructions. Holding down ctrl made it much easier to navigate.

That narration! Had to share this with my friends who’s lives revolve around golf

It’s amazing you made this gem in 48 hours!

Love the art style. I really like your concept of double bonuses. Giving up something necessary to cure you (extrinsic mulligan) while giving you more jump power (intrinsic) at the same time.

Its the opposite of most interpretations I’ve seen this week where as the game goes on it takes more from you. And, in my opinion, this take is way more fun / engaging.

Tested it out on my phone (android + chrome) and it ran perfectly. Once you get into the groove on the phone (always leading the inuit) it’s real fun!

I really should have read the instructions first, I thought the kamikaze gave you points ahahaha, quite the opposite.

Thanks for playing :)

Yeah, in air movement is one of the things I want to tweak after the comment period is over. I initially had only inertial movement in air, i.e., your run speed at liftoff and how long you jumped for dictated exactly where you would land, which I personally love. But, when I had my friends play test it Friday morning they HATED it, so I quickly added drag and some in air manoeuvrability last minute.

Neat concept. Felt like a pro when I took out a handful of tiles with one move.

FYI I’m not certain how to open the menu in the HTML5 version (I’m assuming that’s what the “>” is on the side. Refreshing the page does reseed the board though.

Thanks for the feedback! I really like the idea of your abilities being in the UI, hidden behind the portraits.

I had two much larger levels at the end, but I came to a similar conclusion as you. Without increasing the difficulty or introducing new puzzle mechanisms (both a hard sell for a jam game) they got pretty monotonous.

The points system was my mechanism for rewarding a more optimal play through. Unfortunately it wasn’t fully baked into the game ending. My initial plan was to have 2-3 endings based on your score, but ended up cutting that idea.

Most levels were designed as a cycle with a hard direction and an easy direction. Steve’s initial facing was supposed to indicate the best direction to go. Since my goal was to create a really casual experience, I really should have communicated more this explicitly, e.g. with little directional arrows.

That was some pretty fantastic writing! I screwed up a bunch of times trying to up sell things, but then I found your instructions below on the game page.

Nice and slow paced, perfect for a good evening play.

Thanks for checking it out :)

Definitely! I was thinking about having switch / gate mechanics, where you have to be a certain weight to open a door, or leave a package on a pad and come back for it later. I also really like the idea of having to navigate around a path where you need to be light to open a door, which you can walk through fully loaded.

Neat game! I couldn’t figure out how to make it up that long ramp :/

It helped that you introduced the cards one by one, so you could play around with each of them. It was like the first 7 levels were the introduction, and levels 8 was the full game unleashed.

Holy cow this game is massive!!! I’ve only done one run through so far (ran out of burger fuel)

Any advice on where to go?

Really liked the retro tv effects.