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Hi everyone, I did not realize that love2d had moved from bitbucket to github. I’ve updated the build scripts in the min love2d fennel setup so that it downloads love from the appropriate source.

My apologize.

Just installed it.

Also, installed David Thompson’s sdl2 V 0.5

In order to configure, like your README suggested I had to include /site/3.0/ to the GUILE_LOAD_PATH

export GUILE_LOAD_PATH=/usr/local/share/guile/site/3.0/

I’ve now successfully configured. However, when I go to run make I get the error below.

I’m going to download the game fresh and try again.

./pre-inst-env /usr/bin/guild compile  -o "sdl2/render/extras.go" "sdl2/render/extras.scm"
./pre-inst-env: 10: Game: not found
wrote `sdl2/render/extras.go'
./pre-inst-env /usr/bin/guild compile  -o "tsukundere/agenda.go" "tsukundere/agenda.scm"
./pre-inst-env: 10: Game: not found
wrote `tsukundere/agenda.go'
./pre-inst-env /usr/bin/guild compile  -o "tsukundere/credits.go" "tsukundere/credits.scm"
./pre-inst-env: 10: Game: not found
In ice-9/boot-9.scm:
  3223:13 19 (_)
In ice-9/threads.scm:
    390:8 18 (_ _)
In ice-9/boot-9.scm:
  3507:20 17 (_)
   2806:4 16 (save-module-excursion _)
  3527:26 15 (_)
In unknown file:
          14 (primitive-load-path "tsukundere/game" #<procedure 55b765be9aa0 at ice-9/boot…>)
In ice-9/eval.scm:
   721:20 13 (primitive-eval _)
In ice-9/psyntax.scm:
  1241:36 12 (expand-top-sequence _ _ _ #f _ _ _)
  1233:19 11 (parse _ (("placeholder" placeholder)) ((top) #(ribcage () () ())) _ e (eval) #)
   285:10 10 (parse _ (("placeholder" placeholder)) (()) _ c&e (eval) (hygiene #{ g103}#))
In ice-9/eval.scm:
   293:34  9 (_ #<module (#{ g103}#) 55b765be7c80>)
In ice-9/boot-9.scm:
   3380:4  8 (define-module* _ #:filename _ #:pure _ #:version _ #:imports _ #:exports _ # …)
  3393:24  7 (_)
   222:29  6 (map1 _)
   222:29  5 (map1 _)
   222:29  4 (map1 (((sdl2 render)) ((sdl2 video)) ((sdl2 mixer)) ((sdl2 ttf)) ((# #)) # …))
   222:29  3 (map1 (((sdl2 video)) ((sdl2 mixer)) ((sdl2 ttf)) ((system foreign)) ((# …)) …))
   222:17  2 (map1 (((sdl2 mixer)) ((sdl2 ttf)) ((system foreign)) ((tsukundere agenda)) …))
   3300:6  1 (resolve-interface (sdl2 mixer) #:select _ #:hide _ #:prefix _ #:renamer _ # _)
  1669:16  0 (raise-exception _ #:continuable? _)

Thanks! Levels 8 - 11 took 45 - 75 min to make each. I think I hit the limit of what I could do with the rules, without making the levels tedious.

If you’ve got time on your hands, you can make your own! In the level editor, when you press =save= the level is copied to your clipboard. Anyone else can then use the =load from clipboard= button to load that level.

Warning =save= also writes the level to your =.local/share/downsheep= dir (=%appdata= on windows) and will load as default going forward. To revert to the original level, press the =revert= button in the editor. Pressing =save= after this will overwrite your custom level with the default level.

Great to see Clojure in Godot!

It plays really smoothly. I like how it elevates the monotony and determinism of brick breakers. After a couple quick deaths I think I’ve got a handle on it.

Definitely need more practice. I can’t seem to get past level 3. I’ll give it another shot tomorrow!

I’ve run into a couple issues building the game.

I’m running Ubuntu 20.04

Issue 1 (solved)

It seems your autoconf script requires gettext version 0.2 specifically, while Ubuntu seems to ship with version 0.19.

Issue 2 (stuck)

When I try to run ./configure --with-default-text=... --with-bold-text=... I get the following

./configure: line 6118: syntax error near unexpected token `3.0'
./configure: line 6118: `GUILE_PKG(3.0 2.2)'

I’ve run it with and without setting the GUILE_LOAD_PATH and prefix variable in configure

Game was neat! Really enjoyed reading through your code and looking at your client server setup.

I’ve always wanted to make a came in clojure/clojurescript!

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Very neat twist on the game Yatzee! Made WAAAY more sense after reading the readme!

I love racket. Especially the way you design games in it. It is very digestible.

Thanks! I had a couple friends play test “Level 2” and it became apparent that I’d either have to do an upfront info dump or setup some tutorial levels.

I’ve never had the luxury of having my game play tested before. It’s really hard to judge difficulty when you’ve played a level so many times you can do it with your eyes closed.


Curse that edge case! I found a few others when fixing this one.

The issue comes up when the current level despawns right before an errant “level over” call is made

Glad you were able to play through the pain!

Building the level editor is always my favourite part! Being able to play a game and edit it at the same time has been my dream since childhood.

This time I budgeted extra time to make it more user friendly, which made level design a joy :)

Also, I was inspired by how concise the “WORLD” structure was your game harmony last year, and invested quite a bit of time getting the saved version of the levels to be as concise and human readable as possible, so they could be directly edited.

I was actually just reading through your clojure client server backend stuff for Kutyagumi. That stuff is inspired. Can’t believe you pulled it off for a 10 day Jam!

I think it would work really well with this game! My hangup for designing networked multiplayer games has always been the setup required for secure UDP transmission. DTLS works out of the box in some languages like Erlang. But, I’ve never managed to get Wolf or ARMmbed running in lua/fennel in a manner that I would feel safe distributing as a Love2d extension. Its made me seriously think about switching over to using Godot.

Though for a game like this, TLS might actually work fine!

Just got to the third level. Those net coppers really instill some dread.

Neat concept. That level with the drop and hard right turn was maddening!

Neat tile art. Game runs very smoothly. Diving into your code now!

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Did it happen just as you left the level? I’ve had that happen to me once before as well, but was unable to recreate it. I thought it may have been an edge case where I am sending two “level over” events. One for each sheep.

FYI: Found the issue. Unfortunately uploads are locked! Looks like there is going to have to be a super special post jam version. You can always jump back to where you were kicked using the level loading menu.

Looking good! I always struggle drawing iso-pixel art!

I just finished my magnum opus level!

Down Sheep Level 8

Wow! Is that in the TIC80?

Thought I’d post some work in progress screen shots, now that I have my tile map editor working.

Two Sheep Grazing

For those who want to use Fennel and Love for the Jam, I just bumped the minimum love2d fennel setup to use the latest version of Fennel :)

There are several examples of games made using love2d and fennel from previous lisp game jams.

Technomany’s fennel tutorial can be found here:

Have fun game jamming!

What a coincidence! I tested it on a T420 with a i5-2520M Sandy bridge and windows installed, before publishing. Did you try the version on Gitlab?

Since it’s a gpu memory error the issue is probably out of my hands. But I think I may have a fix post jam.

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I think I know where this issue arrives from. What GPU / CPU do you have?


Also thanks for the feedback :) I think I may add something that looks like a mouse pointer to the end of the hook-shot in the post jam release! It’s all about those ques.

Oof that is frustrating. But it really turned out well!

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Just a heads up, since the controls are only included in the details.

You can open the level editor by pressing enter and save any changes to the level using v. Pressing enter again will bring you back to the game state.For greater detail, check the game’s detail page. For an example level and details on how to share your levels, check out user-level.fnl.

Pressing p will pause the game, m will mute the music, q will take a screenshot and r will reset the level (useful when testing your level designs).

If you have to quit the game, or get stuck on a level you can use the “load level” option to open any of the levels (including your own custom level).

Also, check out the options menu. You can toggle on and off mouse lock, which will bind the mouse to the screen, and toggle on and off mouse visibility. It might be easier to use the editor with the mouse visibility enabled.

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I think that will be the first thing I do once the jam closes!

Note for now there is an option to lock the mouse in the window. Not quite full screen but it prevents the “mouse flys out of window” issue.

Neat little game!

If you check out the option menu you can activate mouse lock, which prevents the mouse from leaving the screen while you’re in game!

I didn’t activate it by default because i think windowed applications that auto grab the mouse are not user friendly

If you check out the option menu you can activate mouse lock, which prevents the mouse from leaving the screen while you’re in game!

I’m impressed you managed to fit so much into one cartridge!

That end boss is one biiiig fish!

Ran into the following issue on Ubuntu 19.10

yirl-loader/yirl-loader: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Which version of libpcre does your game require?

Finally got through it! Great story. I had a lot of fun editing things in polywell.

Could use with 80 character editor width, to make playing around in the sandbox a little more convenient!

Most laptops have a thing where the stop the track-pad from working when you are typing. In Ubuntu you can disable this in the settings. Not sure how to disable this track-pad lock in windows though :(

Glad you didn’t get any hitching! It is especially bad in some of the more complex levels. Still have no idea why my small adjustment to the cat collision detection caused such a mess :(


After playing through the game a couple times I thought it was missing something. Enter auto-generated Kitty Cat names!!

Neat art! I like the animation transitions when you reach the top of your jump!

Those animations!

Neat mechanics using both wsad and the arrow keys! It felt very satisfying to slush those bugs!

Loved the rain graphics! Was trying to do something similar in my game but ran out of time in the end.

Thanks for playing!

In the option menu you can select “mouse lock”, which will grab the cursor and prevent it from leaving the window 😁