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In the end you have to talk to the Marchioness (Victoria) and give her your conclusion.

Thanks for the note! I’ll update the game to ensure that she always has an active marker over her head, to avoid this confusion in the future :)

Just updated the mechanic :) Feels much better on the wrist!

Very smooth movement! It would be great to have a pause. I died when trying to adjust the web page scroll.

That was a great puzzle game! I liked the slow introduction of new blocks.

The two reds through me at first. It was a very Squid Game on the glass feeling.

Neat little canyon run game. Definitely gamed the system by getting above the boulder spawn points and and entering orbit.

Did the HTML5 build target work for you out of the box?

Neat shift in gameplay! I liked getting to know all the little fish buddies.

Neat game! An indicator of when you can shoot again would be a great addition :)

Thanks for playing :)

After receiving some feedback below I went and played a bunch of highly rated platformers with wall jumps and found a much better way of handling them! Nothing like feedback and research

Thanks for playing! I’m glad you found the clues helpful :)

Once the voting ends I want to modify the clues page so you can sort them by 1. most recent 2. who they pertain to and 3. who told you.

You weren’t kidding when you said shake! I made it to ~180, but I don’t think I could have held on much longer mentally. I really liked how the colours started to shift and the music started to glitch out. It really gave it a whole sense of otherworldly glitchy goodness.

Neat mechanics! I took a bit of practice to get the coordination to rotate in the air. The physics were really fun to play around with.

That “realistic ending” was real sneaky! I really enjoyed the ambience of the game

Nice job! Made it to the boss the first time with almost no ammo! Only made that mistake once ;)

I really like how approachable this is compared to other bullet hell games! Right at my level.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, the music sets the mood, but it does feel a bit like torture after 5 - 10 min.

Solid game, still stuck on the first guy. I’ve got my pattern down but the execution needs to be perfect!

That’s a real banger! It hooked me in for 30 minutes and I didn’t even notice!

Neat art style!

I have the exact same issue with popping text with my game. I think the solution is to use Font:getWrapping. I was running too close to the wire to implement it :/

Thanks for playing! After the jam I’m going to turn the wall grab mechanic into a latch (no more need to hold down the direction), to save everyone’s wrists!

As for the double jump, as soon as you release the jump button gravity increases. So, the longer you hold it the further up you’ll jump. I think perhaps the minimum jump height should be increased so it doesn’t feel so bad when you double tap the jump button.

Thanks for playing! I think after the Jam I am going to tweak the wall grab mechanic to be a little more user friendly :)

Rather than actually work on my jam submission today, I dove down the deep hole of figuring out how to easily make a GIF cover image that consists of multiple merged still images and GIFs.

Previously I had used convert and ffmpeg to generate GIFs from a file of pngs or an edited MP4. While both of these approaches work, neither was convenient. The ffmpeg pipeline was easy to set up but difficult to tune. Either the GIFs looked like **** or they were way too big (itch has a 3mb limit). Using convert required individual files full of pngs, which were a pain to work with.

Enter Gifsicle and peek.

peek is an incredibly user friendly screen recorder, perfect for recording a window on your screen. It is really easy to set the dimensions you are recording, to ensure that your recordings are all the same size so they can be stitched together nicely.

gifsicle is a simple command line utility, that lets you trim your gifs and concatenate them trivially.

To get the contents of your GIF you can run

gifsicile --info your.gif

Importantly this will let you know the time between each frame and the total number of frames in your GIF. You can use some quick mental math to figure out where you want to cut your gif from and too.You can use the following call to make that cut, where XXXX is the frame you want to start from and YYYY is the frame you want to end.

gifsicle your.gif '#XXXX-YYYY' > cut.gif

Once you’ve cut your gifs down to size you can string them together using --merge

gifsicle --colors 256 -m cut1.gif cut2.gif > CoverImage.gif

Note, it seems like gifsicle only works with gifs (no pngs), so if you will need to convert your images before stringing them together. I do most of my art in aseprite, so its trivial to export them as a GIF. If you’re toolchain doesn’t handle GIF exports, you can always just use peek to “record” a second or so of the image statically.

I’d recommend prepending a very short title card, as this is what will show up statically when the gif is not playing, and append a longer title card, that is on the screen long enough to read. Working in aseprite I export a 30ms short title card and a 1000-2000ms long title card.

gifsicle --colors 256 -m shortTitle.gif cut1.gif cut2.gif longTitle.gif > CoverImage.gif

five gifs as one

Them strats! Will give them a shot :)

Neat concept! I am not a big fan of rail shooters, but I feel like this one was tuned perfectly to my abilities lol! Was a little thrown off when I was thrown into the ship. But the puzzle solving was fun (once I figured out what was going on!)

Some of the gates / puzzles were really good (like being unable to go into the dark until you have a flashlight and needing tools) but others were a bit tricky. I was kinda stuck after I got the knife and just had to click on everything in the dark until I found the vent.

Loved the gameplay! It ramps up nicely and in the end you have so many resources the hard part is spending them to keep up with the enemy!

I appreciate the feedback! The Wall Grab definitely needs a revisit after the jam.

Not a big fan of sliding down the wall, as the enemies move in this game making timing tricky, but latching onto the wall and not having to hold the direction button is a great idea!

Thanks for playing!

The reset conditions are: Jump / Dash recharged on landing and Wall Grab recharged once you’re no longer touching a wall.

The one thing I struggled with was the wall grab. Right now you have to press and hold the direction you want to grab AFTER the jump is complete. This feels a bit awkward and will probably be reworked post jam.

The cyotee time could also be a bit longer.

Neat mechanics! I tried my best to launch my assault from a distance. When the enemy closed in it became hella twisty and frantic

This was a lot of fun to play! The controls and game mechanics were very intuitive.

I found I could survive for quite a while but could not get enough cards down to overwhelm the enemy. Getting the king down requires sacrificing your whole hand

Really neat control scheme! I loved menuvering around to try and get both shots off onto the enemy ships at a distance. I think I need a bit more practice to discover the secrets of Antarctica

Those SFX slap! I felt bad clawing thorough some of those penguins :(

All my foodie friends betrayed me! Who knew you couldn’t trust a wearwolf

Plays kinda like snake mixed with a bullet hell and a drift racing game, Nice!

Neat concept!

Cleaned my room!

That was a fun little platformer. It became quite the bullet hell to towards the end!

1920x1080 13” 120fps

For even easier setup on Linux check outlove-fennel will let you get up and running with LOVE and Fennel without downloading either in advance. And, it starts up an interactive repl that lets you play around with your game in code while its running. lets you build .love files, however the distribute your game on Windows, Mac, Linux and HTML5 I’d recommend transitioning to min-love2d-fennel

Suggested name changes appreciated :p

Love the flowing cape! Having your direction controlled relative to the enemy you are slashing is super neat!

For those who want to try out Fennel for the LÖVE 2022 Jam, check out the Minimal fennel Löve2d repo.

Improvements from last year:

  1. Fixed build scripts for Mac, Windows, and Linux
  2. Included build tools to target HTML5 (example)
  3. Fennel Macro searchers added!
  4. Error handling (boots you to a recoverable error screen)

It is set to work with love2d 11.3 by default.

Where to Start?

I highly recommend checking out the blog posts by Phil Hagelberg about his use of fennel for his 2018 submission Exo Encounter 667. The source for which can be found here

There is also a built in REPL on the languages home page that you can test out the language!

Games Made Using Love2D and Fennel

This is not an exhaustive list! I can include your game if you comment below.

Other resources:

Recommended Libraries

You don’t need any libraries to make a game! The ones mentioned here help solve specific problems.


  • Provides functional style functions, e.g. reduce, map, etc.
  • Provides some nice to haves that are not available in the lua standard library like lerp and split (for spiting strings).


If you need sprite animation, check out ANIM8!


Bump is an axis aligned bounding box collider. It has a bunch of useful built in presets for triggering actions following collisions. If you’re writing a platformer (without ramps) I highly recommend bump!


If you use want to use Tiled ( check out the Simple Tiled Implementation! It works well with bump.

To get it working on itch you’ll have to use the “compatability” build. This also means that you can only use one thread.

Also, make sure the audio is loaded as “static” (rather than “dynamic”).

Made my day!