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Combine colored cubes and overcome obstacles in this first person puzzle platformer
Submitted by Arda Gürcan, Can Kadioglu — 1 hour, 39 minutes before the deadline
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This is a great puzzle game which makes great use of the theme. I love the use of color for the puzzles. This is one of the best games of the jam but I do have some feedback:

The music is very quiet. I didn't realize there was music till I looked at someone else's comment.

pushing the blocks around when you move into them makes jumping on them and navigating around them really difficult but also doesn't add anything to puzzles. It sucks to set up your puzzle solution and accidently bump a block into another and mess up your colors so that you have to restart.

There seems to be a bug where changing the color of a block also changes nearby blocks of the same color. I had a red block on a purple switch. I split up a blue block and put it on the purple switch with the red block to press it. However, when I did that, the other blue block became purple for an unknown reason.

Does the game lack a way to quit/close the application? Pressing escape would just cause my mouse to appear on screen.

Other than this, I loved the game. It was really fun.


Howesome puzzle game !! Finished it :D


This was a really great puzzle game! The music was really sik as well! you used the mechanic the most you could and i think that's awesome! The level design was really clever as well, it wasnt to easy or hard to me, and made me feel smart when i got the right color or solved the puzzle! If you expanded on this idea, it could easily be a steam or itch release!


I liked this game, but I would have made lighting global tho, it's kind of difficult to differentiate some colors when a block is illuminated and others are not

Submitted (1 edit)

Amazing and unique puzzle game. I loved the concept. I had so much fun playing it and combining the colors. Also, great choice of music. Great work man!!

Also, if you have some time please play and review my game too. Thanks!


Nice and innovative game, but the movement feels weird like you move on a grid but also kinda not.


Really cool and relaxing game dude, sometime the boxes with the door become crazy but it is a minor inconvenient. Really great puzzles, they were really interesting and unique. Relaxing music and great graphics. Really solid job.


really cool game! I liked the variety of levels and challenges. Though simple, the visual seem pretty well polished, so good job there too! For me, the movement felt a little too quick and clunky (if that makes sense?) slower & smooth movement I think would work better for this. Also, sometimes colliding the cubes with the walls would cause them to disappear or be shot up into the air. But otherwise, really good game!

I'd appreciate it if you could play/rate my game as well! :)


I really enjoyed this one. The later puzzles were well thought out and showed a lot of potential. As a proof of concept for a puzzle game, this is really well done.

As another here mentioned, it might cause issues for colorblind people. It's understandable for a jam, but if you expand on this in future please consider adding symbols as well to each cube face. Also, physics were a bit wonky, which was an issue when I had to make a staircase of blocks. Jumping on blocks occasionally sent them flying into each other and combining when I didn't want them to.


This is a great game and I had a lot of fun playing it at!


This game has a HUUUGE potential to be an awersome puzzle game if you decide to expand it in the future!! Super fun game, great work man!! 

PS. 5 start, you deserve them!!! 


It's a great puzzle game and the levels are really well thought out. Might be a bit troublesome for colorblind people. 

The collisions were sometimes a bit wonky, one time I shot a cube I needed to outer space, but I guess that's where the restart button comes in. Also, accidentally combining colors is really frustrating, and sometimes you don't know where you are putting the block in your hand because the block is obstructing your view. 

Really fun puzzle game!


Love it, very though-provoking gameplay and good graphics.


Elinize saglik gencler. Fikir çok güzel. Polish edilebilecek çok fazla sey var. CharacterController'ınız ve fizik olayları basta olmak uzere.

Ama puzzle'lar ve design'a bayıldım. 

Ben anonim oylamaları sevmiyorum, size rating'im böyle.

Bunun üstüne koyun, gelistirin. Puzzle'dan anladıgınız cok belli.


really cool game!, the player velocity was way to fast, and the mouse sensitivity too, other than that, is a cool concept, im making games based on themes, and before the jam i was making a game with similar mechanics for dividing the cubes


This is an awesome concept! I really enjoyed your take on the theme


Checked it out. The puzzle mechanic was very cool. The biggest issue I had was that the platforming was not very precise, which caused the cubes to morph together to easily. Alost the motion blur was very heavy, which was strained my eyes pretty bad. I noticed that is a common issue with most FPS games made in a short time though.  Overall, neat concept, and with some extra polish, could turn out to be a pretty fun experience!