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medieval among us

Yeah, I agree, all m*bile and c*nsole users are not real g*mers and they don't play epic video games like, Dark Souls, for epic chads! Welcome to dark souls, bro!

Thank you!

Love the agario-like aesthetic of the game!

Love the fast-paced and challenging gameplay!

Very fun game! Only problem is that the game breaks after using the reset on level 5, but great game overall.

Love the graphics similar to Papers Please. Very fun game overall!

Thanks for playing my game! I'm sorry you didn't like that level, was it because it was too vague and unclear?

Amazing game overall! The levels had crunchy game design mechanics, and the wholesome secret easter egg was #epicsauce. This game is really one meant for hardcore PC gamers!

Cool idea if I do say so myself.

same lol

This game reminds me of rick and  morty , my favorite show to wach on tv. I have a iq of 9001 (it's funny because of the meme "it's over 9000" so you can laugh now (and this is funny because it's a self aware joke which ironically implies that the joke is not actually as funny as I stated it to))

Less and mort sound like rick and morty from my favorite television tv show bro, I am a certified member of the high iq secret society

Love it, very though-provoking gameplay and good graphics.

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It's rewind time!

Pretty fun; visual effects were really smooth. But the game is too violent for me so my wife's boyfriend won't let me play the game :/

Cool Visual Effects and Gameplay; also poggers


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I enjoyed the gameplay at first, but it gets repetitive quickly.

i'm a gnelf, and youve been gnelfed!

It tastes like cigarette. 

- cigarette boy,  2018