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thank you so much!!! i'm working really hard for it :D

hey thanks for your comments!! for now there're no minimum requirements because as an alpha i have not fully tested it but i can say for sure that it wont make your pc explode so dont worry. In the worst case, your game will be lag a bit because some shaders but that's all so try it and let me know how it goes :D Thanks for your support!!!

no, the only way you can save your progress is being near a save post so be sure to say hi to the post birds :D

Thanks for reporting this bug, i'll try to find the source. Thanks for your support!!

hola!!! dudo que fuera a lanzar un demo para mac sin embargo espero que exista soporte en el lanzamiento del juego completo, muchas gracia por tu interés!!!

Right now you can't play as Iara but i'm working in some AI-cooperative mechanics and is highly possible that in the future Iara will be a fully playable character

hey, thanks for your comments!!
i know about the english issues, actually i'm not english native so i hope when i start the full development of the game fix them with a proper translator.

also, i'm both the artist and the programmer so thank you so much!!

i've been working on the game and some other surprises for a better gaming experience :D
Sadly, i'm a little stuck because my pc is being repaired :(
thank you so much for your support and have a nice day too!!!

this game is planned to be released on pc and i hope on consoles but not to android for now, sorry :(

Thank you!

it's just an alpha, I'm still working on the game :)

Hello! , sunlight depends on internal game time and weather 

Thanks for playing the game! , the feedback is always good, we are working on some fixes, among them several elements that you mentioned :D

The release of the demo will be in December!


Thank you! I will be doing weekly updates