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Amazing colours and music!! It's so visually satisfying! I absolutely adore this!!

Absolutely gorgeous pixel art! I'm such a huge fan of your work!There's so much personality present throughout the game! Amazing job!

Beautiful game and story! I was so excited to play this! There's so much care in the story-telling and environment! absolutely gorgeous!

Beautiful colour palette! Wonderful pixel art!! Everything reads so well and the controls felt sooo nice! Really amazing work!!!

I love the commitment to the theme! The use of colour and characters really added to the concept. Great work!

Very fun and charming concept! The grappling mechanic was pushed in such interesting ways! great job!!!

This is such an immensely satisfying and exciting game!! The feedback felt really rewarding! super fun work!!!

Beautiful ! Fun! fantastic spritework! So much about this game is playful and clever!!

Fantastic portraits! Beautiful art and world-building! So much love and care is in this game, really great job!!!

This is such an endearing game! Each sprite has so much personality to it! I love this!!!

It's so cool that you took this jam as an opportunity to reimagine these games! Great exploration of this concept!

This game feels so alive! I love the approach to colour and everything feels so dynamic!

This is so so adorable!!! I love all of these different palettes and the lineart is so playful!

Beautiful palette and great pixel art! Everything reads so clearly, and the tiling is so gorgeous!

Absolutely beautiful work! The approach to dithering is so strikingly stylized. It reminds me of woodblock prints, which adds such a strong mood to this game!

This is incredibly fun! and playful! I love all of the different colours and the audio is so energizing!!!

It's so cool that you put your own spin on this concept! Everything feels and looks like a gameboy game! I admire your attention to that level of detail!

This is such an endearing game! The concept is adorable and the sprites are so playful!!

The sprites are adorable! There's so much personality, from the environment-design to gameplay! Fantastic work!!!