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Glad you enjoyed it! Have a good day :)

Ha! Thanks. Glad you enjoyed my art.

That's so sweet. Thank you.

Aww. Thanks for the kind words. You having a good time makes me happy!

Sure. It's a custom font. I created it pixel by pixel. It's easy to do in GB Studio it's as simple as editing an image.

You're right! I still need to get those to run.

There's a puzzle in the woods. (It might have to do with the stones and walking over them in the right order, who knows? )

Open it in whichever software you prefer (e.g. Maya, Blender, Godot, Unity) and animate it.

I can't tell you. This is the format that GBStudio builds. They might not be needed after all. 

Thank you :)

I'm not a technician myself but maybe I can still help.

In general, a good entry point for getting help would be the Haunted PS1 discord. There's a dedicated #hpsxrp channel with a valuable history of problem-solving. I did a quick search. It seems that some people have run into this exact issue.

One person was able to resolve this by checking whether git LFS is installed and installing it if this wasn't the case. 

If that doesn't do the trick, check out the discord. The peeps there will gladly help where they can, I'm sure.


Thanks for the kind words!

Unfortunately, I do not. I hope it will delight you for many Christmasses to come!

This made me smile.

Vanillekipferl! <3
I'm glad you had a good time with it. Thanks for sharing.

True, I really missed the mark on the applause :). Good observations on the music. Thank you for your comment! 


Glad you enjoyed it!

<3 Glad you enjoyed it!

Oooh that is so awesome! Thanks for posting the image. I wish I had a flash cartridge but this is the next best thing <3. Happy Holidays.

It likes fish!

Hey, thanks for the kind words. Here's a rough of sketch of the Hafermann I did before going into modeling. 

Ohhh the suspense when switching lenses is dreadful. I love it! 

Ahhhh this was such a joy to play. I enjoyed the music very much and the sfx for finishing a cone felt SO rewarding. My one year old started dancing to the music while I played - so bonus points for that ^^

Thank you. I'm so happy you described the game's vibes as cozy. That was really my goal ^^

Oh no, I'm sorry you encountered a glitch. Thank you for the kind words. I'm happy you enjoyed the story <3

That's nice of you to say. Thank you!

I'm glad you felt that way, that was my goal actually. Have a good day!

Thanks so much for the kind words <3

Thank you for playing! Have a nice day!

Thank you, I appreciate it :)

Thank you for the kind words!

Played on the Visual Boy Advance. Making a maze game is a wonderful idea of using GB Studio! 

I had trouble figuring out how to play. I think the morse code was on repeat. I  couldn't figure out how to advance it. Including an overview of controls in the game or on the game page would help players immensely!

What's there looks really promising. I can somewhat relate to your sentiment about the length of the jam, however I think that some responsibility falls to the jammers, too. 

Not going over-scope is one of the hardest things for me to do and being able to cut and rein it in is one of the most valuable skills I re-learn with every game jam. 

I hope you weren't discouraged by the short duration of the jam and continue to shape this promising visual demo to something more representative of your own vision. 

I liked the fact that it was auto-aim. The experience was focused on attack timing and dodging. It happened quite a few times to me that I spawned on the next floor/dungeon and was immediately hit by enemies or their attacks. I also had a hard time figuring out where to see my own HP. Defeating enemies and absorbing their XP felt good and I found myself eager to reach the next level. 

Solid entry! 

Felt quite juicy to play! Well done. I had fun playing this. 

This was very fun to play!

I learned to play Picross for this <3

Really good audio direction and great visual execution.