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AJ Booker

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thank u so much !!  attribution is not required, but would be appreciated - feel free to mention me on twitter @ajbookr :•D

this may be one of the stupidest concepts for a game i've ever seen... i love it, 100000/10

thank you so much !! if/when you put them in a game id love to see, feel free to hit me with it on twitter <3

super polished and juicy !! nailed it :•D

interesting mechanics ! definitely a genre of puzzle-platformers thats highly underrated, im always happy when i find little gems like this to scratch that itch :•P

most jammers struggle to make a single game, and yall made a game that makes games !! super cool idea, especially for a jam setting :•D

rad :•0

this honestly might be my favourite one ive played so far !! love the look, love the feel, love the sounds !! so juicy and wonderful ! would love to see a post-jam update with some more content, but honestly the vibes are off the charts here <33

really reminds me of minit, i love this genre of very procedural puzzley adventure game, definitely feels like it has potential to be tightened up into something really interesting !

adorable !! feels very cozy and full of love, congrats ! <33

Super cool take !! great music, looks amazing and feels very gameboy-y !

really cool concept !! the colours are so pleasing, and it definitely feels like it has room to grow + expand, would be interested to play a post jam version

interesting take ! love the palette choice

thank you so much !! <33

feels like galaxian++ :•D nice succinct take on the genre, with interesting mechanics thrown in

Super interesting mechanic, reminds me a lot of baba is you ! would love to see this game more fleshed out eventually, definitely has a lot of potential

Really interesting idea to figure out procedural generation in gbstudio! especially love the detail in the larger graphics (title screen etc), clearly a lot of love put in here for sure

Looks great, so juicy !! I feel like a real gameboy would struggle to keep up here, but it goes to show how far u can push a set of restrictions

This is great! amazing work in GBstudio, it looks and sounds incredible! Clearly a lot of love put in here