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A jam submission

Finding your ChildhoodView game page

GB game made for GBjam8
Submitted by Eli Haun — 5 hours, 51 minutes before the deadline
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Neat little game! you know something that might have been interesting with this because it was so well done overall as a "find and seek adventure style game" with this it would have been cool to have a little history pop up about each game. Kind of like how carmen sandego worked in the old picture explorer games from the 90s.

I think that could have added that extra bit of unexpected charm and more interesting gameplay due to the little factoides you would get.

The other thing i would change is when sound starts in the game. It was a bit jarring or ear blasting to have it suddenly start after you push start on the main menu. "scared me to death" lol 

Nice job!


Thank you! Yeah, I though about adding more, but I was running out of time. If I was to do it again, i would be faster, and I could add a LOT more!  


This was cute! The graphics look nice and the flavor text is amusing. Congrats on your first completed jam game, hopefully the first of many!


This was a cute little endearing game. I really enjoyed it; it gave me some feels.
Sprites were all really nice, the audio was fine, overall I enjoyed it. The "deflated balloons" in the parents trash can gave me a giggle. That's definitely the kind of writing you'd in games like this.

Well done!


This is such a trip down nostalgia lane, great concept and having everything interactable is so great for world building.  Really solid good job here.


I really loved this game. The level of polish is phenomenal. For being done in 8 days, everything was layed out really well and the game flowed smoothly while telling a relatable story, even for those who didn't grow up with game boy games. The music was also really good as well and I could see myself laying down listening to it for hours. Good luck to you and your musician for future projects!


Very noice entry! With the game bein heavily loaded with flavour text, it's expected that some typos here and there will slip, but overall great fun!

I liked the dicc under the desk bit the most, am reaaal mature...

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I played many game that appeared in this game haha.

Nice entry


adorable !! feels very cozy and full of love, congrats ! <33


Such a cute game, lots of nostalgia and clever writing here.

Really cool game!


A gameboy game about a game boy and his gameboy games :P

Really enjoyed this game. Also the fact that the game size is super tiny blew me away!

I think hands down the most fun was going around and reading all the carefully crafted dialogs for all the intractable! Well done. Also I saw the toilet paper joke how current... hahaha

Here is a video of me playing your game earlier today! :D

[Finding Your Childhood] Played By Carbs

Also you mentioned this was your first full game jam game, great job! It's very difficult to get a full idea let alone a full idea in such a short spawn of time! I think you did very well!


Game boy was so, so, so important to me too. Thanks for this. I got so freakin' excited when I saw the game boy camera just now..! And it felt like summer. I think everyone has a story of a childhood friend / relative who stole your games. Ugh!!! 


This feel really personal, i love it! The links awekening cartrige in the side of the road was a low blow, even for your cousins


Very cute and full of details, I really like it!


Loved the aesthetics and the humor! I knew what I was walking into when I checked the trash can in the parent’s bedroom but had to see for myself. And the Nintendo Power reference hit me with some strong nostalgia. Still, I played for a while and only found 7 out of 8, I will try again sometime when it’s not 2am to find them. Overall great jam game and I’m blown away by your art ability!


Wow, your cousins are real jerks. Who leaves Link's Awakening by the side of the road?

Nice job with this game, the music loop was excellent and the whole vibe was super nostalgic. Loved the pixel art for all the games (and the camera!). Plus your game selection was excellent. Yoshi's Cookie rules. Also, I love games where you can interact with the environment a lot, so great job there.


Thank you for the kind words!


What a fun cute idea for a game, for a first jam this is quite impressive! Good catchy loop as well on the audio. 


Thank you! I am a graphic designer by trade, so making the art was the easy part for me.

however, I didn't make the music. I uploaded a new version (without audio), and tried to make that the default. If it is not I will need to find out why...