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I loved Papers, Please! And this was a great lil spin-off... Aside from the clunky inputs, the music and artstyle fit the GameBoy theme really well... Good Entry!

The isometric view could've been great, but the collisions were a bit clunky, also the character is too big, you can't really see a lot of screen, making it hard to see incoming attacks from the boss. But the cutscenes, colours and music are great... Overall good entry!

Absolutely great goiys! Controls fantastically, music and art are great, only nitpicc is that the collisions with the chickens are sometimes a bit off, but other than that, an amazin game...

Neat lil concept! The tutorial was noice and intuitive. Music and sfx would help, so would proof readin to iron out the typos... But overall a good entry

Great lil concept, a built in tutorial would've been noice...

Really cute concept! Lil trite, but works well... Throw in some music n sfxs and you can have somethin great

Great job for a first! Any nitpiccs I could've had have been said already... So all I'll say is keep it up!

Very cute concept! Like others, I'd say some variety to spice things up will help a lot...

Absolutely hilarious concept! Controls were a bit confoosin at first... Also it kinda bugged at the last hole... But still a great entry!

Great job! Dood feels smooth to control, and art and music are great.Good entry!

Nothin beats my master strategy:

Swinging left to right repeatedly!

Great little concept and a lot of fun! Was able to cheese some of the levels though...

This game is hilarious! Love the concept! Great Job!

Great concept, unfortunate execution... A looot of bugs here and there, and some quality of life problems, so basically nitpiccs... Music and sfxs would've helped a lot... Good Entry!

Cute concept and character! Endearing dialogue Throw in some music and sfx and it'll be great! Good entry

Controls are a little slippery, but easy to get used to. The concept is great, and the execution is fantastic. Throw in some pretty art, music and sfx and this lil thing can be B I G! Good job!

What a neat lil entry! I love the concept... That bein said, it needs a looot of polish. Adding music and sfx with help a lot. Makin the asteroid head(the area you can hit) more distinct. And adding a shooting cooldown, to avoid spammin. Good job ChrissyFist!

Very noice entry! With the game bein heavily loaded with flavour text, it's expected that some typos here and there will slip, but overall great fun!

I liked the dicc under the desk bit the most, am reaaal mature...

Absolutely amazin! Dood feels great to plei as, tight controls, and beautiful art and music... Throw in another area and enemy or so, and I would never guess this was made in a week... Great work CasePortman, you just earned a follow!

Enjoy your 5/5s...

Wow, just  w o w! I wouldn't have believed anyone if they said this was made in a week... This game is amazin, tight responsive controls, catchy soundtrack and sfx, fun puzzles and great job capturin that Gameboy Aesthetic™... Big ups to the Arara team! If I haaad to nitpick. I would say adjust the hitboxes, sometimes I hit enemies when I'm standin on a ledge and they walk into the wall below me... Enjoy your all 5 rating!

Very interesting idea, would love for it to be expanded upon..

Doooood, the  a t m o s p h e r e... The lighting is phenomenal. The puzzles were easy but slightly tedious. You don't have IFs so gettin hit can cause more than 1 health at a time. The sfx are great, just the implementation of the run is a bit clunky... It got really laggy towards the middle-end... Overall a solid game

Music and SFX were noice and  j u i c y. It's a lil unforgiving bein a one-hit kill and all, and the movement is a lil stiff, wall jumpin was clunky. It's amazin that you made an entry even though you were short on time... But with a lil work this'll get even amazin-er

Very GameBoy yes... The movement was rather slow, especially when enemies have to move as well... It's a noice and sweet concept and it works well... Only suggestion would be to increase viewport... The jam says it's ok to increase viewport size, just keep the 10:9 or 160:144 ratio... Overall a very cute game

The game looks phenomenal! Beautifully suited art, down to text boxes and NPCs. Would've liked to have some overworld music, but the battle music was appropriately good... Did find some bugs when leaving a house and/or moving to a new area, by rolling.

Noice tight controls, stunning graphics and great music... The browser version lags a looooot, and the first insta-death pit looked like water, so I thought it was safe... but overall a great experience...

The soundtrack is amazing! The art is cutesy and perfectly catches that GameBoy Aesthetic™. Though if I had to nitpick, I would say the catch area is too precise, where it doesn't catch if I move into a falling scoop. A foine addition to the jam! 

Amazing artwork! But there were a number of problems... Controls were a lil clunky, jump was too floaty, felt like I was underwater. The music is also bound to the start of the stage so it trails off as you progress, leavin you in silence, which is too bad, cause the music was pretty great. Overall it was a neat experience...

Great lil experience, felt like an actual Gameboy game. Though nothin much motivates plein it, besides gettin that 420...