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I have a quick question.  The rules state that you deal 5 quest cards facedown, place the shop over the quest deck, and then deal 5 more face up?  but you just put the shop card on top of the deck, so you have to place the card, remove it, and them put it back?  

Also, why deal the cards face down?  I can not find anywhere where it says to flip them over, so why even deal them?  what is the trigger to flip them or draw them?

Overall I am liking the quick, solo nature of the game. Just want to clarify some of these rules!

This is awesome! I am playing some wargames that use custom dice (Starwars X-wing miniature game, etc).  This made it so much easier than using regular dice and converting!  Thank you for releasing this tool

not the dev, but yes.  you can use 'change text' and just erase the text, leaving nothing.  That is how I got a dice with two blank sides, but you should be able to just do it to all the sides

I saw this on your YouTube video and decided to give it a try. It was really fun! short, but heart racing at the same time

Actually, I can think of a few ways that, while not a Metroidvania in definition, you could make a non-digital game what works.  Metroidvania's are usally defined by their branching, backtracking, interconnected maps.  if you could make a tool to DESIGN those kinds of maps, or a game that could be defined by that, then i think most people will let it slide

I have no idea how you would do that (metroidvania is, but it's nature, a 2D video game), but it would be interesting to see you try!  I mean, if you don't mind not 'winning' then I see no reason why you couldn't, as long as you give a detailed explanation of why this would qualify as a 'Metroidvania'

That would have been useful! I ended up making an entire FNT font from scratch :/

For the sound, the best way I can think to make it not annoying is to make it higher pitch when going fast, and lower pitch/slower when moving slow.  It looks like you will be changing direction /stopping a lot, so that should 1) give a audio clue about speed, and 2) keep it varied enough to make it more palatable.   

Love the art BTW!  Super interested to see how it plays

I SHOULD be using the yarn editor in engine (I am building in GDevelop), but I don't know if I have time to get it working with such small dimensions, so I, as of right now, plan to just make a 'text layer' and have it switch between sprites that have the text on it.  Each character will have a text sprite, and interacting with them will check the associated veritable (may just have one, and each time you trade it goes up by one integer), and if it is above the number it plays animation 1, and if it is below the number if plays animation 2.  it will be a lot more work that way, but that is the only way I can think to do it in limited time with my limited skillset

As of right now, it is kind of like the zelda OoA/OoS trading side mission, where you get items and trade them around.  the shop will have something that the main character wants (Im thinking something like a bus pass to leave the block), so he will have to trade his way up to that item. I'm expecting the whole game to take 5 minuets max, but I am going to have to have a lot of dialogue, which is the one thing that I have no practice with . well, not a LOT of dialogue, just 1-2 sentences before you trade, and a different sentence after you trade.  but it will be a lot of variables

I have a rudimentary menu, but will add the 'current item' to it soon.  Might put a time limit in if it is too easy, since you will miss the bus is you don't get there in time

So, I have not gotten a LOT done with this.  Personal stuff came up this weekend, so I spent it with the wife.  I have what I did during the workweek, and if you look below you can see a little preview! I decided to go with the 'block' theme, so the entire game will take place in one city block.  I have the interiors of the most rooms/buildings (minus the top left city utility. still need to add art to that).  also have a BASIC story written and am starting to add it in. Most of my time so far has been figuring out how to do the Ysorting and getting the top down perspective working.  Still a good bit to do, but it is a start!

I love the style already!  Easy to read what everything is, but lowrez.  the bridge and rocks kind of remind me of old-school Oregon trail (which I remember playing as a wee lad, so nostalgia points).  I may not play every game, but I will keep my eyes on this one!

I am making a 'space' shooter, but instead of space you are in a little bottlecap in a dirty sink.  Thinking it will be a wave shooter?  IDK.   Still working on controls and movement.  But as for the theme, depending on what companion you take with you, your missiles will behave differently.  some will be slow but powerful, some will be fast and weak.  one will act like a land mine, etc.  so, you are incentivized to try all the different companions .  Thinking of 3 waves, with 30-40 enemy's to a wave. After you beat the waves (different themed levels) you can try to escape down the drain and the sewage pipe to freedom.  Will be a short game, but hopefully not TOO easy or too hard.  

While I think the par is a little... liberal, I had a lot of fun!  got a 37 on my first try.  

Heck, I was expecting NO score!  Thanks for complimenting the animations.  I think I know some better ways to do it next time, and I will try to find a way to get the speed right.  And yeah, the falling was an issue, but I ran out of time
As for the controls, the game has a fully functioning key bind editor.  I spent half of my time working on that (getting a way to save the keys and whatnot), but in the end I didn't have time to make a menu, so I dropped it.  I know I SHOULD have made space be the 'pull up' button and down be the 'drop down', but... it didn't happen.  I will be sure to do it right next time!
anyway, thanks for trying it out at least!

thanks! I will look into speeding it up next time.  I usually try to keep scope in a manageable level, but everything got hectic in real life, so this was all I could do.  But thank you for the kind words!  I appreciate it

I did not notice the frigate wording.  My bad!

as for the space, I mean it in terms of dedicated space vs available space.  for wargaming, you usually don't get on the floor, but this is perfect for the yard, and the 6' square is a suggestion.  Mainly because everyone has a floor, but not everyone has a gaming table

Technically, that would not be a Metroidvania game.  it would be an action-adventure / dungeon crawler game.  But I don't think people will mind if the core game loop is close enough.  A Metroidvania is USALLY seems as a platformer with an map that opens up as you gain new abilities, which encourages backtracking and side paths.  

Thanks!  I have NO navel experience, so I was guessing  as to the unit names.  I thought about torpedo's, missiles, an aircraft carrier with ships having ground to air capabilities (a rock-paper-scissors style with varying attack cost).  In the end, I scaled it back a LOT, mostly due to the theme of 'design by subtraction'.  My main goal was twofold: I wanted a simple combat system that I could get my wife to try (so no AP-1 text or things that will make understanding take longer than 3 seconds), and I wanted to be able to play ANYWHERE.  Specifically, the kitchen floor or in the yard.  Most wargames (your NOT included!) need a hefty 4'sq play area or dedicated playmats. I live in a small house with no  room for a space investment like that.  I wanted something that could be printed and plopped on the floor/dirt/grass quickly

I love the idea of this little game!  Also, as it is a solo game I can actually play it.  However, I don't see a 'win state'. is the goal to see how many turn you can go, or to kill the sentinels?  Also, Was the 'time tile' something that was cut?

I will be honest, I have read the rules twice, but I can not figure out how this is to be played, or how you would 'win'.  Can you make a video or some pictures?  

Actually... No. th witch does nothing.  I was GOING to have her give you a mission and all that, but since this was a game jam (and my first platformer), I ended up running out of time.  I do plan to go back and add/fix a few things in the game, but it may be a while

I think it must be the engine being weird on html. Sorry.  

Hmm... It MIGHT be your browser?  some browsers don't act right with GDevelop web player?  Otherwise, the way to do it is 1-beat mushroom boss, then the lizard boss.  after beating lizard, go right one screen, then up.  Just hold space till you jump over the bridge (it will auto jump over the bridge if you hold space), then head left till you get the the other water area.  If for some reason you CANT leave the first waters 'hallway', then I have no idea how to help.

Like I said at the top, maybe try a different browser.  I play tested (AKA beat the whole game) on Windows10 with Chrome.  (1660ti GPU, 10500 4.5Gh CPU), so the only thing I can suggest is the browser.  sorry.  

Hello!  Where would be the best place to get 'playtesting' help?  I don't have many IRL friends that like these kinds of games, and the ones I do have are very busy.  Is there a forum/discord where people can playtest other peoples TTRPG ideas?  (for reference, I am making a solo game system). 

I did ludum dare compo, and had to restart halfway through (only had 24 hours left).  Its doable.  the main thing to to learn to handle scope

I just love to see how much I improved, and Jams are a good way to do that.  Why MVM in particular? because it is a month long, and it gives me enough time to not only see what I know, but to learn new things.  

My goal for -THIS- MVM is to NOT use pixel art.  I am going to try to use hand drawn animations (probably no color, just black and white) for all of the art/characters/etc.  everything.  I have no idea how good it will be, but that is my goal.  So the scope of the game will probably be small, with a lot of art packed in

2 things: Why not learn a NEW framework? A monthlong jam give you plenty of time to learn new ways of doing things, and is the main reason I personally even do jams, and two, why even post this? you CAN make platformers in Scratch

That was a short but beautiful experiance. thank you for making it!

Hello! Was looking for a 'chill' jam to work on next month, and came across this.  is there a link to past jams to get an idea of what people want/what kinds of things the jam is looking for?  I am an artist, so I might make some monsters/stat blocks, or maybe some battlemaps, or even a  whole module.  I just need to know what the usual scope is.

Thanks!  Yeah, different ability's do different damage (the second boss actually HEALs if you hit him with the wrong abbility), but i didn't have time to show it in the sprites

It was by design.  Lightning did more damage to the bats and frogs, and fire did more damage to the monkeys.  For the lizard boss, you do more damage with lighting when it's health was yellow, but more with fire when it was red.  The Octopus boss had a mechanic that I didn't have time to show in game, but you have to damage it with a ice to freeze the 'skin', then hit it with the fire and it resets every time it moves.  I didn't have time to show that in the sprites, but the mechanic was there.  Thanks for the compliment on the art!

This might be because of the way I did the attacks.  attacking spawns the corresponding sprite in front of you, and that is the attack hitbox.  but, if you spam it before it finishes playing, it does not count as two attacks, but one.  so you kinda have to space out your attacks

so, this was ok!  I beat the one level .  it has cute art style.  I had issues with the platforming, not because of the gravity as some other noted (though it WAS a bit high), but because the jump button was on the same hand as the movement.  almost everyone is used to moving with one hand, and jumping with the other (Mario for example). Trying to do both moving and jumping with he same hand, especially with such tight platform tolerances, was hard to do

Its pretty, but not a metroidvania. also, there isn't anything TO it.  Just one screen where you kill cats.  And if you move too far left, the main character just.. floats off the screen

I am not gonna lie, I can not move past the third or forth screen (in either direction).  I can not make the second jump on the right, and there is nothing but a giant kill field on the left.  No idea where to go

So, I quite enjoyed this.  I did not beat it (I may come back and try again later), but it had a good feel for it. some critiques though: 1) I had the clipping issue. Had to restart the game and be careful not to fall off that platform Stusse Games noted.  Also, after I kill the frog, I am not sure where to go.  The vine area just kills me in no time (or I fall off the map and die. the background and platforms look too similar).  Are we supposed to just grind for frog parts?  Also, to go to the left in the frog area, I don't see a way to jump over the spikes without hitting them

but other than that, good job!  I really like the art for the main character, and it has a light hearted feel

so, I beat the game... but I have NO idea what was going on.  it was a little esoteric.  Also, it wasn't a metroidvania in that is didn't have guided non-linearity and utility-based exploration.  Maybe those aspects were not added yet, but I just don't see it atm. combat was decent though, and the music set the time very well.

Also, the text crawl at the beginning was VERY hard to read.  

So I LOVE the idea.  I just couldn't 'get into it', so to speak.  I found myself getting frustrated and forgetting which metal was which.  I played for about 5 minuets, but didn't get very far.  Overall, I love the idea, but I think it would have worked better with 1) less potions and more platforming, or 2) a map or some way to get an idea of where to go. also, the controls were a little floaty. After walking around for 30 seconds, I didn't know which way to go, and everything looked similar, and was getting frustrated/overwhelmed with remembering everything.  but the idea was great, and I think it can be fleshed to great success!

that was pretty fun!  I am glad you had infinite respawns, and I didn't have to do a lot of backtracking from spawn rooms.  I found myself dying a LOT.  But overall, it was fun!