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It was fun!  would love to see a more 'fleshed out' version in the future

Not really much in the way of bugs, but sometimes when you drag the game takes a minuit to register what you are doing.  2-3 seconds is not much, ut when the archer is taking damage and the sword dude cant get there, it means a lot.  that was the only real bug I found.  Other than that, great demo!  I enjoyed it, as short as it was. reminded me of 'Tooth and Tail' a little bit.  great graphics!

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Took me a while (photoshop was being a pain, and I can't not find a way to do it in the TIC-80 editor), but here you go!  I ended up just loading it into Piskel and using the paint bucket to 'paint' all the dark tiles transparent.  Let me know if it works for you!

Why not have it SET in ancient history?  like have Pope Gregory XIII (guy who introduced the Gregorian calendar) pose the questions.  that way, it has a historical FEEL, but is teaching real world uses.  that would fulfill the requirements I believe  (Note: I am NOT a judge, but interpreting the rules)

Been Watching your channel for a while, and just got a headset (WMR dell visor).  The demo was pretty cool. I especially liked the climbing.  I have a question though: can you adjust the 'aim' of the controllers.  what I mean is, since I use WMR controllers, the aim is high.  If I point straight, the aim is at a roughly 30 degree angle up (probably because that is what a vive would be in comparison).  is there any intent to have the pitch of the aim adjustable?

Hello! I saw where you were unaware if the program would work in WMR.  Well, it does!  I have a Dell Visor, and I used the program last night.  For the most part everything worked great.  The only improvement I can think of is a pause or 'return to menu' button.  once the song starts you are forced to sit through the entire thing.  I am not sure if this is something that is WMR specific due to mapping, or a normal program thing

Other than that, I had a LOT of fun in the game!  it was awesome.  I do not have beat saber, so I can not compare, but by itself it was a blast.  

Cool!  I have never done this, so ... Do you a discord?  I can send art files/discuss plans there

Wish there was a way to private  message on here, but I don't see any way (Im new to the site)


3D?  no, I have some modeling experience, but no real 3D animation experience outside of a simple turn-about. 

2D?  yes and no.  I CAN do animation that is decent like that, but it would take the entirety of the jam to make a single 5 second clip.  I can work on this for 2-3 hours a day, and that means I would take a week to do just the lines of a dragon lair style animation (even  if I do only 6 frames per second (extremely choppy), that would still be 30 full drawing for that 6 second clip.  Add the time to clean, color, import, etc, it is not feasible.    Cluefinders (an edutainment game series) is way more feasible.  They had static backgrounds and simple 2d animation overlaid that would be reused for each scene.  

Also, we only have a month.  You won't have time to learn enough programming in that time.  (also, the game you posted about in your post is not strictly 'edutainment'.  It sounds like an action/turn based games set IN the past, but not with the intent of TEACHING about the past)

Hello!  My day job is graphic design (mostly t shirts and embroidery, but other stuff as well).  I have been teaching myself how to make games, but I am NOWHERE near ready to enter a jam solo.  So, I would like to team up with someone.  I could produce the graphics, and someone else could make it -work-.  

I can do a verity of styles, from 8 bit pixel art all the way up to cluefinder style animations (clue-finders 4th grade holds a special place in my heart).  I also have a TINY bit of 3d modeling experience in fusion360 and blender.  I can work for ~2 hours a night for the entirety of the jam.  you can check out some of my paintings/style here:

if you are interested in working with me, lets do this!