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She looks pretty thick already :D

Just for the High Score. Thanks for playing my game.

Woah! I can tell that you put a lot of effort into this and it really shows. Looking at the thumbnail initially I thought it was a real video and not CGI. Good job!

Nice game, love the graphics, sound design is awesome, hacking is fun! Well done, very original!

Just faced the same issue!

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Ah, see I didn't get that. Nice one! I am subscribed BTW, I was soo surprised that you entered this jam, especially after you added your video while I was working on my game :D 

Watched your video on this one! Good job, real fun game. BTW the name is spelled Sasuke. Good Job on the game!

Thanks, I appreciate it!

You plan on updating this?


Yes, there is a lot of room for improvement. Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it. If I decide to turn this into a full game I would definetely polish it a lot more!

Wow! Very original! I love that you turned Christmas/New Year traditions into minigames. I really enjoyed the grape one (Spain). Good game!

I raelly enjoyed the mini games. The snowball rolling one felt not as challenging as the others though. Also, is it intentional that I get the same game three times in a row? I would add something to prevent minigame repetitions like remembering the last minigame and choosing a different one if the newly chosen one is the same as the previous. I really enjoyed this game, good job!

Pretty good. I was very confused at first what to do but with some time I managed to get the hang of it. Love the graphics. The sound effect and music fit really well. Pretty fun game overall!

Nice little game. It was a bit unclear what each tile does but with a few presses I got it to work. I maged to break it. On the third level (your 3rd screenshot) where there is one blue and three green tiles, I right clicked the blue tile and it got stuck inside the red one :D . Not sure how I managed to pull that off.

Sorry to hear that. I have uploaded a new version that uses GLES2. This one should not crash, hopefully.

Thank you for your feedback! The game is pretty rough but with some work, I think I can make it into a pretty decent game. I had a hard time getting the truck to behave.

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Very nice sprite. Reminds me of Road Fighter for the NES.

Thank you for your feedback.

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback.

DUDE! You made StarCraft in 8x8 format :O!!! You are amazing, please make more of these, I will definately buy. I will buy this one as well to show how amazing this is!

Pretty neat game but I wish there was a tutorial. Took me some time to figure out what I had to do. Initially I tried to catch all of the ingredients and I was very confused about the green splatters on the screen.

I found a few bugs. You can have up to 3 recipes you have to complete. When there are two or more recepies, I start collecting the ingredients for the first one and when I complete it, it dissappears. Then I start collecting the ingredients for the second recipe. While doing that, a new recipe appears in the first slot and now the items I collect for the second recipe start applying for the first one resulting in me getting the items wrong. And on top of all that, it is random as to when it decides which ingridients to which recipe to apply. The first ingridient is counted towards the second recipe. The second and third ingredients count towards the first recipe. However, the forth ingredient counts towards the second recipe.

Some times the recipes would not have icons. Not a big issue as the icon is not a part of the game play but it is a bug.

I would make the recepies be a queue: Initial - [Recipe 1, Recipe 2, Recipe 3, Recipe 4], then after completing Recipe 1 the queue becomes - [Recipe 2, Recipe 3, Recipe 4] and then when a new recipe appears - [[Recipe 2, Recipe 3, Recipe 4, Recipe 5]. Add a way to mark the first recipe in the UI and you will have a real neat game.

Try to add some obstacles as well which the player have to avoid as catching the would ruin the recipe and you would have to start over.

A bit too difficult. Too many cookies are spawning right of the bat. Also, the spawns are too random. There were times where I just could't get away from catching an evil cookie. I never managed to reach the CookieMonstro. Best highscore I got was 40. Maybe I just suck or maybe it is too difficult. Also, the hitbox for the glass feels a bit too big. A+ for the graphics. You did a fantasic job on those!

Nice little prototype. I wish there were some skills that could be used but I understand that due to the limitation, you had only two buttons. One for attacking and one for restoring stamina. I would have ditched the stamina in favor of skills. But then again ... I would also like to see items.

The graphics are nice and clean, I really enjoyed them. I wish there was some music to go along with the combat. Good Job!

Thank you very much. Your feedback is appreciated 👍

Ahhhh ... I wish there was more to this game ... I got really excited just by going to pick up the chestnuts! The art is really cool and the music is very pleasing to the ear. Good job, would love to see this as a standalone game.

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Thank you very much for the feedback!

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Creativity: It is a reaction based shooter game. I like that. I used to play a lot of games of this type back in the old NES days like this one:

If you had scrolling and the elves shooting back at you, it would have been awesome.

Visual Experience: Nice clean graphics.

Audio Experience: Sadly I could not hear any audio at all

Game Mechanics: The game played well. I just wish there was some more polish. Hitting the elves does not give any satisfaction. When there were more elves on the screen, I felt that sometimes I would click on them but the click would not register and I had to go back and click them again which slowed me down, causing me to miss a few.

Creativity: Not bad but it is a bit boring.

Visual Experience: Everything looks like it was done in paint. Some improvement to the visual quality could benefit the game more. Maybe a Vector Art kind of minimalistic style.

Audio Experience: I didn't hear any audio. No music and no sound effects.

Game Mechanics: The game is just too easy. You can just keep holding the left mouse button and you shoot infinite amounts of bullets everywhere. Maybe limiting the bullets would be better. Also, adding pickups for more bullets. What does the green arrow indicate? It seemed to appear periodically but the game didn't change much after it did.

A new version has been uploaded that fixes the issue!

Sure thing! I tried giving an honest opinion. Hope it helps you make the game even better. I did not just bash on you :D

Yes ... the Web build doesn't work correctly in fullscreen. Will upload a new web build and message you.

Creativity: Standard platformer. There is no precision jumping, no interesting mechanics. Not that this is a bad thing, just the category is creativity :).

Visual Experience: I love the title screen and the character sprite. The rest of the visual could use some improvement.

Audio Experience: Really catchy song. Too bad there are no sound effects.

Game Mechanics: The enemies are pretty easy to defeat. The snowball is huge, compared to the character. Don't know why that is so. There is no feedback when an enemy is killed. The enemies are so easy to dodge, there is no point in shooting them. Also, they got stuck pretty often.

Creativity: Not a bad idea.

Visual Experience: I did not like the graphics that much. The contrast is too high and it started hurting my eyes a bit. Also, it is not clear that the ball is a snowball. It could be any ball.

Audio Experience: The music didn't start right away. It started playing after my third attempt at the game. Other than that the song is actually good. I like listening to it and it is stuck in my head now. If the game had sound effects it would have been better.

Game Mechanics: The ball is almost impossible to dodge after the second/third bounce. It starts moving so fast that it is impossible to outrun it. I got confused when I had to throw the ball at the other player. Does it go towards my mouse initally, does it go of in a random direction, why is it so close to the other player, why does it always go towards the other player? Since there seemed to be no control over the inial throw, you should have mede it so that the ball is in the middle of the screen. To shoot the ball, you press a button and of it goes in a random direction. You could have made it so that who shoots the ball first is also selected at random.

Creativity: Reminds me of Angry Birds. You incorporated the theme pretty nicely into the game.

Visual Experience: All of the graphics are pretty well designed. The walls, however, look like a prototype rather than a game. With they fit into the game world better. They look like a prototype at the moment.

Audio Experience: Nice take on the jingle bells theme. It fits perfectly and it is not annoying at all. Pretty enjoyable to listen to.

Game Mechanics: I like how the distance to the mouse controls the force. Superb job with the controls!

Creativity: This is one of my favorites in terms of creativity. Great job! I really enjoyed rolling the ball around.

Visial Experience: The visuals are nice and clean and they convey everything quite nicely.

Audio Experience: I could not hear any audio.

Game Mechanics: It took me some time to get used to rolling the ball but once I got the hang of it, my ball got pretty big pretty fast.

Creativity: It is an endless runner, there is no twist or anything, but it is okay.

Visual Experience: Again not bad but could be better. The snowman is way too big I think, the icecles don't look like icecles, rather they look like tentacles.

Audio Experience: The song is quite catchy and I like it. Would have loved to have some sound effects.

Game Mechanics: Not knowing how many showballs I have left isn't ideal. Also, I feel like there are moments where I run out of snowballs and then there is nothing I can do. I can't avoid the big icycles. Maybe you should have made it so that you have infinite snowballs. Having to use both space and the mouse was tedius. Either use only keyboard or only mouse but not both. And for this game a two button scheme would have been enough.

I really like this one! The only issue I had with the game is that it uses the mouse and I was on a laptop when playing. Other than that good job! The graphics are very pleasing, the sound effects and music are well balanced and fit together really nicely. I watched your YouTube video as well and it made me laugh so bonus points for that!

Creativity: Just a tower defense game. I wish that there was some twist here but sadly there isn't.

Visual Experience: I did not like the Game Menu. It would have been better to just have some buttons and no graphics. The spinning cube and sphere have nothing to do with the game and I do not know why they are there. There is no indication of how much damage I was doing to enemies.

Audio Experience: The song used is okay for the title screen but during gameplay it gets annoying pretty fast. Also, there are no other sounds. Some audio feedback would have been good.

Game Mechanics: Some tooltip text as to what each tower does would have been helpful. I just placed them at random to see what they do initially. Had to restart the game as I let quite a few enemies through before I figured out what towers to build. The game needs balance as it is too easy to beat at the moment.

Hope you had fun making your game! Cheers!

Creativity: Adding the reloading mechanic is an interesting idea.

Visual Experience: The background is just gray. Some interesting shapes would have made the graphics better. There is no shading making everything look flat. The boss differs in quality from the rest of the characters making him seem out of place. Also, there was no indication that I was reloading. This was causing issues as I could not judge whether I should reload or evade enemies. This made the boss battle impossible to beat for me.

Audio Experience: I didn't hear any audio. Maybe it didn't work or you didn't add any. I do not know which it is but I heard nothing so I had to leave a low rating.

Game Mechanics: The realod mechanic is what makes this game interesting.  The movement was nice and fluid and I like how the enemy showmen charge at you.

Overall: Not a bad game but it lacked polish.