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I was thinking of it like a JSON file, that contains a list of rooms, where for each room there is a X,Y coordinate on a grid of the room’s position, its size, if it is locked by an ability and so on.

Would it be possible to add an option to export the map in some format that it can be used in a game?

I can help you with that if you wish.

Saw your comment on Brandon’s video and stalked you 😆. Great work on these tiles, there are so many of them! Are you planning on creating characters as well? BTW don’t user RAR. Use ZIP. Mac and Windows have native support for those.

This is such a cool game! I love it! Reminds me of Scribblenauts! I was thinking of how to put a twist on that game and you have done it. Great job!

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I want to start working on new project to recreate the Family Guy Video Game for PS2/PSP in Godot. I haven’t started making anything yet, but I will work on a prototype with models I can find online.

I love watching Game Dev Logs on YouTube of other developers and I recently came across a dude who is remaking the Simpsons Hit & Run Game -

They used a tool to extract the game data. However, I could not find any tool that could extract the Family Guy game assets.

That is why I need help. It would be wondeful if I could find a 3D artist that is willing to help me recreate the models from the game.

Anyone who is interested, please leave me a reply.

Nice little game. Fits the Jam theme perfectly and is fun to play. Good job on graphics and sound!

Yes, I understand it is a bit frustrating. The limitation of 20 seconds is very tough on the game. I just wanted to use an original idea for my submission. I will probably improve my game after the Jam.

Yes, I understand it is a bit frustrating. The limitation of 20 seconds is very tough on the game. I just wanted to use an original idea for my submission. I will probably improve my game after the Jam.

Hah, at first I was surprised to see a submission like this. I though it is NSFW and I was going to report it, but it turns out it is o pixelated, you might as well be looking at pictures of cards :D. Interesting entry. Your screenshots are a bit too revealing though, so be careful.

Neat little game. I avoid memory games usually as I suck at them but great job! The images are very memorable. It is hard to confuse one card for another which is very important for this types of games. Good job!

Those animations are so cute and fluent!

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Awesome sprites overall. I bought them to use them for a game I wanted to submit for the Weekly Game Jam but I ran out of time.

I found a couple of issues with the asset pack that I want to share:

  • There is no information about auto-tiling.
  • The Sand tileset from the 1.1 update is missing a few tiles that are needed to setup auto-tiling. The Mars and Purple tileset do have them so I don’t see any reason that the Dirt would not.
  • The Tile Sets are split into multiple files and I found it difficult to keep track of what is where
  • The naming convension on most of the files is inconsistent.
  • Each frame of the plants gworing is offset a bit, making it difficult to sell the illusion that the plant is growing
  • The austronaut has North, South, West and South East facing sprites. However, a North East frame is missing, making it difficult to achieve 9 directions of movement.
  • The buildings are not modular at all. I found it very difficult to set up the walls in such a way as to be used with a Tile Map.

Even with these issues, this is an excellent asset pack and I do not regret buying it.

BTW: You can see templates for autotiling here:

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Thank you very much. By using this example, I was able to fix my own code.

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Thank you very much. In the end I did not use your code, but I will definetely keep it around. I like how you handle the jump scroll (where you scroll to a random position and you need to fill the entire screen then).

My original code was just a sample. I did not post it all, cause there is a lot of bloat. I tried to copy the important parts. The vertical scroll code was identical to the horizontal scroll, so I skipped it. I did include the functions I believe, I was just not calling them.

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Greetings All,

I am so sorry that I am posting here. The devkitPro forum is dead. I tried posting there multiple times, only to find out my messages have to be approved by a moderator, which never happens …

So here is my situation. I am using devkitPro to develop an in-house engine for my game. I am going to release the game and engine as open source.

In my game, I want to be able to scroll the screen in all directions: horizontal, vertical, diagonal.

The game is using a screen size of 32x32 tiles. My maps, however, are way larger than that. Even the 64x64 tiles size that the GBA supports is not enough for my maps.

I followed an example from devkitPro’s examples that scrolls a text message horizontally.

The way the example works is, the screen is scrolled to the right and the scroll offset is stored in a variable. When the offset reaches 7 pixels, the offset is set to 0. Then the whole 32x32 screen gets filled with the tiles from the map, just 1 tile to the left.

Here is the code which I modified slightly to fit my needs:

Scrolling the screen this way does work, but it is inefficient and there is quite a bit of screen tear. A video of this approach is shown below:

I discovered that the GBA wraps the screen around, when the scroll offset goes outside of the screen width. This way, tiles that are on the left side of the screen (that are outside of the screen) are drawn at the right side of the screen (in view).

THis is illustrated by the diagram below:

As you can see, the Red rectangle is the scroll position of the “GBA Window”, the black rectangle is VRAM (32x32 tiles) and the purple is the vertical strip of tiles that gets drawn on the right side (is wrapped around).

By doing scrolling this way, only a single vertical strip needs to be updated at a time to achieve the effect. This gives us a giant speed boost.

The code for this is here:

Here is a video that illustrates this approach:

This approach, however, has a drawback. It cannot be used for diagonal scrolling. The vertical strip that gets wrapped around for horizontal scrolling overlaps with the horizontal strip that would be used vertical scrolling. This creates weird artifacts, which can be seen in the following video:

Can somebody give me a hand with this? :(

Reminds me of a game I used to play back in the day. You controlled a mech and you battled other mechs in a city. You threw rockets and stuff. Was a lot of fun.

She looks pretty thick already :D

Woah! I can tell that you put a lot of effort into this and it really shows. Looking at the thumbnail initially I thought it was a real video and not CGI. Good job!

Thanks, I appreciate it!

You plan on updating this?

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Very nice sprite. Reminds me of Road Fighter for the NES.

Thank you for your feedback.

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback.

DUDE! You made StarCraft in 8x8 format :O!!! You are amazing, please make more of these, I will definately buy. I will buy this one as well to show how amazing this is!

Pretty neat game but I wish there was a tutorial. Took me some time to figure out what I had to do. Initially I tried to catch all of the ingredients and I was very confused about the green splatters on the screen.

I found a few bugs. You can have up to 3 recipes you have to complete. When there are two or more recepies, I start collecting the ingredients for the first one and when I complete it, it dissappears. Then I start collecting the ingredients for the second recipe. While doing that, a new recipe appears in the first slot and now the items I collect for the second recipe start applying for the first one resulting in me getting the items wrong. And on top of all that, it is random as to when it decides which ingridients to which recipe to apply. The first ingridient is counted towards the second recipe. The second and third ingredients count towards the first recipe. However, the forth ingredient counts towards the second recipe.

Some times the recipes would not have icons. Not a big issue as the icon is not a part of the game play but it is a bug.

I would make the recepies be a queue: Initial - [Recipe 1, Recipe 2, Recipe 3, Recipe 4], then after completing Recipe 1 the queue becomes - [Recipe 2, Recipe 3, Recipe 4] and then when a new recipe appears - [[Recipe 2, Recipe 3, Recipe 4, Recipe 5]. Add a way to mark the first recipe in the UI and you will have a real neat game.

Try to add some obstacles as well which the player have to avoid as catching the would ruin the recipe and you would have to start over.

A bit too difficult. Too many cookies are spawning right of the bat. Also, the spawns are too random. There were times where I just could't get away from catching an evil cookie. I never managed to reach the CookieMonstro. Best highscore I got was 40. Maybe I just suck or maybe it is too difficult. Also, the hitbox for the glass feels a bit too big. A+ for the graphics. You did a fantasic job on those!