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its not a bug. i didnt take the game jam seriously. i made a meme game for the devlog in my channel. but the files got  corrupted so it wasnt uploaded. 



its so GOOD. i cant rate it bc i havnt subbmited anything BUT i hope you win this

everyone, ibefore u commeny  just want u to know that the whole bugs in the counter and sound once you die are on purpose

that was in purpse. if you read the description of the game page u will see that the robot has coused some bags in the system once you die. this was planned on purpose. i hope you enjoyd it

ohhh ok :) looks very good

its nice but why the backpack is white?

yeah thats the concept. there are two charecters and you randomly get 1 of them every time you play it

i am and thanks!

i get tons of ADS but your game looks very good so il try it

im using brave

i think the game isnt working for me. i see a white screen for a full two minutes and nothing happens

yeah well i thought u did it when u followed me but it was a minute before i replyed lol

thanks! i wish you the same :)

well i am pretty busy tbh. i have a game jolt account and im working on projects too. im also working on a few friends youtube channel and other things in real life like school

np :) u make pretty good content

ill check it out

well there are a few ways u can go with that. lets just say leveling up or idk

thanks! sry it took me long, it showed me you followed me but i didnt saw a comment notification

cool!. i know imma play it. the gamplay is great all u need to add is some sounds and better graphics that will make things more clear

np/np my my friend

10/10 my friend

a very well made game. when it comes to the gameplay i have no complains at all. but there are no sounds in the game and its not super original. i saw this concept before. you did it really good tho. good job on this one!

thank you! im happy you liked the game.  your new idea to controls is pretty good. i made them because i use a laptop and my keyborad is much smaller, personaly its more comftable if the controls are on one side in a keyboard like that . i didnt think about the bigger keyboads. thanks for the suggestion! :)

ok. even if it doesnt match the theme they might like it.

they dont own your subbmition


i added a big ship: its red, it means you can fire it from any direction. power ups are not red but they contain green. like this one

power up: currently there is one power up added to the game: its a black circle with a white and green in it. you will know when u see it. it destroys all the enemis on the screen so it can help you to get out of sticky situations. ill later on add a power up that gives you back health, and an other type of ship that if you hit it, it will stun you for 3 seconds.


i hope it will be positive

is their a certain thing the game must be based on??

the theme has voted, its upside down

good luck! :)

hope you are doing well


ok. but why your name is offical? thats not true


noice im new to this whole game jam thing so sry for the questions