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Matt Carr

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Matt here and I've finally pushed out a tech demo for the 2D multiplayer Unity Template I've been building. 

Hack n Slash people online or fight the monsters on the map:

Play online free here:

For information on the Unity template head here If you sign up to the newsletter you'll get updates on when it will release as things progress.

Have fun slaying

At that point attack the alter the priest is praying too. Destroy that sucker haha. Glad you enjoyed i

I should have made that clear, sorry. Try attacking the dark patches on the ground  on the edges of the screen, those are door

Shuriken for the win! 

You killed it, well done!

You killed it, well done!

This felt very true to Gameboy aesthetics. Wish I had more patience for the first boss, would have been good to see the rest of the levels

Thats a good list of things to sort out post jam verdict made. Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it! Lots of features I wish I had time for or tighten. Future Me's problem haha

Thanks for the honesty. I was trying to kill 2 birds with 1 stone so I could enter GBCompo21 as well. It was a lot to learn and do in the short time though and I'm a post jam ghost now haha. If I keep to this project later I'll factor in your feedback :D

I watched a few of my mates play and get stuck in the first room, so I'll make it more clear after jam ends. Thanks for the feedback!

Interesting visuals and game played well, maybe levelled up way too quick and made the game too easy haha. Good job!

Elegant puzzle design. Some gave me that HECK YEAH moment you gotta play puzzle games for

As long as the lighting/shadows doesn't push the overall colours on screen over 4 colours you should be right

This is so much content in a week! Well done!

Really good fit for the jam!

I'll update the webplayer after the jam voting is over, but the rom now has the fixes (to the best of my ability, as some collision issues are engine deep so I had to make work arounds)

Thanks for playing! I checked out the stream recording you did and saw the bug and also added the web controls to page info. That dog blocking issue happens sometimes and I couldn't replicate it, so its good to see it happening on stream so I can mend it :D

Enjoyed it! 

This was awesome. The right level of difficulty for me with quick reload on errors and not too many chains in a single puzzle to make it annoying. Well done!

It should be after you beat the dead knight guy where he was standing. Hmm, possibly theres a bug if you go in and out of this scene after beating him. I'll check it tonight

Fixing now ><

I enjoyed this a lot! I liked the auto walking to mix things up.

Glad you enjoyed and thanks for the bug report. I thought I fixed that one hmmm

After a certain point I didn't know what to do but it was super cute. I think I found a bug? I was going to sell a guy, picked him up, took him to the boat but then pressed the wrong button and made the hearts come out. From that point I couldn't drop or pick things up from the boat

Thanks! Those bugs are pretty messed up haha. I'll sort those sometime this week. Glad you enjoyed!

I actually dig this battle system! Well done! I do suck at it, but I feel I will keep at it for much longer till I nail it.

I dig it!

Enjoying all elements of it. Did find a bug thanks to my poor driving though haha

Stressed me out a great deal as I'm not a platformer in the least but the levels and physics and spot on. I honestly can't believe you got this tight of a game going in a week. Well done. Tunes rocked too!

This is the biggest maze I've played through. Sometimes I could use some direction, but I liked that I could use features like the river and cliffs to get some bearings