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thank you

hi, is it possible to download this plugin/addon?

Definitely the best theme for Construct 3. Especially if you like dark themes. Very clear, and makes for a very good gamedev environment.

your work is always excellent.

really nice.

brilliant work in construct

absolutely mega-addictive! very, very good game that i played for 8 hours today!

(1 edit)

i have just spent 8 hours straight playing this game. bravo!

this is the type of game that inspires you to make games yourself.

love it

T:170 - D:3

This could be a really strong phone game. Maybe with some proc gen (and good rules), you can make (almost) unlimited random levels?

Great work, and thanks for your tutorials.

things like this are what makes the internet great!

Ah! Will go back to it and now I can use this excellent addon. Thank you!

I just assumed we should switch to WebGPU in C3? Would it be better to leave doing this you think?

can this be ported to WebGPU?

How the heck did you get this within 10 lines? You’re a genius!

beautiful to look at and a great demo!

my head hurts

very nicely done as always!

thank you!

it’s c64 colours and i’m only 10% the way thru, but i am having more fun with this than anything ive ever done before!

love these. just paid for them, and i hope that anyone reading does, too.

please grow it some more if you can - some bigger bosses would be cool.

keep up the great work!

what would this be useful for?

There’s no better feeling! :)

absolutely love this work. one of the finest assets on itch.

no i never even tried that! :-)

I just spent 1 year sweating and toiling while making a bullet heaven game:

and you decide to release this today, the day AFTER I finished! :-)

This is torture!

I will look to use this on my next project though, so great work!

Still strange. I have an ultra wide myself. When I tested a couple of the other jam games I couldn’t get them to work at first, but others could. Maybe some itch issues at the moment?

Yep. I reviewed all the web based games, which just left one out.

I commented on about 80% too.

got it to play the next times, although had to refresh it at the end of each game to play again. weird.

really neat execution tho. good feedback when you shoot etc. found it hard to control with mouse and keyboard, but thats because im old :-)

i really like this idea. this could be repurposed into something like a soccer manager game etc.

a REALLY good game/concept but spoiled by the control system.

this is a cool concept that you could improve with some better player instructions. you could make this into a full game.

Undertale meets Cuphead meets Jam.

The perfect jam game! But with only a tenuous link to escalation :-)

Thoroughly enjoyed it tho! Very, very good work!

what a very polished game! easily the best in that regard. enjoyable to play!

at the first bird, i had a really big smile on my face because you tricked me :-)

i couldnt jump up to the flag on level 2 tho. am i just bad or is it broke?

art style is my favourite of all the games in the jam. nicely done. as someone else has said, felt like a cartoon network type of game.

very, very well executed!

nice fun game to pass the time. could do with more variation, but nice execution.

after 16 reviews (so far), this game is my favourite (so far). really neat and enjoyable game.

i do think that if there was some more realistic egg mechanics (the way it rolls, rather than sticks), then this could be a neat mobile (or desktop) full game.

addictive and fun.

WOW! i love, love, love this!

i think it should have been a game where you only go up tho, rather than mainly to the side.

i laughed out loud each time i died and the monkey screeched!

there’s a game in this somewhere!

literally wouldn’t work on my browser (chrome on a fast m2 mac). haven’t given it scores because of this. couldn’t even press space to play.