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Brilliant work

just bought all the fonts in the bundle! excellent stuff.

I just bought all of your fonts in the bundle. how could i not do? amazing value.

REALLY nicely done.

plays nice, but could do with a couple of specks of dirt/grass on the bg layer so you know that you are moving.

brilliant. you are one of the people that makes indie gamedev and amazing.


this is nicely done. i have played 30+ VS clones and this is one of the best starts.

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i have played easily 30+ vampire survivors clones (while making my own) and this is one of my favourites.

so simple, and so well executed. you have done a really great job here.

i have just played the heck out of it for way longer than i should have - i play most VS clones for 5 minutes at most, and this i played for 30 mins+

great work.

i loved playing this to the end.

i think it was because i have some extra layers and they caused confusion. I thought that I had replicated everything, so it must be something else in my game that confuses things.

this is very nicely done. sometimes i was struggling to find what to do, but this is because i am a dumb user :-)

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nice work!!!!

i tried it in my own project, but i couldn’t get it to work properly…but this is my fault, not yours.

your example works really well.

you need to go see a doctor :-D

nice work so far!

this is very good, Abigail!

Please continue to make games!

very nicely done.

very nice!

just bought this. perfect for my Robin Hood-inspired game. Great work!

thank you. i am using them in my prototype, but i may even use for the final version!

excellent work.

nice. i have an idea for a bar brawler game, and this would fit in nicely. great stuff

this looks and sounds beautiful! very, very good work here.

great game. reminds me of hidden in plain sight from the OUYA days.

hey, i just bought the file. it could do with some comments :-) but i will try my best to get through it.

i love this! especially because Alien Trilogy is one of my favourite games…and this is almost a 2d version. Great work!

really enjoyed playing this through. was much better than it should have been…great work! music is great btw.

Hi guys, I have released my latest build of a football management game that I am making in Construct 3.

I would love people to test it out please. You probably need to know about football/soccer before you do tho. :-)

you can now play a more fully-featured version of the game in the window above.

this is very nicely done!

nicely done! great idea for a mini-game.

this is a really neat idea. you should definitely develop it more!

really like this idea!

love this idea!

I love the look of this. I am currently creating a footy manager game and so have loved looking through the screenshots etc.

I am on a mac, so cannot test it at the moment. I hope that you persevere with it!

I was 3-0 up and then my friend scored one against me, but it never crossed the line. Just part way. So I hit him!

I’m going to go really esoteric. It’ll either be based on ‘The Ninth Configuration’, or ‘The Night of The Hunter’.

Not sure what game styles yet, but it’ll come to me.

Supermarket Duck Dash community · Created a new topic Mac?

Love the look of this, but I only have a mac to play test it on.

These are excellent. I will use in my game and will give you full credit of course. Thank you for being an excellent creator.