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the control is a pain (having to click resume each time), but this is a very interesting mini-game. I cannot believe that someone hasn’t made this kind of thing before.

I could imagine real football pundits testing this on TV to show how hard it is to get offsides correct!

WTF…i liked it, but it is very strange :-D

technically very impressive!!!

really nice!

i played it on a superwide 49” monitor and it stretched the screen the full way - which was actually cool.

easier way is to hold control and click on the app - then you press open. that’s the best way to do it.

i really enjoyed playing this just now!!!!

hey. this improves all of the time. you have some very good ideas here!!! the match engine thing is really fun now, and i loved trying to avoid the cat to get out of the owner’s office.

this gave me a big smile…and that’s exactly what games should do!

this is extremely impressive work.

nice work. i like this.

keep up the good work!

this is really neat. great work here!

this is one of your best, Xanderwood…love the music and art.

looking pretty good to me - on a 49 super ultrawide monitor.

bought it. used it in my game. excellent.

Thanks for playing, and the comments, misterakuma!

I agree with the ESC thing. I am not sure whether I want the game to be a mobile or desktop game, and I keep changing my mind. But will add that in as I think you are correct.

Restart Race…I think because of my bad coding that it may be difficult (because of some vars), but I will test it out. I wont do this on championship mode tho, as people will cheat :-D

Yeah, I know what you mean about visual cues. I have added colour bits in before, but I never got the balance correct. I want it to be minimalistic, but as you say, I never even thought that the water could look like ramps, but now I see it :-)

So I think I will add some more ‘flecks’ of colour to the obstacles, so that people know what they are more. I was thinking of making the bridges transparent too, so I will do that.

I have a big update to do later, where I have done some better AI.

And yes! Long Live Top Down Racers!!! :-)

Like another itcher says, i love coming to try the game when you bring out updates. i am making my own, different kind of racing game, and you creating such a good package inspires me to work harder at my own project.

please keep up the great work.

very nice. amazing track design

saw this on youtube earlier. excellent work!

I have now added championship mode (beta), but it works good. makes the game really interesting.


nice work

nicely done

very engrossing. loved playing it.

Sorry, this is only partly finished. I started to work on Hellstrom Racer instead.

That part is still in progress 👍

nice little game, this.

love this. really nice in all areas!

very nicely done. a great twist on the endless runner. love the music, too.

looks great!!!

any chance of a mac download?

jszip community · Created a new topic very nice!

i really like this.

the best plaudit i can give to this is that i put it on my tv the other day (youtube app), and left it running - my wife never said a word - which is the highest of accolades.

really like this. good engine for somethings special.


this looks absolutely beautiful. i’m using an M1 mac…is the game ready for it yet (willing to test).

Thanks for the review. Really enjoyed the video!!!

i bloody love this game!

nice game to play. chilled and enjoyable

lovely game. so hard! :-)