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Sorry, this is only partly finished. I started to work on Hellstrom Racer instead.

That part is still in progress 👍

nice little game, this.

love this. really nice in all areas!

very nicely done. a great twist on the endless runner. love the music, too.

looks great!!!

any chance of a mac download?

i really like this.

the best plaudit i can give to this is that i put it on my tv the other day (youtube app), and left it running - my wife never said a word - which is the highest of accolades.

really like this. good engine for somethings special.


this looks absolutely beautiful. i’m using an M1 mac…is the game ready for it yet (willing to test).

Thanks for the review. Really enjoyed the video!!!

i bloody love this game!

nice game to play. chilled and enjoyable

lovely game. so hard! :-)

it’s supposed to go black at this point, and the guy floats into space…looks like i broke something. Will look now. It worked before.

it’s supposed to go black at this point, and the guy floats into space…looks like i broke something. Will look now. It worked before.


Thanks…sorry about the music 😁

wow. this is very good. i don’t even like puzzle games, but this is excellent.

yeah, i loved that game when i was younger. you might say i was ‘slightly’ influenced by it :-D

i just played it all the way thru (i think). i loved it.

Where? :)

I have reviewed all of the web games that I could. There are a few games that are either a) windows or b) dont work correctly in the browser, that I haven’t been able to review.

I am a mac user and cant play windows games, and some unity browser games just never work on new M1 macs.

really felt some great C64 nostalgia playing this. excellent everything.

thank you for your nice words!

i am mac user. can you create a mac export in your game engine?

​a genuinely enjoyable game. reminds me of the type of game you would get on late Atari 800XLE, early C64. But with much better graphics and music. Brill stuff.

Thank you for the kind comments.

excellent for a game jam game! nicely done!

its a new M1 mac. I will keep trying.

i have now fixed. it was too many particles :-)

strange. which browser/OS are you using? I have tried it on most and it is ok.

cannot get this to load at all on mac - tried chrome and safari.

the mac app loads, but just stays at the home screen. has anyone else tested on a mac? :-)

card-battlers are not my type of game to play, but the execution of the game is very well done. music, graphics, and the amount to play is excellent, espeically for a game jam.

it would be a lot of fun for those that like card battle games, im sure.

technically proficient. i enjoyed the voice over, liked the style etc…just couldn’t understand the mechanics of it. i’m bad at games, so thats on me more than the game i suspect.

i did try for about 15 mins tho!

the aesthetic of this is really nice indeed. i’m not good with WASD but just played this for a good while. very reminiscent of a C64 game.

looks lovely. incredibly hard to play for this old guy :-D