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brilliant news!

cannot wait for this!

will it work well on ultra widescreen? i have a 49” screen and this would be amazing if it was able to use the full extent of it.

really good game, this. slick.

this is a really good idea for a game. it’s done really well, too. great stuff.

really great. just played for an hour!

i’m making a deep sea diving game next, and this will be a neat thing to add to the creatures that live in the deepest parts…like a ghost/shadow effect.

great work, as usual.

i’ve tried everything and can’t get it to work. is there a way that i can contact you direct?

Hey aekiro, is there a way to allow scrollview to use text boxes rather than just images?

I wanted to show long text passages using a scrollview/scrollbar

really nicely done and a great use of construct.

looks beautiful

few months away at least..i’m trying tho! :)

thanks so much!

excellent work. are you looking for some commissions?

such a polished game. excellent stuff

who made the amazing pixel art banner for this page? So, so good.

this game is a lot better than it should be, if that makes any kind of sense!

strangely enjoyable. i hate the orginal.

loved the 0-30 minutes i spent playing it. really atmospheric. loved it.


I just found all your games and I am playing through them. You guys are geniuses…some brilliant ideas you have.

same. all their games have brilliant ideas behind them. they make the games i want to make.

love this, too!

i love this. you have some great ideas as games designers, guys

great engine this that could be used for building other games.

PERFECT! that was it! - the video doesn’t show the initialise part. Works great now.

when i create the dialogue (i followed your youtube video to the pixel) the child button and image are already in place before the background slides down.

has something been updated in C3 since your last release?


neat game. enjoyed it. the scream when i first died woke the whole house up :-)

nice controls…felt fluid.