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Thanks for playing and I'm glad you found it fun! I actually made this solo before Fetch Quest as part of a game jam and Lumpy and I then developed Fetch Quest with this as a base/inspiration. Hope this provides some more info!

Hey mate, thanks for playing the game and for your kind words! Much appreciated.

Super unique and really well written. The graphics are nicely done and you've built a fun world to explore. I haven't seen that fantasy console before but I'm intrigued! A great concept pulled off well. Nice job!

Gorgeous looking game, the graphics are really nice. I wish I wasn't so bad at bullet hell games! Loved the music and SFX. I got to the boss after a few attempts. The upgrades were also really satisfying to get, and I enjoyed the choice of weapons to use. Solid entry, and nice job on your submission.

Huge props for using PICO8! What a charming and quirky little game, I loved it. The animation of the main character had so much personality. I love the little hook maze mechanic for fishing too. The music was delightful and fit the game perfectly. I really enjoyed this and only wished there was more! Great job!

Hey Lynx. Couple of points of feedback: like the other commenters, the game runs very fast and almost makes it unplayable. Additionally, the resolution looks a bit too high for the GameBoy. The sound effects are nice and appropriate for the game. Good job getting a game finished for your entry, I wish I was able to play it at the correct speed!

A really polished and well-made match-3 game. I like the gradual palette changes. The music is outstanding, really funky and perfectly suited for a chill puzzle game like this. Graphics are nice and the gems are easily distinguishable even with a limited palette. If you continue developing I'd love to see some more gameplay elements introduced as you progress levels to keep things fresh. Nicely done with your entry mate!

It's crazy to see an FPS like this on the "gameboy". It must have been challenging to make things readable and understandable using only 4 colours but I think you pulled it off well. I love the RPG elements you implemented too. Nice work.

Nobody asked for a GB clicker and nobody forced me to "finish" it either, but I did! I liked the way you did the menus using the Dpad. Graphics are nice and the music is really chill. I would have liked to see support for larger numbers like mainstream clicker games use "M, B, T, ..." etc, but I understand that there's not a whole lot of time in jams! Overall, nice work bringing this to life.

I haven't seen a mechanic like this before and it made me think, especially when the shield enemies came in. Controls are easy to pick up and tuned nicely. Congrats on your submission!

Really crisp and clean tennis game. Works well but the opponent is pretty tough! My only wish would be moving the score to the screen instead of an overlay. Nice job.

This was great fun. I think you pulled off your idea perfectly. The ship controls well and after a learning run I ended up scoring over 2k. The palette and music fit your theme perfectly too, overall a great package. Well done.

Thanks for the great feedback SuperMegaDav, much appreciated. Super Pocketship looks like a load of fun too and I'm looking forward to playing it!

Hey Horace, thanks mate! I hope you were able to solve level 10 :P (it does get a bit harder after that too!). Looking forward to playing your game, the title has sold me already.

G'day Lynx, I'm happy it was a good difficulty level for you, getting that right is really tricky. Appreciate you playing and leaving a comment, cheers.

Cheers Daniel, it's such a classic concept but for me the puzzles just never get old! Thanks for playing, I will hopefully get around to yours soon :)

Hey Lobosandia, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for your nice words.

Hey Cro_bat, very much appreciate you giving Crunch Boss a go. My colour palette changed a few times but once I tried this one I knew it was right! I might try your game towards the end, I'm known to get a bit obsessed with clicker games and I have a lot to play haha, thanks again :P

Thanks for the great review Bad Piggy! I really wasn't expecting that people would like the music, so I'm glad you enjoyed it (although if it's stuck in your head you might not be enjoying it so much haha). I enjoyed seeing your progress on Teleportank during the jam and I'm looking forward to giving it a shot. Thanks again :)

Wow this is a great review! Thanks so much for playing through, jonah. Very keen to give Terrific Tennis a try soon!

Cheers Matt, much appreciate you playing through and persevering to the final level!

Thanks so much for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Smoothing out the difficulty ramp is something I didn't get a chance to do so it gets tricky real quick! I've added Crazy Space Taxi to my To Play list, cheers!

Thanks for visiting my entry page! Let me know your best score in the comments :)

Thanks mate, was nice to get this message today after not thinking about the project in a few months!

I'd love to help out, but unfortunately it'd need to be completely rewritten. Right now it's just in the Gameboy "style" but written with a modern fantasy console. Sorry to disappoint, but good luck on your hunt!

Cheers Erik! I'm glad you enjoyed it, that's a great score!

Full release! Amazing! Very much looking forward to seeing Picto Planet :)

Thanks for playing borb! I hope you can crack level 10. I ended up using an RGB lerp for the sky, I tried your HSV one but the sky went green in between (makes sense when you think about it).

Thanks Konrad, 78 would be better than my current best, so really good work on that - I knew there would be more optimal solutions to some of the later levels. The music is by Larner if you're interested in his work.

I am considering turning this into a full release, so I'm glad you'd play it! If you follow me you'll get a ping if/when I release it here on itch. Thanks again for playing :)

Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it.

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Bokdown is a puzzle game where the aim is to bark chickens back into their coops before the sun sets.

I submitted Bokdown a few days ago to a game jam and I'd like to share it with you all here.

It's short, free and playable in your browser. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Play Bokdown here.

Thanks BigGriz, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing and for your feedback :)

Cheers zuqini for your kind words. I apologise for not getting a chance to rate Enter Abyss, I will jump over and play and comment as soon as I can. Thanks again.

Thanks for facing your fears fj3k!

Thanks so much Yuhi! I'm really glad you enjoyed Updog. <3 I apologise for not getting a chance to rate your game, but I'll still be playing and commenting ASAP.

Thank you for playing Madour! I am so sorry I didn't have time to play and rate your game before the time was up, but I'll still play and comment ASAP. That's a great time! They are pretty tricky jumps, congrats on beating the game!

Thanks for playing Vogel! I'm glad you had fun.

This is like a turbo, difficult jetpack joyride on steroids. I felt FAST playing this and died countless times, but I loved it. I'm so glad you ended up submitting this! Well done.

Hello fellow letter-letter-number-letter! The world you made is huge! I'm not surprised you ran out of time as this looks like a lot of work. This game feels a lot like an old school Sierra adventure. Nice work!

A nice little side-scroller. I loved the music, great job! Be careful with the anti-aliasing on some of the text, it increases the colours above 4 unfortunately. I don't use unity but it might be worth looking into how to disable this so you can stay as authentically Gameboy as possible. Well done on the game, and congrats on completing an entry for the jam!