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Cheers Erik! I'm glad you enjoyed it, that's a great score!

Full release! Amazing! Very much looking forward to seeing Picto Planet :)

Thanks for playing borb! I hope you can crack level 10. I ended up using an RGB lerp for the sky, I tried your HSV one but the sky went green in between (makes sense when you think about it).

Thanks Konrad, 78 would be better than my current best, so really good work on that - I knew there would be more optimal solutions to some of the later levels. The music is by Larner if you're interested in his work.

I am considering turning this into a full release, so I'm glad you'd play it! If you follow me you'll get a ping if/when I release it here on itch. Thanks again for playing :)

Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it.

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Bokdown is a puzzle game where the aim is to bark chickens back into their coops before the sun sets.

I submitted Bokdown a few days ago to a game jam and I'd like to share it with you all here.

It's short, free and playable in your browser. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Play Bokdown here.

Thanks BigGriz, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing and for your feedback :)

Cheers zuqini for your kind words. I apologise for not getting a chance to rate Enter Abyss, I will jump over and play and comment as soon as I can. Thanks again.

Thanks for facing your fears fj3k!

Thanks so much Yuhi! I'm really glad you enjoyed Updog. <3 I apologise for not getting a chance to rate your game, but I'll still be playing and commenting ASAP.

Thank you for playing Madour! I am so sorry I didn't have time to play and rate your game before the time was up, but I'll still play and comment ASAP. That's a great time! They are pretty tricky jumps, congrats on beating the game!

Thanks for playing Vogel! I'm glad you had fun.

This is like a turbo, difficult jetpack joyride on steroids. I felt FAST playing this and died countless times, but I loved it. I'm so glad you ended up submitting this! Well done.

Hello fellow letter-letter-number-letter! The world you made is huge! I'm not surprised you ran out of time as this looks like a lot of work. This game feels a lot like an old school Sierra adventure. Nice work!

A nice little side-scroller. I loved the music, great job! Be careful with the anti-aliasing on some of the text, it increases the colours above 4 unfortunately. I don't use unity but it might be worth looking into how to disable this so you can stay as authentically Gameboy as possible. Well done on the game, and congrats on completing an entry for the jam!

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Thanks Euler! I am sad that you weren't able to hear the audio, I hope you will try again to see if it works. I loved your PICO-8 game too, I would like to try PICO-8 some day.

Thanks for playing pixel-boy. Because I wanted an "up-only" platformer I decided on 8 pixel tiles so I could have the most horizontal space possible. 10 minutes is really good, I'm glad the video helped you, some of those jumps are pretty tricky. The music is excellent, Larner did a really amazing job getting the mood right.

Dude thanks so much for giving Updog a shot! I'm glad you were able to wall jump easily. 9 minutes is a great first time, you'll be able to improve upon that easily. One of my mates who loves difficult platformers speedran it in 1:51, which not even I am able to beat.

I do like the idea of making non-violent stuff. I play a few violent games but the ones I really fall in love with are non-violent. I think there is a lot to explore outside that realm.

I really liked this little game. The auto run mechanic was fun to play around with, especially with wall jumping, and the fact the hitting something wasn't bad. I just read on your page that this is your first game *ever*. To enter and complete this game to a jam is a huge achievement, really great work. I'm sure you'll just keep getting better too! Looking forward to seeing more games and jam entries from you.

Super funny but cool theme. I loved the little backstory animation at the start. I did notice some sub-pixel movement, if you want to be true Gameboy be careful with this. It helps to imagine the game literally at 160x144 then scaled up. Otherwise I had fun running around as a rat and killing snails and scorpions! Nice work.

Really great art in this game. The light mechanic was really well done, you used the retro palette perfectly in generating a spooky deep sea feel and the *you know what* scared the shit out of me when I first came across it. Well done kadin, and as an aside, thank you for being so involved in the community, streaming so many people's games, and leaving them constructive comments. Legend!

Thanks for your feedback Polyducks. I am glad you enjoyed barking, it was fun to add, and I spent ages just jumping around barking at chickens. I completely agree with you re: controls and wall jumping. I definitely didn't nail this, and slippy is the perfect word to describe it. Specifically, I think Boz's fall speed should be reduced when a wall jump is available, as if you're sliding down the wall before jumping.

The chicken teleport bug is a viable speedrun strategy! Haha, it's related to the way I'm doing collision detection and I managed to set up the level so almost everyone hits that bug.

I'm glad you enjoyed the gif-log, it was fun to write and re-live everything coming to life. I nearly gave up on ramps at one point but I'm glad I didn't! Thanks again for playing, your game is burning a hole in my to-play list and I'll get to it very soon.

Thanks for playing shakirus, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Sorry to hear you got stuck behind some chickens, they can be really annoying (in-game, and trying to program them). I'm hoping to fix up issues like this post-jam. Thanks again for playing!

Really good feel to this game. I loved the palette changes between levels and the banter interstitials. I did notice a bit of smooth sub-pixel movement, which may just be an engine limitation, but I'd recommend trying to turn this off next time to really be authentic GameBoy.

I always loved these games as a kid, I played one called OverKill by Epic a lot. I remember my Dad went and bought a joystick for us especially to play. Thank you for bringing back that memory!

The execution of the game is perfect. It is authentically Gameboy, really well done with the presentation, graphics, and music. The gameplay wasn't quite my cup of tea, but I know sports management games have a massive fanbase that would love getting into a game like this. Well done!

I love fishing games, so was drawn to this immediately. A really pretty, well put together game. Nice work :)

Brilliant job with this! It is so clean and polished, so many little touches here and there. The art is gorgeous too. You must have put in some hours to make this so I hope you've rested up - because you could easily turn this into a full release. Great work, I'd tip this one to win the jam.

Thank you! I'm glad you got to play through.

Yeah the rotation is easy to overlook, it doesn't impact on the quality of your game however as it's still really good!

This was really cool! It had such a great feel and aesthetic to it. I managed to beat the boss after a couple of tries! I did notice you were using smooth rotation of some sprites which does effectively increase the resolution higher than a GB screen. Other than this I felt it could easily have been a GameBoy game, really well done!

An endearing and chill game. Definitely felt a lot like a JP visual novel, if that's what you were going for you nailed it. I can tell you put a lot of work into this, and I remember seeing your progress shots on Discord. Overall a really nice change of pace from some of the other more frantic entries. Well done!

Oh this is such a nice comment! Thank you so much! I'm so happy you enjoyed the game so much, I invested a lot of time (and sanity) in making it.

That's a good first time! I'm glad double jumps allowed you to finish, it was a last minute addition as I didn't have time to perfect wall jumping.

Larner did an incredible job with the music, I was blown away. I like the idea of making non-violent, light hearted games, so I'm glad that resonated with you and that you bonded with Boz!

Thank you for your support and kind words. I'll definitely be playing your game before the ratings period ends. :)

Thanks for your comment inBORUnable. I'm glad you enjoyed the game and Larner's music! I wasn't quite able to fix up the collisions in time, it does lead to some interesting glitches! Luckily they mostly seem to benefit the player!

Thank you for playing Kadin, and thank you for playing on stream! Some more control over audio is a great idea, it's something I'd definitely do with more time.

Thank you for playing gameh8r69 (that name lmao). There are definitely ways to break things, I would have loved more time to tighten up the level design and mechanics so this couldn't happen. Even with this issue I'm so happy to hear this was enjoyable for you and brought you a smile! Thanks again :)

Thanks for your comment R-Doman! No worries regarding the double jump, I wanted to provide another way to play, so I'm glad you were able to make use of it.

Got 'im

Dude this game is so weird but so funny. I love all the different bosses and how you stuck to the hamburger theme (never thought I'd write those 2 words together).

Brilliant tiny puzzle game with a unique mechanic I've never encountered before. Super clean graphics, nice dungeon-y music, and really brain-bending puzzles. Outstanding work. PICO-8 too, nice!

I love the spin on the usual "ice sliding" mechanic with the little machine, and the ability to bring the blocks with you. I also award you bonus points for using PICO-8! Well done!