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Hi, I'm finalizing some details to finish the Early Access version (with practically half the game complete, and covering all the content of the first game with a lot of additional content, practically 5x more than the original had). I'm trying to launch this version for this month! 

No, the project is in full swing! We’re currently testing and fixing bugs for the launch of Early Access in the coming months. Early Access will have all the remastered content from the first game + lots of additional content, Quests and new character classes. I’ll be releasing more news soon!

That's the thing... IT'S BOTH! Super RPG Land DX not only expands on the content of the original SRL, but continues the story! For everyone who wanted to know what was "beyond the bridge and beyond", DX brings a new and bigger experience!

Yes! After a long time "away", a new update is coming: Super RPG Land DX, a completely remade version, with MUCH more content than the original! I'm posting the page today, and soon I'll release an Early Access with the first full chapter (the first chapter covers and expands the whole story of the original)! 

Only the best of the best. No more, no less. An epic adventure of self knowledge and interior peace. A gigantic game, a perfect model of "How make a Great Game". 10/10 - Too Much Sepetiba.

Hi Pete! PM me! Tell me more about your idea!

I simply love the aesthetic! A great use of sprites and background. I really want to see more of this.

Eu adorei o visual, é incrível! Um verdadeiro trabalho de arte. Eu acompanhei alguns posts no Twitter e fique muito interessado no jogo. 

Senti falta de um desafio maior no jogo. Até o ponto que joguei não vi inimigos ou mais obstáculos a serem enfrentados, seria excelente ter numa pegada de "Rei Leão" de Snes e outros jogos semelhantes.

Some original graphics were designed by other artists, which I took for inspiration when I designed for Super RPG Land. The soundtrack was created by other composers, but all are in the public domain. But overall, the game was developed by me over the course of the week.

Bem, pelo visto, temos muitos conterrâneos participando dessa Jam! Isso é demais!
Sobre teu jogo, gostei da escolha de paleta de cores, e a proposta é muito boa. Não pude deixar de lembrar de Attack on Tytan e Bionic Command enquanto jogava.

Os gráficos ficaram bem legais, mas uma coisa que me incomodou um pouco foi a jogabilidade. Talvez um pouco de fluidez e mais feedback visual quando as coisas ocorrem na tela, como o gancho do personagem grudando na parede, Hits e etc.

No mais, meus parabéns pelo jogo!

I really liked the idea, after all, who doesn't like kittens? ^^
The soundtrack is very interesting, and the game is very fun. Some levels reminded me of Fall Guys, a game that I've seen a lot of people play, and your game has just as much appeal.

  I confess that sometimes the colors end up confusing with the background. A cool idea would be if the kitten model was a sprite instead of a model, so it would have a more interesting highlight with the scenario, like the collectibles.

A very great idea would be to explore the movement of the scene as in Monkey Ball, it would have a beautiful dynamism, and even with the colors, it would be incredible.

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It would have been nice to have invested in more character animations, a better map layout and gameplay. 

I loved the idea of the game, the design is gorgeous. I want more games like this! Really!

Hello! The final version is now live! With all the content after your current progress. Just keep playing!

Hello! The game was developed using RpgMV and PixiJS, although it simulates all the limitations of a Game Boy game, it is not really a Game Boy game. The images I posted on Game Boy Twitter running were just a prank for disclosure. But I thank you for your attention. And maybe a GBC version doesn't really happen? I have seen something about GB Studio, and I intend to start a project on it later.

Yesterday and today were intended for updates and corrections.

  • More Damage to Bows!
    Long Range Weapon Damage in normal attacks now uses the character's DEX to assign a value, making DEX-based classes more useful in combat, especially the Ranger, which depended entirely on his Skills to deal some damage.
  • Bosses and more about Bosses!
    As one of the main points of the game is precisely to fight the Bosses, I've been working hard on their balance. The idea is that every battle is unique, and the player demands time to win them, being necessary to farm and grind before just going to face a Boss on a mission.
    Bosses are more balanced, this means they are strong and require more work from the team, and more strategy and preparation to face them. It is really a challenge to fight a Boss, but the rewards are very good. Every Boss has at least 5 unique equipment that can be dropped whenever defeated.
  • Content update, meaning more content!
    I confess that, I was happy and finished a good part of my plan well ahead of time for. The idea was that the gameplay basics were ready for Jam, and I finished that basics well ahead of the GBJam deadline! I am very happy with the results, and I have dedicated that extra time to building more content. At first, Dungeon 3D was just a bonus, and it is already planned that the final version for Jam will have 3 complete ones, with exclusive items in each one and a secret Boss. Not to mention more missions available, and who knows, some more hidden secrets around Smallonia?

    Based on some feedback I received this morning, some Bugs from the current demo have been fixed:

    • Now, the Healer can HEAL!
    • You can sell your armor! But unfortunately, they no longer cost 0 in stores.
    • New enemies added in the Abandoned Mine.
    • Can you find the new Boss?

    Hello! Thank You for the feedback! I update the Build! Now, the healer can heal! XD
    The price of armor and other items has been fixed, and I added some new enemies and a new "Secret Boss".

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    Today I published the first public demoof my new project, Super RPG Land, an Oldschool RPG that mixes elements of classic Gameboy games of various styles, in a humorous RPG.

    The game was developed in RPG Maker MV, and made with as much fidelity as possible so that it really looks like a Classic Gameboy game.
    Are you interested? Play there! Try it and tell me what you think!
    It runs directly in the browser, but it is still not supported for Mobile (one of Jam's themes is that it be restricted to Gameboy commands).

    Já foi corrigido, a Demo está funcionando sem RTP agora.

    Opa, obrigado por me avisar. Eu achei que pelo fato de eu não ter usado nada do RTP o mesmo iria funcionar sem problemas em outros PCs. Vou corrigir isso.