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I think the ammo limit kinda hamstrung the fun a bit, I tried out the kraken boss first and found myself running back and forth to replenish ammo, it was just busy work.

Some real good music though, and I think with some balance tweaks, the gameplay would be incredibly fun

That was cute

I think maybe the friends could do with not having collision bounds, once I managed to get so many, it became a bit difficult to get between them and change direction

Really liked the visuals, the generated sprites for the friends worked out nicely

A very well polished entry with a cool concept, could easily see this being an actual well done multiplayer party game

Good palette choice + art direction

This is some seriously impressive content, to the point that you could just as easily sell this on Steam and I’d probably buy it

How did the 3 of you manage to make this in one week?

I’m using Firefox, but I thiink the issue is more to do with my overzealous content blocking settings than the browser, haha.

So, pretty interesting concept, I think it could do with some additions to give you extra things to do during a wave (some examples: having some specific enemy types that prioritise going for you; assigning an input to calling for help, temporarily changing the AI of your closest partner to target whatever’s targeting you; in addition to healing, you can also apply buffs to teammates/debuffs to enemies).

Some nice sfx, but would’ve been nice to have some music, but I can understand that being tricky given the time limits. I liked the spritework, although, have to be careful with the way you handle the resolution, there was a lot of subpixel rendering/movement.

Overall, a nice concept

I think the game would probably benefit from much lower health with invincibility frames. Interesting way of handling controls of a twinstick shooter on the GB

Great palette choice + art, and a wonderful soundtrack. The platforming felt a bit clunky and could do with some tweaking to the jump curve but I enjoyed the level design and spritework.

Between all the various gravity flipping platformers out there, I think this does a decent job of separating itself by how it uses the mechanic: tying it to defeating an enemy. There’s some cool puzzle potential there that I think was a bit underexplored, but considering the short time limit, a very neat entry.

I’m getting an error (“Indirect call to null”) when trying to load it, I notice it’s a recurring issue I’m having with many Godot games.

Got a Windows build?

Premise + dash mechanic reminded me a bit of Dustforce. The art is very well put together, but I found the movement speed way too slow, I’m guessing this is to incentivise making use of dashing, but the level design was a bit too cramped in places like corridoors making it difficult to actually pull it off and zoom through.

Some really well done art and music, with some well done and well balanced gameplay. The only minor issue I had was maybe the transition from dying to respawning could have been quicker? Would be cool to see the future of this

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I need to see a devlog on how exactly this was made in one week

Bonus points for picross, cute art and well chosen palette, great music, what’s not to like, really? Voting is supposed to be secret but w/e: I rated it 5/5 in everything

please make more :)

I like this, vaguely makes me think of a leaner Diner Dash. The art in this is amazing, the palette choice is incredibly unique and just plain works well. Would love to see more of this!

I like the mechanic, seems like it has cool potential for a puzzle game. I’m not really sure how to consistently use the A spell though (sometimes the blobs move, sometimes they don’t? Can’t tell what direction they will move either until I try it out)

Cool music too, this has potential

Cute art! Would’ve been nice to have some sound, but I know that you were pretty busy with figuring out Unity. Planning on continuning it after the jam?

Pretty fun! I like the Pelican gimmick, there are some interesting puzzles that can be made there, would like to see what’s next.

Be careful with the way you’re handling resolutions though, I noticed quite a bit of subpixel rendering/movement in fullscreen, probaly a Unity quirk.

R.I.P. to the 20 pilots burned through

Really nice game! I sucked at it but enjoyed myself anyway

Are you all sure this was made in one week???

Agree with the rest of the comments, nice dialogue, visuals, audio but most importantly, actually fun gameplay. Definitely one of the best entries. looks and plays like a GameBoy game

Pretty cool thriller, but got a bit too may games to play so I'm gonna make sure to revisit this one later to fully complete it!

Tried to play the web version, getting the error "indirect call to null"? I'll be back to try out the windows version once I clear my current webgame backlog :)

Cute game with a pretty good backstory! I enjoyed it

Agree with some of the other comments. Near the right side, there was a void that I fell through and fell off the map entirely?

I liked the audio + visuals

Really cool concept! I could see something like this being a nice casual game with the jam coating gone. Are the levels procedurally generated?

One thing about the balance, I think falling off should add a penalty to your time, otherwise with it just resetting, I can kinda game it by just jumping off if I think I won't complete a round in time.

The visual/audio polish over the space of a week is really well done

Pretty impressive technicals and nice audio + visuals.

Did find the amount of bouncing back from hitting the walls pretty over-the-top and ended up in bouncing loops several times!

The steering was really fast for the kind of fine-tuning I was hoping for to avoid bouncing all over the place, I don't think I can beat the other racer :(