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Amazingly executed shooter. Pure commercial-level quality polish in the animations, music, art, and story. My only frustration was not being able to enjoy using the power ups because I'm bad at the game! :P

I suppose one minor complaint I had was that it was hard to distinguish the tiny blobs from regular bullets at a glance.

I had the good fortune to be playing this late enough to be able to enjoy the B-side, and I found Camilla's combat system more unique and interesting. It felt good having the knowledge that I was as powerful as I could be at all times.

I was pretty hyped to play this after seeing all the mindblowingly good progress gifs you were posting on Discord. I'm very happy to report that it lived up to the hype and beyond! Great work and I'm super excited to see what you do next!

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The movement is too slippery and imprecise for the level of platforming the game asks of the player. There desperately at the very least needs to be a mechanic for safely climbing safely onto a ledge because as it is now, doing so sends you careening forwards, which is horrible when trying to climb onto small platforms. I also encountered a bug where I would press E and I would be teleported to the start of the room. This prevented me from progressing because I was no longer able to interact with a lever without teleporting to the start of the room. The muted color scheme also makes it hard to distinguish background from foreground. I do not see the reason for making the player collect their weapon in each level, and the energy blast is both too slow and seemingly ineffective. I do hope you continue to improve the game as I did like the art style and premise.

This game is awesome. The art is great, every character design is really cool, the animations are well done and varied, and the gameplay is super satisfying. I love it a lot, which is why I'm going to get really nitpicky.

-The combat system incentivizes the player to play reactively rather than proactively. Once the flame is unlocked, there's no real reason to engage with the melee combat outside of bosses because the optimal strategy becomes to dodge the enemy's first attack then use the fire to instantly kill them. I think if the dodge/instant kill mechanic was slightly less powerful/easy to execute and the enemies slightly more vulnerable to normal attacks, the combat system would be elevated to much greater heights as it would feel more well-rounded, and an instant kill would feel more deserved.

-In bosses, it seems literally impossible to get a hit in without landing a dodge, which seems to be intended, seeing as how the bosses appear to be designed to make it as difficult as possible to dodge them successfully. It was kind of funny; by the time I got to the final boss, I found it so much easier than the others because of how fairly she telegraphed her attacks. I got incredibly frustrated with Rudy because of her nigh unreactable attacks, but it felt like she was meant to be that way. The only frustrating part of the bosses that I encountered that DIDN'T seem to be intended however were the attacks that involved the boss leaping into the air and slamming down. It was never clear what exactly the timing was for dodging those attacks. I would generally try to dodge right as they touched ground but it was usually wrong, and the flashes didn't seem to help with those. I'm not sure where I'm going with this paragraph, I'm just documenting my thoughts and frustration points.

-The heavy attack seemed impractical outside of use in chain attacks and for the ground slam, as it didn't seem to do more damage than the light attack.

-Grinding money for the moveset upgrades seemed a bit of padding. I didn't hate it, but it hurt the pacing and I imagine it would be even worse for a  player that died and lost their money.

-Somewhat connected to the instant kill mechanic, but I never really felt that getting healing from food or bath was ever necessary.

Anyway, nitpicks done for now. Don't let them distract from the fact that I think you have an amazing game here, and knowing that it's just the foundation for a bigger project makes me very excited to see what you'll do next!

Nice polished work. Great art, good choice of music, fun story! Without any actual combat, the gameplay came down to, "How long can you stay on beat?". I consider myself a decent rhythm game player, and I found myself losing the beat pretty often. Not sure if something was out of sync between the metronome and the music or if the timing is too unforgiving or if I'm just bad, but the game could use some more feedback, both with audio cues and info on whether I'm hitting the beat late or early. I hope to see the concept expanded!

I really like the concept! The idea of a combat system that's more about how you input your damage rotation rather than focusing on testing your reflexes or dodging skills like most other action combat systems appeals to me. Once I got the hang of it I really enjoyed the way I could use my charge to gather whichever resource I needed the most of at the time. My only criticism is that it felt like the game wouldn't let me change direction sometimes. I assume it's something to do with the game trying to read if I'm doing an input. I really hope you expand on this system in the future! 

Solid fun romp. Not sure if combat was really necessary considering how insubstantial it was, but the meat of the game (the puzzles) were fun and well designed. I appreciate the fun tongue-in-cheek writing and the extra mile you went to put in so many interactable objects with different text in the houses.

Very fun work! Love the art, animations, and the level of polish in general. I did find a bug where tapping X and then tapping X a second time instead of any directional keys cancels the magic stance but stops me from moving afterwards. Thankfully, casting any magic allows me to move again. The boss at the end was confusing at first, but I managed to figure out the solution to use the guard eventually. Armchair gamedev time follows:

The issue is that since you can chain stun every enemy to death, it is never strictly necessary to use the guard (or the blink move for that matter). Perhaps the melee enemies could hyper-armor through the player's attacks, but guarding their attack stunned them. Something to that effect could teach the player an application of their guard that they can use during the boss. 

While I'm here wishing for things you could do to expand on this framework: I really found myself wishing there were ways to cancel your attack recoveries into the magic stance. I think you could design a really really fun combat system around doing that.

Anyways, what you've made here is already really awesome! By the end of my time playing, I was really getting into throwing Sherry Bombs to soften up groups of enemies to take down in melee. It was super satisfying! I think what you've built here is very ripe for expansion into something else. I am excited to see what you do in the future!

Astoundingly well executed. Love the atmosphere, well told emotional story, and the aesthetic. My only criticisms would be the turn radius is pretty slow with seemingly no way to speed it up and I got a little lost at the rooms that had  2 exits and entrances near the bottom of the screen.

I like the premise of a slightly older magical girl and you seem to have a functional framework here, so I'm happy to follow the development of this project. Definitely liked the music with the combat track fading in, I'm a sucker for that.

I like the writing quite a lot-- clean, consistent, efficient, and entertaining. The artstyle is not to my preference, but it gets the job done. The music choice is good but it was noticeably a bit awkward when the peppy fight theme immediately cut to the docile street theme. The gameplay was functional; I would have liked some feedback for hitting enemies, and I also found it odd that there was a delay between me pressing my fire button and the gun actually firing. In addition, the magic didn't seem quite balanced; the sun explosion was much more helpful than the wand shot at a negligible recharge time.  If you expanded this I'd prefer the magic to have more interesting utility or at least different arcs from just another straightforward projectile. Great work!

Very fun! Loved the art, and the irreverent story. The text skipping should have been faster. Gameplay felt very smooth and was fun, but could use some rebalancing. The optimal strategy was to crouch walk and keep firing, and the transformation doesn't let you shoot while walking so it was ironically the less powerful choice. It also wasn't clear how to beat the boss at the end, so I had to cheese it by going point blank and shooting her by sticking my gun through the barrier. If you decided to expand this I'd like to see interesting upgrades, mainly different weapon choices to use on more varied enemies. Great work!

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Very solid Zelda-like! Graphics were sparse but functional, and the music was catchy. Combat was pretty fiddly and not particularly deep, but I enjoyed it well enough. No invincibility on taking damage was pretty annoying, especially since enemies had it. Puzzles were quite satisfying to solve and my personal highlight. I liked the map design, there was really only one path but it was a very smooth feeling one (aside from having to backtrack from chests - would definitely have liked a teleport back to the main branch). I wasn't a fan of the final boss, was hoping for more of a final exam that utilized all 3 characters but ended up using one character and two meatshields. It was pretty frustrating to land hits with no indicator of where she would move next and with the fireball so slow, I literally had to fire and pray it would land. Still, solid work over all!

Solid enough prototype. Could be a fun idea there with the shape-changing power up, could see that being explored more.

Great start with the cool design, fun story, and nice music but bugs prevented me from being able to get very far. The day/night cycle felt a little tacked on and didn't exactly feel functional; I think if you go forward with this premise you should slow down the cycle a bit and have daytime be dedicated to puzzle solving and nighttime dedicated to combat.

Never mind, I went back and managed to get through. The combat was far too intense to handle, especially with how short ranged and clunky the melee attack was. The ranged attack wasn't much better either, being easily bonked aside by enemy projectiles. The camera was really disorienting, as well as the background (The red on red room was NOT pleasant). The dash mechanic was an odd decision. If the different dash lengths are intended to discourage dash spamming then there should be  a short cooldown before giving the player access to their long dash again. Ending cutscene was cool enough; I'd hope that a more complete version would have a bit more setup about who Laila is and her relationship with her friend, because as it is here it's all kind of dropped on the player's head at the end there.

Solid game feel to the dash though maybe the freeze frame for defeating an enemy is a bit too excessive. Certainly a fun enough gameplay loop. With some polish and more gameplay variety (Perhaps more types of enemies with unique behaviors and ways to sneak behind and defeat them) it would be an excellent arcade style romp.

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I thoroughly enjoyed my experience here. The highlights were definitely the surreal story setpieces. The attention to detail was very good, even in the text boxes -- you were able to deliver strong emotion through each unique event. I'm biased towards dark elements in stories, so the bleak tone is right up my wheelhouse. Combat was satisfying enough though samey as most turn-based rpgs are. Very much liked the enemy design and the art in general. Music was excellent too. Great work!

You already have a button to speed up each individual dialogue line, but a skip function essentially quickly clicks through dialogue lines so you can speed to the next choice you wanted to try.

Does what it needs to as a mechanic test, but with pleasing atmosphere and art to boot. I liked the snappy nature of the dash, especially the delay before springing off of a surface, but it felt a little sticky/restrictive at times, mainly when I was impatiently dashing across the ground only to hit a small raised platform and launched back where I came. Perhaps there should be a way to cancel the dash upon landing? I'm sure the details would be worked out when used in a larger project. Hope you keep the character design concept though, it's very cool. Great work!

Wasn't expecting much, but color me pleasantly surprised! You're clearly a good writer, despite the weird subject matter (or perhaps especially BECAUSE of the weird subject matter). Even though I found myself saying aloud, "What am I even READING?" a few times I enjoyed the affable nature of Poopinteetha and her absurd summoning ritual. It was enjoyable enough to keep me sticking around to see all the endings, even with no proper skip  function (which is what I'd highly request if you make another visual novel). Great work!

I figured that there'd be some sort of exploit there, haha. Probably my solution would just be to make the player lose health for missing I suppose.

Solid game. Wish I didn't have to mash quite so much to charge up, but I suppose that's to adhere to the theme. The jumping itself felt smooth regardless of the control scheme.

Thanks so much for playing!

I hope to find some time to expand on it! I basically cut out everything but the core after realizing I'd overscoped very hard. Thanks for the play!

Funnily enough, it was at the very last moment that I realized I should put in difficulty scaling. I appreciate the play!

I'm glad it worked out, thanks for playing!

Praiseworthy foundation work for three hours. Nice name, too. A little bit painful when the camera jerks back and forth if I try to adjust just a little bit. Hope you expand this, the world could always use more Star Fox.

Nice and punchy set of puzzles. Would have liked sound effects for landing on walls and smashing enemies.

Very difficult, mainly because of how far apart the 3 blowers are, making it hard to keep an eye on all of them. I do enjoy this sort of challenge though.

Like others, it took me a bit to realize I could double jump. There's a nice feeling rhythm to charging jumps that I like.

Awkward that shooting an enemy requires you to be right in front of them. Makes it extremely difficult once they start shooting faster.

Very charming concept and execution. The voiceline in particular got a laugh out of me. The feathers tend to slip out of control when moving the mouse too fast which can be frustrating.

Clever and challenging concept. Not sure why I'd ever feel like going fast though when slow gives me more precision.

Clean pipe dream clone.

Solid work. tough to tell if enemies are getting hurt, and easy to get lost since there's no actual doors. The sound balance is also a bit odd with the sounds being much much louder than the music, as well as random confusing sound effects playing from unknown sources at times. Good work!

Cool concept, but a bit too tedious to enjoy. The inconsistent turn speed gets very frustrating at times, and the speed loss of just picking one or two items makes the game feel like a slog, especially when it's not exactly clear what my goal is. Very impressive polish on the enemy animations and hit effects. Thanks for your work.

My two playthroughs both ended in a softlock where one of the non-primary smileballs got trapped either in a necessary hallway or literally on top of the checkpoint. Great respect for the work on atmosphere, puzzle concepts, visual effects, sound design. Great work!

Very challenging, compact city builder! Might have been nice to see the rates of change for each resource but maybe that would make it too easy. Great work!

Awesome atmosphere, solid writing, and clever mechanic. My only regret is it's tough to take in the environment and story you must have worked hard on with the time pressure breathing down my neck. Excellent work!

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A joyous little rampage with fun if simple gameplay and great sound effects. The only mild irritations I had were that I wish coins had a wee bit of magnetism and that serfs wouldn't lose track of you so easily. Excellent work!

Quite tricky. I like the way the bosses all test different ideas. Was difficult for me to remember in the moment how to use combos, but that's more a consequence of my lack of quick thinking rather than the game's fault. Great work!