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Haha, same here. Thanks for playing!

For now, the only people who can play a game made in FM are other owners of FM, right? No way to make a standalone executable?

I had trouble figuring out I could make sideways pillars, but much less trouble realizing that it's easier to move once the pillar is used. Once I figured out the mechanics, the puzzle design felt very solid.

Here is the solution:

Thank you for giving it a try!

tight controls. pretty hardcore game. Wish there was some way to cancel a jump sometimes, but gotta stick to the theme, of course. Great aesthetic too.

Satisfying animations. Satisfying to figure out which tower was the right tool for the job. Could have used a bit more initial explanation on what the tower types do. Also didn't realize that  Can report that I had the waves stop spawning. It was at the end of wave 8 the second time.

My first decently complete Godot creation. I enjoyed how simple it was to make this with the AnimationPlayer.

Quite clever. Funny bug -- I jumped early for the coin, desyncing my position when the suits moved. But when I jumped at the end, even though i was no where near the coin it still counted.

Please give it a try:

decent execution, was clever how the different sized slimes interacted with the stage. I would have liked if the bullet bouncing was rewarded more by resetting the slime invulnerability; dunno if that would have made it too easy. Unfortunately the game softlocked for me at the end of the third stage.

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Yeah, similar to you, this is the first time a project of mine has resulted in something resembling a complete product. Still very far to go though. As you can tell by the complete lack of graphics. Strike True- a game where the bosses die in one hit.

Hey, here you go!

The only time the enemies are vulnerable is during their biggest attack. For the katana it is the stab, and the broadsword it's the swing that goes all the way around. The only way to get in is to be as close as possible then roll towards them a bit before they begin that attack. Thank you for giving it a try and commenting!

Left a comment on the game page itself, but looking here now I guess I was weak for quitting before the end, haha. Still maintain that the final stretch asks for a bit too much precision to be satisfying, but everything else was good.

Very good execution! I think you explored your mechanic about as well as you could. Difficulty curve slopes up pretty crazily at the end there though. I was planning to say "anyone more sane than me would have quit at the final stretch" but it turns out I had to quit as well; couldn't quite get a hang of the final two platforms. One more checkpoint after the second vertical tunnel would have encouraged me to try for the end. As it is now the precision you ask for in the final stretch isn't served well by the not super precise player hitbox and the inconsistently synchronized final moving platforms preventing the player from finding a pattern. Still, I saw what you were going for and the experience was satisfying. Great work!

Here ya go!

Hey, thanks so much for playing! Your criticism's totally fair -- in its initial state, my couple of playtesters thought it was too easy, but I definitely think I overcompensated and made the window too small.  I'm just happy that you gave  it a try and commented. Thanks again!