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Clever game. I liked the varied magical girl designs and movement patterns. I think assigning star limits to different spaces is an inspired move. The AI seemed to be decently smart, they wouldn't just freely walk into squares I was threatening. Animations moved too slow for my liking and the game was a little too easy from what I played of it (only a few levels). Would definitely like to see this expanded on.

Love the music choices. I liked the defense concept though I was upset that as the game went on there was never any window to go buy upgrades with the size of the waves and the inability to deal with them all at once efficiently enough. Was a little tricky to make the fireball motion work, which is unfortunate considering spamming it seems to be the only way to win. In a more fleshed out game I would hope the tech would perform a roles that are sidegrades to the main combo rather than nearly obsoleting it.  Really liked all the moves though, they were quite satisfying to do. Took me several tries but just baaaarely won the game in the end. Good work!

Tama, you could have talked to her in a day or two, you didn't have to LITERALLY REVERSE TIME! On a serious note, your characters are always so endearing, it's great. A little embarrassing but I didn't realize how to skip until my third playthrough, I kept clicking too fast for the tutorial icon to show up. I really like the overall game concept, I was expecting a straightforward visual novel and was pleasantly surprised to see the time management element appear. I like the element of added tension provided by the combat, but it's a bit of a shame that fighting even one of them seems to lock you out of the best ending. I was pretty proud that I managed to already find the solution by my third playthrough then lock in the correct sequence on the fifth. Got a bit addicted to trying to see as much dialog as I could afterwards, and I conclude: Paisley, you're hard as heck to shop for! (Yes, I know that's the point.) Great work!

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Very playable game. I appreciate that difficulty does steadily increase in the level design, though it only became challenging near the end.  Was mildly disappointed that the shooting was not incorporated more. Got slightly annoyed when I was never sure which direction to go from a checkpoint until I bonked an invisible wall. Largest pain point was the sluggish camera and slow imprecise platforming combined with spikes that have larger hitboxes than they appear.

I like the concept. Sure to be relaxing.

Awesome aesthetic and good writing. I admire the fog of war system, really adds to claustrophobic atmosphere.

I do like isometric shooters. Good feeling movement, anticipating that it will feel great with juice added. I like the architecture as well, though I noticed that the buildings would sometimes stay translucent even after I've passed behind them. Also enemies occasionally snuck some shots at me from behind buildings.

I like the aesthetic. Only request I have based on what's here now is clear indication of when the laser is charged enough to fire.

Cool projectile pattern designs. I like the exploding bombs, though they were sort of hard to see.

Ok, I don't know how to do better than this :P

Great stuff, game feel was excellent. Only thing I'd want is more color variety to distinguish between my own shots, enemy shots, and enemy projectiles. I'd attribute at least a handful of deaths to a sneaky shot being hidden by my own bullets.

I do enjoy restaurant sims. Looking forward to it!

Seems like it will be cute!

Very elegant use of mechanics to deliver a message.

Truly gorgeous artstyle and juicy polish. Writing is energetic too with a cool setting. UI is very unclear though. Almost didn't actually play the game because I couldn't figure out how to start. Then I almost didn't play through the tutorial because it was drop dead boring. Not sure what the point of having to just press the button at a set rhythm for so long. Once the combat started I didn't understand that I was supposed to let the enemy play out their turn after mine. With this game structure, it's just crying out for a Paper Mario style ability to respond to an enemy attack on the beat instead of just waiting for them to hit you. The cooldowns on your own ability also seem redundant; just make the abilities more of an interesting decision. it was very hard to pay attention to what I was actually doing to the enemies because I was focused on the rhythm. Seemed to work out, though; the enemies kept dying. I quit at the second "Can you keep time" segment, but I hope to come back when you've developed this more, because it's dripping with potential.

Adorable artstyle and animation. I admire how well the cutscenes work as well. Good music choices too. The writing and character designs are very charming. The loop of going through a level and then speaking to friends is a solid idea. The platformer is functional and obviously needs a lot of polish and juice as well as interesting enemies. The only fundamental request I have is the ability to control the jump height based on how long the button is held. Rocketing through the sky at one press made things feel quite slow.

Ambitious and interesting idea. Good art and animation. I like the writing, and the premise of playing as the evil faustian magic creature. I'm also a sucker for the concept of having real time gameplay actions serve as dialogue choices. However there should be a prompt of some sort to indicate whether to do it or not. Don't think I ever figured out how to wake up Esther properly, I had to scoop her out of bed with a keyboard. The platforming was indeed janky; putting disappearing platforms in an engine that requires you to charge up the jump is practically a crime. I like how the level has multiple paths though.

It is too dark and zoomed in to navigate and the combat seems mindless, just keep mashing to attack and heal afterwards. Can't even use the item with a keyboard shortcut so I have to move my hand off the movement controls to click on them. Don't spend time on the cutscene until the game is fun.

Smooth feeling platforming engine, but pretty buggy game. Softlocked repeatedly by falling into a bottomless pit and through the ground, dying then respawning then falling through the ground, clearing the bottom leftmost room and speaking with the magical girl at which point the game softlocked on the placeholder dialogue box. I'll see how the updated version looks.

Solidly made arena shooter. Things could have moved a bit faster though, felt like treading through mud. I played 1.03. The generic stat upgrades felt not too interesting and not sure what each of them did like looting%. The new cards were pretty cool as well as the combination ability but there didn't seem to be many slots to use them. I assume one of the shrines would upgrade that, but there should be a notification when they spawn in since it takes such a long trek to get across the map. I'll see what the recent update looks like but this is just rating the version I think you submitted.

There were no enemies on screen anymore and the camera stopped moving. I could move my character but the camera would no longer move to the right nor to the left.

Clever and solid concept! Cute art, and I like how there are new sprites when you transform a girl. Could use more visual clarity showing the projectiles and the health of the enemies.

As before, I love your artstyle! And I think this is a great improvement from the last time, just needs the difficulty tuning. I think if you made a version of the timing bar that's translucent and closer to the center of the screen it would be easier. I like how the enemies move to the rhythm. I like the strong and rhythmic song choice. I also like how missing the timing isn't the end of the world and you still throw a weak projectile out. Unfortunately I think it can be exploited by mashing the button so an occasional strong attack comes out. I wasn't able to make it very far, but I'll be sure to come back, as the conversations between Song and Alucard were very funny.

Very very good art and quite funny writing. Gameplay wise, pretty uninteresting. I don't know if those thugs are made of Kevlar or if we're shooting cookie crumbs at them. I'm sure that will improve later.

I don't know how strict the timing is but I swear I was pressing to the metronome and it only happened every now and again. Should pick a music track with a strong beat of its own so one doesn't have to rely on the ticking. Something like Crypt of the Necrodancer. Think this idea could work very well with something like that. I'm stuck on this criticism because other than that it is very fine and functional of a shooter.

Very good implementation of the mashup! I like the concept of ramping up in power as the battle goes on. Surprisingly good story too, despite what little there is. Clever how it is doled out gradually from turn to turn. I wouldn't have minded the conversation taking place in its own screen if it gave me the power to advance the text myself, waiting for it to scroll was testing my patience even with the bars maxed out. I was only able to beat bosses by constantly powering my normal shots, which is unfortunate; perhaps the one-off attacks could do more burst damage to keep pace. I hope to see more!

Fun story and OK combat system, a little too reliant on RNG. The only strategy was trying not to tap under the most efficient high cost cards in case I ever drew them. I liked the art for the combat sprites, they were pretty cute. I really liked the final boss too, that was a clever use of the system.

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Wow you really went all out! Felt like playing a real Touhou. Not that I'd know. It feels professionally done, is my point. Staggering variety of bullet patterns, and very personality filled ones. The integration with the ren'ai aspects was very clever. Love the character portraits in the visual novel segment, wish there had been time for more. Great work!

Extremely creative and elegant genre mashup. I really liked the variations between the different levels and how they complemented their respective songs. Sometimes it felt impossible to hit a note, and I was never sure where the judgement line was. The third level really destroyed me! I had a good time regardless. Great work!

Short and sweet. I didn't really understand what to do when the cats lay down other than wait. I like the graphical style, and the frantic little animations lend a goofy fun tone. I think I bugged out the game by walking too far past the enemies, or maybe I had just reached the end. I do hope you continue, I think there's a nice core here.

So many colors... lights... numbers...whoah. Definitely a sensory overload, though that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's cool that you made an effort to keep the enemy bullets visible, but it was still a strain to see them. Once the cards got more complex and started to effect each other, I found the card building pretty interesting, though it's hard to imagine a way to go too wrong, considering the sheer amount of bullets and fire rate. I personally would prefer the game to slow down just a bit so that I can actually perceive the results my decisions are having, but there is an appeal to just frantically throwing everything at the enemy. Great work!

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Gorgeous pixel art and good music! Some of the mechanics are a bit wonky, for example I did not see the purpose of the dash since it did not seem to have any invincibility frames. Also it took me a while to realize I had combo strings because the window for continuing the combo seems very restrictive. The hitstop upon striking an enemy was a little too excessive as well and may have contributed to the trouble with comboing. With these difficulties, it feels impossible to dodge enemy attacks and thus to get very far in the game. That said, it's a very good looking core! I hope you continue with this.

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Super cute art! Some little control nitpicks here and there, It could do with a little less speed ramp up on running, a little cooldown before jumping again after landing, a little leeway to allow jumping after stepping off of a platform. Doesn't feel like it incorporates much beatemup aspects. But other than that, a short and sweet platformer!

Clean and playable, which is a big plus. I like the character design and art. Does not particularly remind me of the shootemup genre. The platformer level design was good. Good work for first game, hope to see more!

Great game! Excellent art, very clean linework! I'm curious to know why you changed off of pixel art for this one, but you didn't miss a beat. I really loved when the soundtrack started distorting. The story was great, I was glad to finally get an insight into what Nexus HQ is doing. Gameplay wise I certainly did feel encouraged to somewhat change my strategy with the different level designs and hazards, which was satisfying to do. Although, it doesn't feel like it really incorporated the card aspect, since it's basically bringing a particular loadout. Plus I'm pretty sure any level could have been overcome with spamming many many cheap towers. Most of the late game hazards disincentivized setting up just a few strong towers, which makes the tower upgrade cards and magical girls feel less strong, which is a shame because those are cool. The polish and content level you put into your games never ceases to amaze me . Great work!

Love the gameboy aesthetic, very nostalgic to me. The drawn cut ins were very cute too. The platforming was weirdly easier in the later stages than the earlier ones. The story sets a very interestingly dark tone and I like how it clashes with the cutesy art. The weird non sequitur story contributed to the surreal tone. I don't know how to feel about the ending. It fits with the randomness of the story, but it felt rather anticlimactic? Nothing was explained, and maybe that's fine. The shootemup segments weren't great, the only grace was the ability to keep blasting constantly. The final segment felt like I just had to get lucky with the enemy's rng fire to survive with only 2 health available. I found it a very interesting experience. Good work!

Solid RPG combat design. Straightforward but well executed, with barely enough complexity to make interesting decisions. Simple story, cute if cliched characters. Unfortunately I did badly on the final boss and when I tried to refresh the game to retry, it got stuck with a TypeError: Not in Fullscreen Mode. Probably a browser issue. Great work anyways!

Solid core design! I like the UI work, though I don't see much reason to put away my cards. I did not know what the discard button was for too. I did run into a couple bugs, such as the hand not updating with new card graphics when I pressed draw, and a pretty major bug where the Draw timer froze and I couldn't get new cards. I was still able to win after that, funnily enough, since stacking towers is so strong and I don't see a reason not to do it.

Suggestions if you expand on this:

In these games where you have a player character moving alongside the towers, I'd always hope that the player can actually attack or contribute in some way. I can also see totems and enemies having various elemental strengths and weaknesses, and the towers potentially combining special effects when stacked on each other. 

It's very playable even despite the hiccups, which I think is a great victory. Great work on your first jam project, and I hope to see more!

Really nice polish with good progression in the design over time. Pretty tough to wrap my head around, but I eventually got a hang of it. I like it best when I realized ways I could use the mobility spells in combination with other movements and attacks. A little frustrating that the vertical attacks seemed useless against the final boss resulting in several repeatedly useless hands. Great work!

Good news is art skill can be practiced. Character design is harder to learn imo, and I really enjoyed yours.