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No problem, alt+enter should make both versions full screen.

Shoot the eyes and keep moving ;)

It’s tough but I believe in you

wowy zowy!

This game is a lot of fun, I love the art style. Great work!

Thanks! Uh IDK I would need more info on this launcher to make a decision about that. :)

lmao great work

This is delightful, love the classy concept and music choice.

I'll have to play with friends when it's safe to because my dog doesn't like to play video games, but I'm thankful for the score attack mode. My only question is what's up dog?

yeah, i think i pushed webgl too hard, i'll fiddle with the engine settings and see what i can do. thanks!

Thanks! That is an issue I need to address, I apologize for the high volume.

Thank you for the kind words! I'll do my best to keep my output strong in 2021.

How much bass are you packin bud?

download version? alt+enter should do it

This game owns!!! Love the art style you used. The pixel art textures and low-poly models are beautiful. Gliding around with the hook was really fun when I got a feel for the physics and moveset. Great work!

Really nice game, fun mechanics, amazing visuals and aesthetics all around

Pleased to meat you!

So great and atmospheric. An amazing adventure with cool characters. I loved it!

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Thanks man, I appreciate it. Hope the Opening and ending turn out good. I’ll do my best!

Thank you, Unity’s terrain tool is really fun!

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I’m happy you enjoyed what you played. Hope you’ll play the full version when it drops!

Thanks! On the edit game page there's a field called "Custom noun"

Thanks, I really appreciate it!

Thanks for the kind words! BTW, I just pushed up a new update with new weapons and procedural generation!

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it! I just pushed up a new version with procedural generation and more weapons!

Thanks for the kind words! I've just posted a new update that adds new weapons, procedural generation and more! Please check it out if you feel like it! :)

Yooo, thank you so much dude. More giant spiders coming soon. Something something Halloween...?

Thank you for writing such a massive review, I poured over each and every word multiple times. My deepest condolences for the review that was lost to the refresh key. I just pushed up a new update that adds new weapons and procedural level generation! 

Thanks for the review and the tweets! I just pushed up a big new update with procedural level generation! (you read my mind haha) I'd love to hear what you think.

Thanks, I'm glad you appreciated the look and feel! I just pushed up an update if you're hungry for more.

Thanks for the nice comment! Visibility is somewhat low, it was intended to encourage the player to keep moving. I just pushed up a big new update if you'd like to give it a try!

Glad you liked the game! I just pushed up a big update if you're feeling brave ;)

Thanks so much! I just pushed up a big update; curious to hear your thoughts!

420 ambition

Make that 13634!

I got to 9327! Nice game!

if you record a video or take screenshots of what you have it would be nice :)

Nice concept! If you could make the steering a lot more responsive it would make the game feel more fair. The space ship is also very cool.

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Very cute graphics with an interesting mechanic. Well executed for 3 hours. I got a couple hundred points and had a good time. 

Some things that might make the game better:

I had  to check the itch page to read the directions after a couple of attempts. If you find a way to communicate the game's rules inside the game it would make for a smoother experience.

Feedback on the player and leaves would also lend a lot of polish to the game: if you added some sound fx, particles and simple animations when the player collides with a leaf from the top or bottom it would add a lot of fun to the experience.


Is there an executable? Zip contains a Godot project.

thanks! I used this to help achieve the game’s visuals:

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I'll make a linux build, but I won't be able to test it.