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Fun game!  I know its a good game when I feel the need to play a couple rounds.

Loved the vibes and approach to theme but wasn't quite sure how to deal with the monster.  I stood next to the fire and the monster still killed me :(

Loved the game!  Great art and use of both themes.

Loved the art and the effects.  I liked how you could vacuum up the alien's ranged attacks, but it would be nice if the garbage respawned or something as well because the combat slows down a lot later into the game.

Nice vibes and good puzzle game idea.

I couldn't seem to move the character around anymore after leaving the first room :(

Loved the art though

Love the art and audio!

I couldnt figure out how to get out of the first room :(  Liked the art and music though

The collaboration with AI is kinda weak, but I liked the graphics and the gameplay was very intuitive.

Cool idea!

Cool vibes.  It would be nice if there was coyote time.

This game was great.  How did you do the voice?

Loved the static effect.  I hope you get a chance to continue working on it!

Loved the intro and the title is a nice gimmick.  Had a hard time figuring out how to direct the AI.

Love the idea, but I had a hard time figuring out how I was supposed to direct the person.

Art and music are great, and I especially liked the intro.  I was a bit unsure how exactly the robot worked, but when I did get it to hit an enemy, it was very satisfying.

Love the sound and visuals.  The tutorial is quite long for a jam game, which was a bit overwhelming.  Good work!

Yeah, I feel like there is a ton of potential here, not that a powder game is something new, but it'd be fun to play around some more with the idea.

Yeah lol.  This game came down to the wire.  I should've started earlier and done more playtesting.  Also, I made the elements fall slowly because I couldn't figure out how to optimize the simulation better.

Simple idea, but well executed!

So pretty!  Had a hard time solving the levels, but I love how the game looks.

Love the look of this game!

I wasn't really sure what to do, but I loved the art and animations.

This game is hard.

I like the look and feel of this game!

Cool game!  I like the visuals, especially the portraits, and the music.  There are a lot of levels, which is nice, but I found that a lot of them can be bypassed just by running as fast as you can through them since projectiles haven't flooded the map yet.  Not sure if this was intended.

Good idea, but very finicky.  The player is unable to walk up an increase of height as little as 1 pixel, so every successive platform has to be equal to the previous height or slightly lower.  Also placing the platforms as the camera moves is very disorienting and makes placement difficult.  I would've preferred the ability to place all the platforms first and then pressed play.

Really like the look and sound of this game!  However, I was a bit lost.  From reading the other comments, I now realize that I was supposed to hold down X on each of the computers.  I tried dragging the slider with the mouse, which did move the slider along, but it didn't cause anything to happen, so I gave up.

I love the art for this game and the gameplay feels good.  However, I feel like the game is missing something.  It doesn't feel like there is any obstacle between me and winning the game.  I feel like the game needs maybe some sort of alien enemy or maybe rivaling mining companies.  This would make the game have a significant obstacle to overcome in addition to just making the game feel alive.

I didn't explore much deeper than I had to in order to beat the game, but I wonder what incentive there is to go deeper.  If all the ores can be traded in for the same currency and everything can be bought with that currency, then couldn't you just stay near the surface and only collect those ores?

So good.

Thank you so much for playing!

I played the executable.  It works and the game is fun.  It gets difficult pretty quick, but the puzzles are overall very interesting.

I played in the browser.  I would imagine the executable works better.  I can try that later.

Cool game!  It looks good.  I don't think I quite understood the mechanics because I couldn't figure out how to get up a large height using the bow.

I couldn't figure out how to complete even the first level.  I moved the box onto the square and all that happened was I couldn't move anymore.  There wasn't a way to move onto the next level.

This game is very pretty!  It is also very difficult and a little hard to understand what you are supposed to do at first.

I really like the art!  But I was a bit lost on what to do.

Pretty cool game all around.

I might be misunderstanding how the game works, but it seemed easiest to not throw the heart until the end of a wave because that way you can kill everyone without taking much (if any?) damage.  And then at the end of the wave you can collect all the souls at once.  I would guess that you intended for the player to constantly being throwing out the heart.  Maybe if you want that to be the case you could make the souls despawn after a short time (if they don't already).

The idea behind this game is good and its a great utilization of the theme, but its hard to play.  There is a lot of information thrown at you all at once and the rate at which calls come in at the beginning of the game is very fast.