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So we decided to have  go at making a game based on the Friendly Dungeon cover:

by: Ken Gabriel H. Widjaja王

The Heroine and the monsters are practically right on the cover.
and with the title I figured it would be pretty straight forward that it was a dungeon game.

First things first, I found and got permission from the artist.
fortunately in doing so I also found that they had, hi-rez artwork of each of the pixel style monsters on the cover that I could use for reference. but I figured it best to start with the main character.
using the Cart cover as reference, I had to fill in the blanks on the unseen parts of the character. Considering the football helmet, and makeshift shoulder pads, I didn't imagine this character was a pro adventurer with a sword or any typical adventuring gear, so I  gave her a nail bat.

we figured we''d make this simple, and instead of having to place enemies all around a map, we'd try and make each enemy more like a boss, so we could have more meaningful battles with them, and also have a lot less map to build. At the moment the the enemies we chose are the Festive Cube (Gelatinous Cube), the Boo (Jack-o-lantern), and we're still figuring out what the 3rd will be, or if we even make a 3rd at all.

and that's about where we're at so far.

Super clean. Super Solid.

I like how atmospheric it comes off despite the original art assets.

Dope! Pretty amazing overall.
The one issue I had was initially thinking the non movable space was the movable space. So for the first turn or two I thought I couldn't move. I'm not sure how I would make that clearer though.

I'm looking forward to giving it more time as well.

Thanks. Already know how to hide the cursor.
I was horrified to find out that I didnt an hour after my submission.

I'll look into fixing the rotation sensitivity....when ever that's legal