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Wow, thanks for playing and making a video! It was fun to watch you play and try to make sense of my silly game :)

Fun game, I like the gameplay loop of farming and protecting the crops! Nice touch by changing both the environment and the music for the day night cycle. I couldn't tell if the monsters were doing anything to the crops, it appeared if the monsters were getting hurt by the crops.

Fun, unique concept! Nice use of the cards to indicate how many goobs will spawn. It's appropriately challenging to try to get most of the goobs to the end of the level.

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Surprisingly, the web version works pretty well on Android. Sliding your finger across the screen or tapping where you want the boat to go just works. I've heard it doesn't load on iPhones unfortunately :( I'm not sure what the error is since I don't have an iPhone to test it. After switching to GLES2, it appears to work on iPhones too.

Clever concept given the art asset. The sound effects and animations are satisfying. It reminds me of minesweeper but it's much more relaxing :) Took me a couple tries to understand the game but I just needed to look at the tutorial and then I got a score of 53. Really cool game!

Nice pinball game! Clever use of art assets, the sound effects provide great audio feedback, and the music fits well too. That was fun to play!

Fun concept. I think the sound effects worked really well, they gave good feedback to what was happening. I couldn't quite tell what was happening visually sometimes though, the car flipping and changing sprites threw me off.

I like the concept of the game and it's fun to play. Clever use of the art assets, "a beefy cut of wood" haha. The variety of items and upgrades is impressive. The game has a nice amount of difficulty and it feels pretty balanced to me.

Cool concept and clever puzzles. Each puzzle builds on top the previous and it's satisfying to solve each of them. Nice game!

Interesting concept, I think it has potential. I didn't expect the change from 2D to 3D, that was cool. I found it a bit difficult as I could never find the last key in time. The music and sound effects are great. Nice job!

Wow, that is very polished! The game looks great, the different friendly & enemy types added some strategy to the game, and the music is good too! It was fun amassing a skeletal army and overwhelming small groups of humans, those knights wiped me out though haha. Clever use of skeletons instead of the expected zombies.

Wow very polished game! There's so much juice and the sound effects are great! The theme felt consistent through both art and sound.

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Love the level that the monster gets to stop around in, very creative use of the art assets, especially the mountain. It's a fun concept and the game feels polished. Of course the sound effects are a nice touch too :)

Now I'm really wishing I added music :)

Thanks for the feedback! I agree, that would make the game more enjoyable.

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Despite being an unfinished game, it still felt very polished. Looks like you prioritized the right things. Good use of the art assets and the controls felt great. Nice game!

Thank you! I was trying to get a wave-like effect with shaders but I thought this effect fit the game's theme pretty well.

Yeah! I was definitely looking at it for ideas. Thanks for playing!

Really like the look of the game. The crashes are very satisfying even though I'm losing haha. I also liked the bit of backstory. I had a hard time figuring out which lane I'm in compared to oncoming traffic.

The trails and bullets look fantastic! I'm glad that bouncing into walls doesn't cause damage because I was doing that a lot haha

Nice, unique concept. I like the idea of using the trains for scene transitions. Took me a while to realize I started in the rail car and needed to exit to move around.

Wow, great game! The seemly different art assets worked well together to create interesting gameplay and all the juice/polish in the game makes it even better.

I like the idea of two modes of play. Both feel nice to control. Took me a while to figure out that I needed to reload haha, perhaps some audio cue would help there. The music fits well. Nice, complete game overall. Good luck with future development of this game!

Pretty satisfying to blow up the enemies, watch them bounce around, and shoot off the screen

I thought the difficultly ramped up nicely and it was pretty satisfying to whack the trolls haha. Definitely a fun and engaging game to play.

Yeah, I definitely should've added some music. I'm glad you enjoyed the game and got a kick out of the death "animation" as well. Thanks for the feedback!

It's fun and engaging to play in local co-op, the core mechanic works very well there. Great game!

Very polished game. The opening story and cut scene do a great job of building the world/fantasy. Also, seeing the reactions of everyone in the tavern was a nice touch.