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MicroArchaeologyView game page

Hyper-casual arcade game where you dig up buried treasure
Submitted by Snow Capp (@snow_capp) — 1 day, 16 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Overall polish#1293.5843.778
Creative use of art assets#1903.3733.556

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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This is a nice minesweeper-esque game. I was confused by how the distance the dowsing rod shows is measured. It seemed inconsistent. Even in the screenshots you have posted you can see cases where two tiles that are the same distance from the nearest artifact have different values.


No, I take that back. None of the screenshots show the problem I think I saw. Now I don't trust my memory, let me see if I can get it to happen again.


Yeah, I think I must have been confusing distance to nearest artifact with count of adjacent artifacts. There was a moment in this last playthrough where I looked at a tile that was next to both an exposed artifact and a location where I knew there was an unexposed artifact and I went "how is that possible?" But obviously it is except that my brain keeps trying to make the number be a count.


Yeah, I definitely understand the confusion. One of my play testers experienced the same thing. The game feels almost like minesweeper (in fact I even called it 'anti-minesweeper' during my planning), but unlike minesweeper the number does not mean adjacent 'mines'. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing!


It was a weird thing. I knew what the number meant and most of the time I could plan out moves based on that but every once in a while it would flip back to the minesweeper default and I'd get confused for a moment. Brain stuff.


Using the sprites in an archeology theme was really creative.

Awesome that you implemented a highscore system, it motivated me to play more and I think I topped the charts (CRN with 80pts)!!

The game has more strategy than I initially thought, the dowsing rod rewards planning. It took me a bit to recognize this, but once I did I was much more engaged.

I would consider adding more information to make runs even less reliant on luck. Maybe add how many artifacts are nearby besides of how far they are? Not sure...

Overall great implementation of a simple concept, congrats!


Wow! Great score! I think the best I ever did was 78, and that was in a version during development that was even easier than current version.


haha I got really lucky, couldn't get close to it the following try


Cool take on a minesweeper type game! I didn't realize at first that you could scroll outside of the bounds of the center so I got really confused by some numbers, but then it made sense after that.


Clever concept given the art asset. The sound effects and animations are satisfying. It reminds me of minesweeper but it's much more relaxing :) Took me a couple tries to understand the game but I just needed to look at the tutorial and then I got a score of 53. Really cool game!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

What a charming game! I got 23 points in my luckiest run.
I would've liked also being able to switch between the pick and rod by right clicking or by a keyboard button or something like that. Also, unchecking the sound fx option doesn't seem to turn the sound off, although the sounds were quite satisfying, so I didn't feel the need to.
Great work!


I love hypercasuals


Oh man, I'm impressed. It's so casual .. but so fun .. and pretty addicting. Really liked the scrolling. So good!


Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed the game!


Cool game and an interesting idea/mechanic. I got a little confused with the pick and dousing rod difference at first. I'm sure with more time and polish this could be a fun little puzzle game with a few different game modes, at the moment it seems a little too dependent on luck. Overall a solid submission for the limited time you were able to devote!