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nice gun sounds and blood effects, feels good

there are 2 combinations that work but both of them are essentially the same thing. i was planning on adding more but didn’t have time. thanks for playing!

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nice chess puzzle game! very well programmed. i like that i can play as black as well for added challenge; though i think you should let the player know that the AI will always go for lower priority targets because it looked like it was impossible at first. well done!

it’s a great parkour runner but the controls are little wonky. it does feel nice to play, so good job!

very cool concept! i like the cutscene and the mechanic of actually drawing across the screen for the cut. it feels badass. i think this can be expanded further into something cool outside of the jam. great job!

simple game with good execution! i like that the player has to balance between energy and collecting fish, and having a dash that sacrifices some of that energy is a pretty cool gameplay choice too. good job!

simple quick draw reaction game with pretty fun anticipation and dialogue. the art and setting is superb! well done!

nice platformer, could use a restart button though!

pretty cute and funky! i like the feel of the game, good job!

fun game with a good twist! it can be quite challenging and i like that it plays with the player’s expectations. good job!

amazing game with a good amount of challenge! the fast respawn and invincibility option is a great touch in game design in reducing player frustration. art and music is awesome too. really well done!

pretty fun and the cars switching lanes is really well done. the movements are pretty satisfying. excellent work!

simple button clicker but well implemented with a nice background

pretty good execution! the dragging of the leg straps and actually pulling the cord to open the parachute is a nice touch. well done!

this is pretty well executed! deflecting bullets like this may seem simple but i think it’s a good idea for a game and more can be done with it. good job

nice little cookie collector! it’s pretty cute

very cute fox! perhaps a restart button would be great. other than that, it’s a good idea and a nice survival game!

cute and solid game! i like the characters

the art, sounds and music all come together to create this really cool retro vibe and i dig it! i really like the feel of it. it’s a great platformer with water mechanics. i can see this being a game on its own if developed further outside of this jam.

it’s a good concept and i like the art and feel of it, it’s cute and funky! sometimes the scoring has some problems, but great job!

it’s a nice alien shooter but sometimes the aliens disappear too early before i’m able to shoot them. other than that, good job!

pretty good game! it’s pretty well executed and reminds me of some old stick figure games. i like the missile trail effects too. i think the later level is quite challenging, perhaps it really does need more levels or guides to ease the player into it. other than that, excellent work!

it’s a pretty unique idea to have 4 different controls like that and it’s quite challenging! one thing i’d improve is to add a key to start the game, because it seems like I have to use both hands on my keyboard for the paddles, then have to use my mouse to click to restart the game every time. i would also add some sounds and maybe make the paddles travel a little faster. other than that, good job!

nice game of collecting the right ingredients! for me, the “Next Customer Please” at the bottom of the screen didn’t look like a button, I thought it was just the title of the game, so i didn’t know what to click to start the game at first. in-game, i didn’t notice that i picked up frostings the first time, perhaps more indication can be shown to the player that they’re carrying something. other than that, it’s pretty well implemented and the art is pretty cute!

i don’t understand how to play the game

wow, very solid interactions! rotating the cube and pressing on the buttons feel really good. it’s a think-fast mini-puzzle game that does the job very well. excellent work!

simple but well-executed! it’s a good collect-the-dots game

pretty fun beat-em-up kinda game! the punches feel great. i like that there are different endings and choices. only managed to get 3 out of 5 though. the cars passing in the foreground is a nice touch. great job!

a great puzzle game! the ending guillotine is a nice touch. i think the idea behind restoring the king’s color back to brown (skin color) is very creative and ingenious. excellent work!

nice and intense game! perhaps more feedback from the zombies when the player shoots them would be better, like some impact sounds or blood, so the player knows they’re damaging the zombies. other than that, good job!

it’s a nice puzzle game with an interesting setting but i think the puzzles are too much for 20 seconds and needs some sounds/music to set the tone better. other than that, good job!

very cool art style with a fitting purpose of gameplay for the story and setting. good job!

i think this is a pretty good twist on the controls. usually it’s about controlling the monster, but Snack is about feeding or preventing bad food. it gives the monster a character of its own, like a pet. it’s also quite cute. good job!

this is actually pretty well-made! i like how the hose gets pulled and you can trip on the heads, it’s quite creative. the zombies that come out can also kill the player, everything has its charm and purpose in the setting and it works well together. great job!

it’s a pretty creative concept! the Status indicator is not very visible, perhaps a better form of feedback to the player would be better when they completed the challenges, may be a check for each task and a sound effect to mark the completion of the quest, it makes it more satisfying that way too. other than that, it’s quite a unique and well-implemented simulator, well done!

very cute and charming with good taste in style and music! it feels a bit like pinball and it’s a great twist on that concept. i’m quite impressed at how polished it is. good job!

cute and fun game! i like the tray robot and the little dance it does at the end. good job!

great concept! i like the draft and overall pacing mechanics in the race. well done!

very cool concept and amazing art, but needs a proper tutorial or explanation

funny game and works great! i like the achievements and unlocks