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Very well done! Everything about the game is well implemented. The mechanics and physics are very robust. Takes me back to the good old days of The Lost Vikings. Puzzles are challenging and designed with care. Graphics are super cute. There’s so much to love about the game, and I think this already has potential to be released as a full game! Great job!

Very adorable and charming game! I love the art and the sounds. Mini-games are short and creative, which is great. I had fun helping out all the different characters. Good job!

Cute drawings! It gave me a lot of warm and fuzzy vibes. Good job!

Extremely adorable and well put together! It’s a heart-warming story and I love the dialogue and all the little things to interact with in the village, it made me feel more immersed in the world. The art and characters are beautiful and charming. I also appreciated that there are dialogue choices. Great job!

Fun and chill gardening game! Could use more strategy, but it is quite a pleasant experience as it is. Good job!

It’s a very well made game with good game design! I think it’s a brilliant idea to let the player make a poster for the cat and put it up for everyone to see, it really connects the player to the world. The followers walking around are also very cute. It’s quite charming and satisfying to play. Excellent job!

It’s a pretty creative concept and a nice typing game. I think this is a good way of engaging the player and putting the player into that person’s shoes. By typing out the words, it makes me think about those words and the emotions that come with it. With that said, I do think there needs to be either something to spice up the gameplay, or temper the typing only for more significant moments like what Doot said; words that are hard to say and need the player to type it out - this will give more meaning to the typing mechanics and make it feel less tedious/contrived. Another idea is to perhaps introduce choice in the typing, where the player has to actively type out their choice. Anyways, it was a pleasant experience. Well done!

Very adorable and funny game! The graphics and sounds all did well to put a smile on my face throughout my entire playthrough. It’s easy to control and satisfying to play. I like that there is some adversity, that I had to be quicker than the whale eating them veggies. The trajectory line for the cannon is well implemented. One suggestion is to perhaps make the movement more noticeable with effects/trails/sounds or something, as it can be hard to tell that anything is moving since everything around me is a static blue ocean. Overall, I had good fun, well done!

Looks great! This seems to be something like a visual novel, which I think should be mentioned in the game page.

Very adorable game! I love the characters and animations, they are very charming. It’s easy to get lost in the game, so perhaps some guidance or map would be great. All in all, I enjoyed strolling around and really appreciated the dialogue Annie makes to keep me immersed in the town. Good job!

Quite a creative concept! It’s a pretty fun puzzle game and I think having the different crops under different characters with different seasons create an interesting dynamic. The mini-games are pleasant too. Other than that, perhaps the game needs some form of tutorial or guidance to help the player out in the beginning. Well done!

It has a very charming feel to it. I managed to invite all 3 of them to the party though the fetch quests and mini-games are quite repetitive. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant experience and I had fun exploring the areas and talking to all the characters. Good job!

Very adorable and charming game! The character designs and theme are really cool and well put together, very artistic. I also experienced a bug where I couldn’t swipe the card and got stuck, it happened around Day 22. The choices doesn’t seem to be all that impactful, and I don’t really know what I’m doing. All in all, it’s a pretty awesome concept, good job!

Art is very adorable! Though the game seems incomplete, as I was unable to proceed and got stuck without knowing what to do next. There are a lot of open areas with nothing in it, so the game needs to have more sense of direction. All in all, I enjoyed wandering around and talking to all the cute characters. Keep it up!

I took the time to try both versions, the jam submission version (v1.01) and the current version (v2.01). For rating purposes I will comment on the jam submission one first, then I will give feedback on the latest version.

The graphics and animations are very impressive. It’s a pretty fun beat’em up, but really not much of a shoot’em up at all. The hits feel great and I like that there is a follow up punch animation when the enemy is near. The explosions of the enemies when they die feel very satisfying. Gameplay is minimal and the magical girl concepts can be fleshed out more, but understandable since it was made in a couple of days. There is one big problem with the fighting - the punches are static and cannot target enemies who are of a different elevation from you. Worse, you can’t get to the same elevation if there are obstacles/walls, so in some situations it can be difficult to even get into a fight. Nevertheless, I had a decent amount of fun beating my way through to the fire-breathing boss. Well done!

Now this is completely separate from the jam rating, just some feedback for v2.01.

The things addressed right in the current version:

  • Movement speed is good now.

The things worsened in the current version:

  • Enemy/level design, too many of them and they are quite “bullet-spongy.” For beat-em-ups, they can usually remain spongy (and maybe even preferably so) if the player has more tools at their disposal, which I don’t feel that I do, so it feels a little tedious.
  • As XCVG mentioned, the stagger during hits is poorly done. It slows the game down too much. v1.01 is better in this regard, and is already quite good at showing the impact of the player’s hits.
  • Fight elevation issue still exists, and worsened now that there are small little bees.
  • Since this is a single-player game, or even if it was a multiplayer game but at least in single-player mode, perhaps the player need not select a control scheme? They are all mutually exclusive, so why not allow all control schemes to be active at once, or is that a limitation of the Construct game engine?

If I was rating v2.01, although all the added graphical assets and animations are awesome, I would probably give it a lower score than v1.01. Fists of Magic has great potential, and I can see it being really fun with more refinements to come. I look forward to seeing more of it. Keep up the good work!

Very well written story! To fulfill the trade after all these years? Pretty epic. The minigames all feel very appropriate with the theme, even the fishing mini-game feels very RPG-like. It definitely captured the fleeting reunion feel nicely. Well done!

It’s a pretty fun game, and I think the card effects that augment existing spells are implemented really well. The graphics and effects look flashy and good, music is awesome too. I particularly liked the sound that the enemies make when they all pop into existence, it is really satisfying to hear. The damage numbers and a plethora of bullets filling the screen is also very satisfying. Even with everything that’s going on in the screen, I could still dodge pretty well, so it’s great that the red glow of the enemy bullets is enough to discern from all the chaos. It is a very robust game that feels complete, very well done!

A minor issue I have is that it’s quite hard to get a feel for where my character’s hitbox is because of the isometric view, so perhaps some indication is needed. Other than that, the only criticism I have is that it gets quite repetitive. Similar to another submission called Zemstar Assault, it’s quite fun to play it for the first time, trying out different builds between waves and watch hell break loose, but it’s a one and done deal, I’m not going to be holding left-click for another second. I’ll give the same suggestion here as I did to Zemstar Assault, and that is to perhaps have more movement options or defensive options, some back-and-forth between the enemies (especially bosses) to spice up the monotony.

All in all, I had good fun and I am quite impressed at the effects and how satisfying they look and feel. Excellent job!

The art is so cute! I enjoyed giving the items and listening to what the other characters have to say. Keep it up!

It’s a very charming game, the graphics are awesome and there are so many different ants, well done! I think it’s a very creative and interesting concept to have to pay attention to other fellow ants to collect charisma points while still having to read and answer the questions from the representatives of other colonies. It really does try and capture the player’s observations and tactfulness; charisma if you will. One suggestion is to perhaps have some clues to certain questions, like a little investigation or observation for me to do in the world map to understand more about the colonies because I was just clueless for certain questions. I think this added lore can help flesh out the world too. Anyways, well done! Very impressive!

It’s a decent game with cute graphics that plays kind of like Megaman, which is kinda cool. I like her running animation. The platforming controls/physics needs some work, I fell through a big solid platform on my way to the boss once and had to restart. Gameplay is too simplistic and needs more time to develop but I had some fun beating up the boss and her bees. Keep it up!

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An excellent game all around and very well put together! There are a lot of things done right with this game, from the opening hub, to the magical girl towers all the way to the ending. Graphics, sounds, all of them amazing. The info panel on the top-right when anything is hovered is very helpful and it’s all these little things that add up to form a pleasant game experience. I thought the levels are varied enough and presented different types of challenges, enough to spice up the gameplay and offset the card effects and mechanics which I thought were too simplistic (I was expecting more strategy). I don’t think the gameplay mashup is all that unique, but it is very polished and feels good to play. The amount of care that went into the game deserves a lot of praise.

A minor issue is that the placement of towers can be improved, have some leeway so the player doesn’t need to be super precise. Other than that, there is only one critique that I have, which is the deckbuilding. It’s not a deck builder… it’s a hand builder! Is this a bad thing? No, not at all! However, what it does is simplify things and weaken the strategies and intricacies that often come with card game mechanics; e.g. dealing with probabilities, taking risks, resource management in deck and hand size, etc. In essence, Alice’s Awakening does not encourage players to plan ahead for a deck that handles dynamic situations, it encourages the player to look at the level, then change their hand to suit that level, making the pre-planning more linear (related to illusion of choice) and less rewarding. There is no spoon, there is no deck, there is no “card game”, but there are cards.

Yet, I did had good fun, and this is all thanks to the high level of polish, the story, the characters and everything. The sense of achievement in getting more backstory and pictures on my wall after completing every mission. So what if it’s just get glamor and spam towers? I still wanna spam them towers, kill everything, it feels good. The levels change and things are different. I like it, and I think it’s one of the top submissions of the jam. If anything, Alice’s Awakening solidifies the idea that progression, rewards and ensuring a pleasant experience through charm and polish is much more important than I originally thought. They might even be key. Anyways, very well done!

Charming game with beautiful drawings and a bittersweet heartwarming story!

Very charming game! I think you have the groundwork for something great here. The physics of the chain and the movements to clean the dust are very well implemented. The cleaning through the credits is a nice touch too. I had good fun. Well done!

It’s a brilliant and very creative concept! Very simple and straightforward to play, which is good. I had fun travelling across different streets and delivering mail, though moving around can be quite tedious at times, especially when compounded with the difficulty of navigation. Some suggestions I have are:

  • Instead of randomizing all 4 words on every move, just randomize the used word, or have a queue so the player knows what’s next and can start chaining words (which feels good to do) to move faster.
  • For Wholesome Street, it is separated by Roundybouty, which is alright because everything is color-coded, but because the player has to find the numbered house, it’s a sign that the landmarks/map needs to be more informative to feel more like a street. If I am unfamiliar with the game, it feels a bit like a treasure hunt, which is not a bad thing, but it felt less postman-like and this could be contributing to the tedious feeling because the typing already demands quite an amount of attention from the player. Therefore, I think navigation needs to be clearer.
  • The mail at the bottom left covers up quite a lot of the screen, perhaps a way to hide it or minimize it would be good.

Overall, I enjoyed my time with the game, and I think it has a great amount of potential. Good job!

As others have pointed out, there is an issue with the webgame resolution; a quick fix is to enable a fullscreen mode button in the page settings. More importantly the resolution of the window needs to match your game’s resolution, because it doesn’t seem like the game is responsive to dynamic resolution changes, so it gets cut off to the point where its unplayable - this will probably need some more tweaking in your Unity project settings itself. I had to edit the HTML source to make it 1920x1080 to play the game.

The art is very impressive! It’s a very cute and relaxing game and I’m pleased to see that there are unique characters to talk to. I had the same problem as Doot, couldn’t click the top-left one, and sometimes the swapping is bugged out and I couldn’t swap certain tiles. Overall, it’s a fun game with an interesting setting and dialogue. To do all this in only 48 hours deserves high praise. Excellent work!

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There is already a skip cutscene function as explained in the game page, just press “~” on keyboard or “Start” on controller. Though it’s not explained in the game, so you’re right, I should have at least shown a prompt or something to let the player know they can skip it, plus make it more accessible. Thanks for playing and for the suggestion!

A very cute and charming puzzle game of delivering letters! I like that the sense of community is baked into talking to the residents to find out who the unknown letters are supposed to go to. Perhaps the house numbers should still be shown to ground the player in the world, both in the narrative sense and as a starting point to help the player out in the beginning, because it feels a bit weird not to know the house numbers even though I am a postfrog, haha! The voice acting is superb and made me felt more immersed. All in all, it’s quite an enjoyable puzzle game. Excellent work!

Very cute and adorable game! The drawings and colors are all well put together to create a charming and heart-warming feel. Though backtracking to get certain characters can feel quite a distance to travel. Perhaps this can be alleviated with faster movement speed and/or a movable camera to get a better view of what character/challenge to expect. All in all, it was a pleasant experience gathering a team of cute characters. Good job!

The concept and idea for this game is brilliant, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. It seems that hitting the music notes will resume the melody, and missing it will pause the melody instead of having each note representing the melody; this is unacceptable. There are a few notes which I observe to be on beat, but a lot of the other notes have almost nothing to do with the music. For the first level, Melody autojumps to the beat and this is excellent design which I’ll come back to later, but in the 2nd level, she’s not on beat. In order for Compose to be a rhythm game, it needs to map the player’s actions to the beat, which it does very poorly. Basically, at its current state, it is like Temple Run, where the goal is just to collect the notes as they drop.

For this game to truly shine, the rhythm part needs to be more refined. Currently, the player hits the beat by jumping into the notes, which means there is no impact and it happens on the off-beat of action, i.e. the player presses a direction key, waits, and then only the beat hits. Instead of moving into notes, perhaps turning the notes into platforms/trampolines that the player has to hit/land on beat will tie the rhythm to the player’s action better. The existing trampolines/teleporters can still be there to aid with movement (i.e. to get to far away notes, get around obstacles, or make bigger impact landings when the beat drops for example).

I feel that Melody’s autojump is the key to Compose’s fundamental design. It is excellent that this is implemented. Therefore, most importantly, Melody needs to appropriately speed up or slow down depending on the music. How fast she autojumps should tie into the gameplay - and with the suggested idea above, it is crucial for the player to make Melody land at the right note at the right time because of the autojump. This includes big jumps with trampolines, which will stagger the rhythm, but it must still all be in the same tempo, and then it must sync up after. When you achieve this, you’ll have a unique platformer-rhythm game.

Overall, Compose has a lot of potential, but needs a number of structural changes and development for it to excel. Though as it stands, it is still a creative, cute and decent game. Keep it up!

The thing I like about it is the attacks and mid-air suspension which is a good touch to make it feel like I have the power of the wind. The difficulty is well-balanced and the enemies do not feel bullet spongy, which is a sign of good game design.

Although wind is the theme so it’s expected for the player to move differently, there’s something a little off with the jump - the change in velocity feels a bit sharp/drastic which made it feel a little unnatural. It’s hard to describe the feeling because I still want to feel like I have wind powers in my movements, but it just needs a little tweaking to make the player feel more in-control, more precise. Overall, it’s a decently fun platformer but feels too simplistic at its current state. Nevertheless, I feel that the game design is heading in the right direction and just needs time to be more refined and developed. Good job!

Cool puzzle game with lots of potential! Sadly the UI and 3rd stage is bugged, the bunny seems to not press the buttons and I couldn’t proceed. Nevertheless, it’s quite cute and solving the puzzles feel satisfying. Good job!

Extremely well-designed game! I like that the villagers also come in the same direction as the clocks, and that creates situations where the player has to be more careful (or not, because I shot pillows at them anyway 😏). The fact that shooting villagers is only a soft punish is an excellent design choice in my opinion, and the player will slowly realize that without the game forcing anything. The slingshots are also very satisfying to fire. The graphics, animations, sounds, gameplay, everything about it is charming and well put together. Excellent work!

The typing part can be improved as it seems that I have to press backspace many times to go back to fix a mistake, and it’s hard to tell where the typing cursor is. Aside from that, it’s a fun typing and management game with good potential. Good job!

Very adorable and I think the storytelling is done very well with the wind, the music and all. It captures the world perfectly. The simple puzzle elements are a nice touch too. Well done!

I’m a Crypt of the Necrodancer player so this type of game is right up my alley. The graphics look cute and the fact that the enemy movements/attacks are synced to the beat is awesome. The audio and music is also impressive and fits very well with the theme. In fact, almost everything about it is great, well done! However, the gameplay is too simplistic and very repetitive. I had some fun in the 1st wave, and then it already starts to wear on me because all I’m doing is circle-strafing. There are 2 elevations of movement and it seems cool but I feel like it’s not being taken full advantage of; perhaps in future there would be more variety in player attacks, enemies and attack patterns that could spice up the two-plane combat. Even after boss 3, it’s the same circle-strafing mindless zombies. I think the key to making such a game fun is to make the player feel like they are dancing, to feel like they are in the flow with all the moves they are going to perform with impact. Emphasis on impact, because the impact of my attacks in this game feel weak like in a shoot-em-up; but in a rhythm game this needs to be much more dramatic, perhaps increase the damage, add effects, make the enemies fall on their butt, powerful explosions on beat. I want to express myself freely and experience the feedback. At its current state, I feel like I’m not “answering” anything, the enemies are not really dancing with me, there’s no back-and-forth feeling. So, the enemy AI needs to be improved and telegraphing enemy attacks need to be much clearer and more impactful.

With this mashup, I feel like it’s a very difficult challenge to get the player to feel this way; even I am not so sure how to properly address this issue, or if variety is enough to solve it, so it’s quite commendable for you to try making something unique like this. I have no complaints other than the gameplay, so it’s a pretty well-made game, and that deserves praise. I still think Song of Morus is quite impressive. Great job!

Graphics are cute and implementation is solid. The concept of magical girl transformation is done well too. It’s a good game all-around and I couldn’t find much to criticize about other than that the game lacks variety in attacks/abilities and lacks effects/information like damage/HP to emphasize the impact of the player’s actions, because I felt that my actions were not very impactful and this is exacerbated by the slow random card draw which I feel limits my options quite a bit. Even the shop gives a random card of the selected type, so there’s less player freedom. It doesn’t mean that the game is luck-based, and even if it is, all I meant is that it needs some tweaking to make the player feel more in-control, like I’m playing the game instead of the game playing me. With that said, it’s not a big deal because Magi Quick Draw TD is already quite polished in its mechanics and everything about it is quite pleasant to experience. All in all, it’s a decently fun and well-made game. Good job!

Controls feel quite floaty and sometimes collision with slopes is a little finicky but a cute and fun platformer nonetheless. Good job!

Very creative! It has a similar concept to but plays quite differently with the shooting aspect, and that’s a good thing. The slowdown with large groups is an excellent design choice that forces player to think and balance speed and survivability. It’s quite fun and I can imagine it being really awesome if there’s multiplayer. Good job!

Wow, a very adorable and enjoyable game of sending mail into all the mailboxes! The road and mushrooms coming up into existence like it’s a round planet is very impressive, I really like the cute aesthetics and it really enhances the experience. Excellent work!