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thanks for the speedy updates! really awesome. one more question, what’s Display Variant for?

i’ve been looking for a tool exactly like this that is straight to the point with characters and variables and a quick “Test” function that plays out the dialogue like that. thanks for this, really good work! i have some questions/criticisms:

  • when adding a Bridge node, the bridge in and bridge out overlaps each other, so it can be confusing
  • would be great if there are tooltips that describe the function without having to check the wiki and maybe a way to label/name the node or give our own custom node ID
  • there doesn’t seem to be a way to link to multiple nodes at once, what do i do if i want things to happen simultaneously, like playaudio + sentence at the same time?
  • during the Test, there is no quick way to exit back to the editor
  • i would like the ability to start the Test at a selected node rather than from the beginning

looking forward to more updates!

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(1 edit)

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Good puzzle and well written lore! Just a nitpick, I think it’s better to have information discoverable in the main puzzle rather than in the solve screen. I know it’s a process of elimination thing, but some of those information felt like it came from nowhere. It would be better if it came up in some article or work which justifies its entry into the player’s option space. I think that’s what Joszs meant by brute-force. Anyways, I had fun, great job!

i got stuck after a while but i had fun! i think it is pretty well written. perhaps some better feedback dialogue when presenting the wrong data could help, and some menus could use a “back” option like the one with Anna. good job!

this is a pretty good game and i enjoyed it! i like the story and the fairytale theme as well. i managed to get the names right but i didn’t manage to open the castle door. i think figuring out where the guards are based on time is too troublesome. all in all, great job!

nice concept! shame that it ends with only one interaction. i think there also needs to be a set up for the player to know more about the store through the narrative, rather than having to open up the evidence and read them to search for discrepancies there. all in all, good job!

awesome art and game! i think the puzzles are well thought out and it’s pretty fun to play. it was a bit finicky sometimes when dragging the wrong item to the wrong object; i had to open the notes and close it to get the interactions working again. the numbers have a color associated to them but are not shown in the notes, i think it is best to add them in. good job!

extremely cool style, the shader + hints of color here and there gives it a really good feel. i think you have a really good idea for the interface and mechanics, and seeing it update on the board is very clever. at its current state it feels a bit cumbersome to switch between suspects. the ‘A’ key doesn’t work with the folder too. maybe being able to switch suspects from the typewriter without going back to the folder would be good. then you can treat the folder for solved files only, so once the player has finished filling up info in the typewriter, they stamp the individual files. if it is correct, it would go to the folder.

i found it a bit difficult to discern the perspectives from the suspects’ view because it’s a fixed view and i can’t really move around in the scene and the faces are hard to see. perhaps more use of landmarks and colors could help. overall, it was good experience and i believe this has great potential. good job!

the writing is pretty good and the setting is very cool. i enjoyed it and it’s fun but it felt a bit lacking in terms of gameplay because it’s more about just following the trail. penalizing the player for visiting more locations also seems to push the player to go on a more linear path and limit their space to speculate (i.e. their play space). perhaps you can replace the penalty with consequences in the narrative instead, like it took too much time or just being there triggered something - it can be positive or negative. and reading the online profiles should not be part of the penalty. there is a potential complication there with the activist poster which can make things interesting, and i think you can take advantage of that further. all in all, great job!

it’s a cool concept to be able to link sequences like that. somehow it feels pretty laggy and janky, and i couldn’t unlink the sentences sometimes. anyhow, good job!

i think this is a creative concept and the interface is pretty cool though i think the searching needs to involve some kind of gameplay, graphics or game-world interaction to make it work otherwise it becomes too much of a word-search game. anyhow, the story feels pretty well-written. good job!

the drawings of the characters are very cute, love the expressions! sad that it’s not complete and cuts off after a while but it was interesting. good job!

why does this submission require purchase? that’s against the spirit of the game jam

this is a really good game and i love the concept! i think i couldn’t really proceed after the resurrection spell because of a bug? no matter what i do, it doesn’t ask me for a name anymore and it will always summon Centimane. even after a game over, it still summons Centimane no matter what i do.

i enjoyed it pretty much and it kept me engaged trying to figure out the next demon and the lore. the writing is really good, props to you. i think one improvement is to have a message log or in-game notes so that i can refer to it without having to write stuff down physically. all in all, excellent work!

hey, why is this submission charging money? that’s against the spirit of a game jam

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wow, these UI mechanics are really cool. there’s a bug with the middle-mouse pan though, it goes all crazy. i really like that i can just drag the information into the cards, they feel really good. for the relationship, i think you can change the UI to show two slots instead of one slot, that should intuitively show the “two-way” relationship. i had some trouble identifying the characters by their portraits, even though i know the father and sons’ names. a top hat doesn’t necessarily mean it must be that, right? i think this can be improved by giving some hints, like describing the person’s appearance, photos in the news, etc.

overall, i had good fun with this game. i was actually hoping for more after the first two identities. the writing seems good too. i think it has a lot of potential. i hope you do more with it. good job!

pretty cool concept. i think there needs to be some introduction or instruction, because i didn’t know what i was supposed to do at first and then there’s time limits and all. the incident hasn’t happened yet, and this could be a good realization moment if the player can find out when Donald met Lhanco, what is the current date and time, etc. and instead of just picking the person, maybe the player needs to figure out what type of threat is going to happen, or where it is going to happen. all in all, i think this has a good foundation and i enjoyed playing it. good job!

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holy cow, this is a pretty cool system you’ve got here. unfortunate that there’s no detective gameplay. it’s so awesome that the threads that link the evidence even have physics on it. and i love the camera, taking pictures of evidence, then using the threads to link them in the board? brilliant. hope you do more with this system! excellent work!

oh and i had a crash while dragging the photo in the evidence board and pressing Tab or something. dunno what is the actual cause

i like the loop concept, it’s a nice game using the right tools for the surgery. at the end of every loop, there’s a screen with question marks, and i can’t interact with them or write anything down, unless i’m supposed to click on the dialogue when it pops up which i didn’t do. i get that it’s a memory game and finding out the story behind it, but the gameplay doesn’t feel like puzzle/deduction gameplay. all in all, good job!

i think the twist is good but perhaps there needs to be some way to ensure that the player feels that their actions and clues mattered in the game. something like a “wait, something doesn’t add up” moment. nevertheless it was pretty cool and i like the style of it. great job!

cool UI design and great mechanics! it seemed a little daunting at first but i quickly got the hang of it. my rating is 83. love the suspects movements being shown at the end too. great job!

i like the concept but it could use some visual aids / information grouping to help with the game. i correctly identified the order of the train cars, but only got Celebrity and Barista roles correct, so by the game rules that’s a Major Loss which doesn’t feel fair seeing that the information i get is kinda luck-based. perhaps the roles may need a revision so that they don’t obscure too much information for a starting point deduction. the randomization is really cool though, it adds a nice dynamic. good job!

pretty nice game! perhaps one improvement would be to hasten the dialogue when the player restarts. story-wise it also does seem kinda strange that they can just walk out like that without any complications or time-travel shenanigans, but it was a good experience and the art is pretty neat. good job!

pretty cool concept requiring the player to move around evidence pieces to connect the lines! i solved all 3 levels and it was nice. i was overthinking it at first because in the first level, there’s a gun but the bullet casings are totally separate from it. i tried to associate the bullets with the gun and maybe victim 2 had something to do with suspect 3. i think it’s because they’re all separate cases and have nothing to do with each other, so it feels a little off by having them all on the board at once.

perhaps you could make all the suspects and victims be part of the same case, and those case files are different reports instead of being completely separate from one another. i think that would make it more natural! anyways, it’s a creative and fun puzzle, good job!

this was pretty well-done and i had a great experience but i have to question the writing a little bit, because if the perp did all that and had full access, wouldn’t they also be hiding the journal? it seemed a little too convenient, i would suspect there was foul play there too. the writing on the wall also doesn’t prove much. all in all, i love the style and i find it very impressive that you could pull this off with google slides. great job!

very nice game with a cool CRT effect too! there’s one thing i found weird: 10500 is actually really low for a yearly income, it should be monthly, right? the person only received money afterwards, so it doesn’t make sense that they would be affording that membership before this. also perhaps sorting/grouping functions would be nice. all in all it’s a pretty fun detective game, excellent work!

nice short game. looks like the intention is that we’re looking for the murderer based on the eviction notice addressed to “Mr Murder”. but i think it makes more sense if the blood on the knife belonged to the victim rather than the murderer. anyways, good job!

i finished the game and it’s pretty good! i can see how it all comes together but perhaps the writing could be improved a little bit. at the end, the player claims that the chief researcher sabotaged their own thing, but it didn’t feel convincing that they would destroy their own hard work just because someone wants to steal it. it would make more sense if it was accidental or someone jealous. there were also some piques of interest that could make things more complicated but didn’t feel fully connected with the story, perhaps if you have the time you can expand on the love triangle thing.

i love the actions mechanic and the additional murders. i think you have a very solid foundation and it’s a fun game to play. good job!

i think this is really well written! it’s kind of amazing that the game could still be engaging even without graphics or much gameplay features. one thing i’d suggest about Kitty’s part, because i found the flow to be a bit strange when there was no mentioning or observation of any look-a-like peelz until it was presented to her. maybe at least a question or response to her about that would be nice. i had good fun, great job!

the art style is so cool! love the colors. get well soon!

this is a great deduction game! it’s very cute and charming, and i love how you can just make a game in google slides like that, very creative. good job!

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very smart to use a password-protected page for the game, because I did need to brute force just a little bit to test some assumptions. maybe you can add something to directly help the player out if they’re stumped. all in all a nice puzzle, great job!

amazing style and the art is so awesome! i see lots of potential here but i think it’s too ambitious for a game jam submission because there isn’t much to do right now in the demo - it feels like i don’t have much interaction or agency in the case. all the best to you on this project!

a nice flappy bird kind of game! i like the art and the drone animations are cute. i think the hitbox for the drone is too big, and the drone goes haywire sometimes after colliding with the wall. all in all, good job!

it’s a creative idea and the implementation of the mechanics is awesome but i think it’s too unintuitive to control, because the tank continues to move and the player has to wait for the controls to cycle to the right spot in order to do the right action. perhaps it could still work as a one-button game if this was made into turn-based action/strategy? like the enemy only moves when you move. either way, the concept is very cool and i can see this being quite fun. good job!

it’s a cool idea though i feel that one button control is a bit clunky for this type of game. for the powerups, i think moving within the range of its glow should suffice to pick it up, and the attacks should be an area of effect centered around the player rather than where they are facing. i like the theme and style and i can see it being a fun game. good job!

this is a pretty cool concept! it’s like a twist between pinball and pachinko and the bounce physics are neat. it’s quite fun, good job!

flipping the table to avoid crushing the bowls is a pretty creative idea! simple and effective fun. good job!