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Thanks! You make amazing music! How did you even manage to find my terrible game? 😂

Dayum, very polished and fun cart racing game. Well done!

Great idea and concept for the movement, I think it’s pretty cool to roll around but the controls and mechanics need to be improved. I think the game should allow the player to walk and jump normally without tipping over all the time, even if the main mechanic is to roll around and use physics to gain speed, it’s important that the basics still feel good to use. There are many times I got stuck in between terrain objects and trees, so the collision and level design needs to be improved as well. It seems that there are some fixed points in the level that slingshots the player and gives momentum, which doesn’t feel right because it didn’t feel like the boost came from my actions, it just appeared out of nowhere, so there is this feeling of dissonance in the game physics. All in all, I had a bit of fun rolling around and throwing shurikens. I could see some potential if this game was more polished. Good effort!

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Very impressive! I’m glad I got to try it out with the developer around. trud made a server that said “shoot to alert”, which means he’s sitting there afk until someone comes by, that’s some dedication. It’s a great concept for a shooter to switch gravity, and there are many weapons to choose from, all of which work well in the multiplayer. There’s an indicator to tell which direction your gravity has been set to in the bottom-right which is great. There’s a scoreboard to keep track of kills and deaths too. I liked shooting the developer, and dodging shots was fun. I tried doing all sorts of stupid things but the game is really solid, and the bullet collisions all work well despite moving at high speeds. As for criticism, the movement feels too slippery, the transition after landing a grav change is too sudden, there is a lack of feedback when player performs a grav change, and perhaps the level design can be improved. I can see this being a ton of fun with a full server. Very well done!

A fairly linear game with a cute little story. Needs more implementation of game mechanics as there’s not much to do other than picking up some items and breaking some stuff. Attacks are quite unpolished but it’s okay as the focus is more on the narrative. All in all, I enjoyed breaking my friends out of prison. Good effort!

It’s very creative concept and feels great to play! Has a retro and nostalgic feel to it. However, battling enemies over and over again to get the cards required was a rather tedious grind - and this is mostly because of the random chance, so perhaps some balance and fine-tuning is needed here. There needs to be a way to heal out of combat, and skip playing a card too, otherwise, the player can end up in a situation where they essentially have to play all their cards, and if the RNG loot is not giving you big enough numbers to sustain or out-damage the enemy, it’s basically game over. Perhaps there could be better level design to enable the player to get back to the healthbug without getting blocked by rats all the time to ease the pressure a little bit. Overall, I enjoyed the combat and could see a lot of potential for this mechanic to shine. Great job!

A fun game with very nice visuals and effects. The button prompts at the bottom-right really help. However, this game needs more mechanics and variety to be more engaging - not being able to move and shoot also defeats the purpose of moving in the first place. It would be amazing if it wasn’t made as an endless wave shooter. With the great atmosphere, dreamy effects and music which sets a calm tone for the game, I think adding adventure, puzzle and story elements would greatly enhance the experience. Overall, I still had fun shooting down some enemies based on their color, and see a lot of potential for this if developed further. Great work!

Classic! Enjoyed it, but could probably use a more unique twist to make it more interesting.

Very creative and engaging puzzle game! Love the mechanics! Only complaint is that it can be slow to wait for the pogo dude, so perhaps an adjustable speed control will make this game even better. Well done!

Very creative game that has a lot of potential to create powerful storytelling. Just needs more player feedback, more applications of the drag mechanic and more things for the player to do.

It’s a decent fast-paced shooter but it needs some improvements. There needs to be a lot more attention paid to the level design. Stop closing the doors, this will give the player no information on where he has been before. Make sure there is a clear indication on which is the locked door without needing the player to go and inspect it, maybe use a different color or sprite. Try to vary up the rooms, make some rooms have a higher ceiling, have some more noticeable props or landmarks that make the function or purpose of the room apparent (some bones and cauldron is not enough, think of the room’s purpose, like a torture room or an alchemy lab). The player also can’t move diagonally, which already kills half of the enjoyment of being able to move around freely. Lastly, there needs to be more game mechanics, more things for the player to do in order to be more engaging. All in all, I did enjoy my time with it and managed to complete the game. Good effort!

Great idea and I love the concept of having attack and defense separated so the player can sometimes decide what to focus on or what to forego when a challenging timing of button prompts come up. There’s also a smart mechanic implemented to prevent player spamming which I think is a good feature. However, the core gameplay needs a lot more improvements. The main appeal of DDR is not just about timing button prompts, it’s about hitting the beat and getting into the flow of the music or rhythm. Instead, this game is basically just a series of quick time events which I don’t find very engaging. All in all, good effort!

Short and decent platformer with some combat and some cool effects. Movement can be improved a little bit to make it more fluid, add coyote-time and more control to the jumps. Having checkpoints implemented is a great feature. Had fun beating the boss but other than that, there’s not much to the game.

It’s a decent blackjack and wave shooter game with a cool setting of brawling at the casino. Though you used the wrong words for the blackjack game. ‘Twist’ should be called ‘hit’ and ‘split’ should be called ‘stand’. ‘Split’ actually has a meaning in blackjack, it will confuse many players if it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do. While having 2 games in 1 is a cool concept which feels retro and nostalgic, it needs something more to the games to make it stand out and be unique. Perhaps have more story elements to the card game, or have more interesting mechanics to the brawler rather than just fighting wave after wave of enemies. Overall, I had some fun, good effort.

Extremely engaging, fun and well-polished game. I love moving from cover to cover as I try to approach my enemies. The breakable cover and different enemies varied my approach, as I found peeking a shotgunner at close range was not ideal, or having shield guys in the way would mean trouble; all of this makes it more engaging to reposition and maneuver around to gain an advantage, which is I believe this game really nailed the core concept of gunfights. When I died, I didn’t feel frustrated at all because of the fast respawn time, and because of the good gunplay mechanics, failure encouraged me to think of my pacing and approach to the level. Very good job on that. The sound effects and knockback when the bullet hits is satisfying. Boss fight was really cool too. I guess the only criticism I have is to have some smarter enemies that move around and try to out maneuver you too. It doesn’t have to be good AI, for example, the shield enemy was a great addition to tone down brute-forcing. I knew exactly how to kill the shield, but there are other enemies disrupting me from doing the one-two bullet juke, so that is one great way to make me rethink my approach. I would love to see more situations that enable this kind of back-and-forth analysis of the situation. All in all, I had great fun for the entire game. Definitely one of the best shooters I’ve played in this jam. Excellent work!

Pretty fun platformer with good controls and has a good variety of enemies. Going through the various levels with the dialog made the world feel like a large place and felt awesome. I think it could be more engaging if the enemies were less bullet-spongey, especially the boss. The bullet-hell boss was cool but I think it would be better if there was something that challenged the player’s thinking more than just spamming attack until he dies. Overall, I had fun, great job!

This is a pretty awesome and engaging platformer! I completed the game and got the big @$$ diamond at the end. The movement and controls feel solid. I like that the jump is short and it has good feedback which allows me to jump fairly quickly up the multiple platforms. This sets a quick pacing for the platforming which feels good. The levels looked awesome with a lot of decorations and polish and the instant respawn on death is great. As for the criticism, the dash control is a little wonky. I was able to get the hang of it after a while, but it didn’t feel right at first. I think it has something to do with the timing window of the dash - the player needs to hit it just shortly after a jump, which can be hard to get used to. Fixing this to allow the user to dash at the same time as jump, or even better, be able to hit dash before jumping, would feel more responsive. The attack perhaps need some work to make it feel better too. For me, the movement felt great, so I just jump over enemies whenever possible. The attack could incorporate some physics to knock enemies back, or have a wide visible arc for good visual feedback. I think it would be amazing incorporating attacks while moving, and it would definitely make this game shine. Overall, this game is already one of the better platformers I’ve played, with great polish and tight controls. I enjoyed it all the way through. Great job!

It’s a decent bullet-hell shooter, moving around and shooting shockwaves at the guns feel alright but it doesn’t have much mechanics or things to do in the game to keep the player engaged. It needs to have more indicators and player feedback to let the player know when he gets hurt, or damaged an enemy, etc. There needs to be a health indicator, even just a number on the screen somewhere would suffice. The enemy bullets also phase through walls, which I think should not. Sometimes, the enemy bullets would stop in mid-air. The levels are all kind of the same and needs more variety. All in all, I did enjoy dodging the bullets and managed to complete 3 levels. Good effort!

I love the tone and mood in this game, it has a very fitting music. It looks like it could be much more amazing, I can see some great possibilities playing around with the character’s spirit and inventory. In the game, it was mentioned that it would get darker if low on spirit? I think that would be quite a creative concept to set a unique atmosphere like that. Though the platforming mechanics needs some work, as it doesn’t feel very good to move around. I had fun reaching the last level, even if the game is unfinished. Good job!

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Ctrl + W (sprint and jump) closes the tab in chrome-based browsers, so I had to download this on Windows to play it comfortably. It is quite a creative and engaging puzzle game to use different colors and play with what’s passable and what’s not. It’s very polished, with an amusing cutscene in the beginning, level-select and lots of decorations in the level to make it feel good to explore. The movement and controls feel great in such a way that it allows players to react and correct platforming mistakes, all that’s missing is coyote-time (allow a short grace period after leaving the platform to still jump). While the levels look amazing, the mindset behind the design needs to be improved. In some parts of the later levels, if you so much so as to accidentally fall off an edge, or miss a platform, the player is forced to press ‘R’ and do it all over again. I don’t think this is a good way to introduce challenge; with your game’s unique puzzle aspect, it’s better to challenge the player’s thinking, not the player’s resilience. Overall, I had fun completing all 10 levels, and there isn’t much else to criticize. A solid puzzle-platformer, good job!

Very creative with forming the monsters using the sprites, has nice effects and a very good atmosphere! Showing the LMB sprite when close enough to the well and the little giggles after purifying is complete is excellent player feedback which enables me to look at my surroundings without worrying about the one I’m purifying. I didn’t even have to look to know that I’ve finished purifying the well, which is great! For criticism, doing this one thing over and over again is not very engaging, even if there are monsters to try and disrupt me. Pardon me for this analogy, but the gameplay is akin to attending a boiling kettle while some kids try to annoy you in different ways (an all too familiar setting in real life); which meant that for me, my engagement of the game relied solely on the theme and atmosphere. Therefore, I feel that the mechanics need to be improved in some way to be more satisfying to the player. Perhaps you can include things that require decision-making, maybe each shrine is of a different god and would give different effects. Maybe allow enough time for the player to go to the river and catch a fish or prepare some sake as a shinsen offering to the gods - relaxing times like this can act as a “calm before the storm”, and you can play with the pacing of tension. Lastly, dying at 5am was basically down to whether I was unlucky enough to not be able to get back my rosary in time, or be moved by the girl spirit at an inconvenient time. Being forced to restart because of something completely out of the player’s control can feel unfair, so perhaps you can mitigate this by having multiple ways to get out of a problem. All in all, I had some fun, loved the setting and was excited to see such a unique aesthetic. Great job!

This is a very good example of a simple idea done right. It’s a very creative concept for a game and the mapping of the controls as the hands is done very well which leaves a lot of room for player expression. I can move faster by moving both hands, or do quick claps, or even a large clap (sound effects and the subtle animation makes it feel really satisfying to do). All the faces that character makes is expressive and adds to the game’s polish. There’s even a courtroom cutscene which I really like. For criticism, I think it would improve the feel if the hands helped push the fly towards the middle when they come together - this would make it feel like the player’s actions have more influence in the game. I think the game also needs a bit more variety to keep the player engaged longer. One of the levels had blue flies, which is a good start to encourage players to make use of the large clap. You can also add enemy varities, like maybe mosquito that will land on the player’s face, and the player must use the hands to shake them off once in a while. Overall, I had lots of fun playing this! It’s charming and has a lot of potential!

Simply amazing. I would never have imagined that this was produced in 48 hours. There are a ton of features implemented - minimap, day-night cycle, procedural generation, just to name a few. The tutorial was very well done, with indicators telling you where to go even off-screen. That lonesome music playing in the background as I scour around for animals and resources for my farm, sprinting to the shop to sell my produce and earn money for my upgrades, all of it feels amazing; it fits the setting and theme very well. Even the little door opening as I enter the farm feels great. The user interface is extremely polished, very clear and easy to understand. There are also good game design choices, like just showing where the wasps would be coming from, the slow and steady increase in the amount of wasps, allowing a short period of time before exploding, and the way the prices are set up to enable the decision-making of choosing what types of produce to make and sell (and also whether to actually go to the market or stay at the farm). Because the days are short enough and will need the player to defend the barn at night, the repetitive farming doesn’t feel tedious as you can’t do everything in one day; choices have to be made especially later on in the game.

I had a blast playing this and was mostly in awe. It feels like a fully completed game. I couldn’t think of a single criticism.

A nice game that automates the crafting of items! I think it’s pretty cool how the ships follow the path of the crosshair, and setting up a production line was satisfying when it all comes together. It has a comprehensive crafting wiki and adjustable speed. There are a lot of levels which can be skipped and selected from the main menu which I think is a good decision. However, I think the overlapping of sprites and the lack of feedback or indication for the player’s actions makes it very confusing to play. For items like the stick, it appears to overlap with the basic wooden blocks and the UFO ships after it is crafted. When that happens, it is difficult to set up the next automation path - I can’t tell if I’m picking up the crafted stick, or the basic wooden block. I know I can turn the speed to 1, and in that timeframe, move the stick, but it doesn’t feel good to do so. I think this can be solved by simply having the output be generated in a different tile outside of the 3x3 crafting area. Or, have an option to toggle the visibility of the automation paths based on the item type. I think for this type of game, the priority should be focused on getting the feel right, so it needs a sound effect or some simple animation to show that the UFO ships are releasing the blocks, or to signify that the production line is being blocked, and more player feedback in general to achieve that satisfying automation loop and understand what’s going on. It would have been much more amazing, even if there was only one or two items to craft. Overall, I had some fun solving the puzzles. Good effort!

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A nice puzzle platformer, reminds me of The Lost Vikings. The movement feels good, controls are alright, and each character has its own unique strength and weakness. I like the concept of being able to use the right character for the right job. I think the level design requires too precise of a timing/movement, some jumps can only be made if the double jump was performed at the very peak of the first jump with the right momentum and timing. Normally this would be okay, but there are 2 other characters to worry about, and a puzzle that has to be restarted if solved wrongly, so it can become a little overwhelming to expect the player to be perfect. You can try to counteract this by offering multiple solutions to the puzzle. The floaty push and collision makes it too easy to mistakenly place the springs in an irreversible position, forcing a restart that can feel discouraging and unfair at times. Also, once a character reaches the goal, it will not be controllable, again, forcing a restart if the other 2 characters still needed him. I think the accumulation of these problems made it feel less polished, even though the mechanics are there - there’s coyote-time, start-stop acceleration, good air control, etc. things that make a good platformer. I even noticed that there is a slight chromatic aberration near the edges of the screen, which sets a nice tone for the game. All in all, I enjoyed playing this game for a bit, good job!

It’s a nice game with a great concept, I can finally play as someone that goes around telling everyone to shut the f*k up so I can go to sleep. I had fun smashing the critters and running back into my bed. There’s also some nice effects when smashing. I think the controls are quite slippery, so it’s hard to push the critters around - so it needs tighter movement. Sometimes the critter doesn’t stay stunned even after pushing into cage, especially if I push 2 critters into the cage by accident, I expected 1 of them to get locked, but instead, both of them got up and starting dancing again. Lastly, I think there needs to be more mechanics and variety to keep the player engaged for multiple levels. Overall, good job!

Dude, this is a solid RTS defense game! It has a nice tutorial too. I had lots of fun building my defenses, placing wizard towers around my farms. While the archers and knights are useful to add to the defenses, I think they need more importance in the game because there’s no attacking, only defending, so the units don’t really have much of a role to play. Perhaps you can give them special abilities, or a role in escorting workers, or make a special wave that has extra enemies come from a certain direction to force the player to move units around. Speaking of workers, the resources can spread out quite far, so basically my workers will be gone working as an illegal immigrant on another planet and will be too troublesome to get them back. I thought I would immediately win the game after building the temple, but after placing it down, there was a timer and I was like “oh sh*t”. Really enjoyed the final rush, just the sheer amount of units on screen reminds me of something like They Are Billions, very cool. For criticism, I think this game needs more indicators and sound effects to properly show what the player can or cannot do. There also needs to be more focus on the variety and interactions between units, buildings and resources to make it more engaging for the player. Anyways, I enjoyed the game all the way through. Glad to see a strategy game in this jam. Great job!

A good dungeon-crawler with a cool battle system that shows its potential once you fight the ghost in Level 10. Being able to use poker cards as attack and defense with a MP limit has some strategy involved, and the randomly dealt cards give players the opportunity to either sacrifice attack over defense and vice versa, or play out cards in hopes of setting up a more powerful 5-card combo like a straight or flush. This is possible in the later levels where the enemies get tougher, and sometimes they hide their attack damage, so players need to predict and take risks. This game can have great potential if worked on further, but sadly due to the time limit of the game jam, it currently lacks polish and there’s not much the player can do. Good effort!

Yeah, I’m on Windows 10 64-bit. Ah, I see, that’s a good way to ease pressure on new players!

Nice action game which I don’t think really fits the definition of a RPG, it’s more of a shoot-em-up / dungeon-crawler. When starting the game, I thought the atmosphere was pretty great, it set a surreal tone of a car in the fields at night, slow humming of the engine, with nobody in sight, driving slowly. Then it became even more bizarre as the car ventures into a dungeon with fire and ice spells, fighting monsters and spiders. It had cool effects and decent controls. The car was able to move faster with the Shift key, I thought that was a great touch, fitting for a car. I think it needed more story elements, something to justify the dissonance of a car having magic spells - it needs some kind of reasoning for the theme to not make it feel too out of place. Overall, good job!

Oh yeah, some bug reports. I found that the fullscreen mode on a 1080p screen will make the game stretched. I also encountered a bug where sometimes when first entering a section, the farmers did not chase me and I can move around freely. It was only until I entered a few other sections that the farmers started chasing me. This was on Hard difficulty. This only happens some of the time, so I’m not sure what could have been the problem.

Wow, this game is really polished and felt great to play! It has a really nice retro feel to it, and it’s adorable. Even the start menu has a little pig to control and select, it all adds to the charm of the game. Sound effects were on point, even the rocket flying off at the end was cool. While the level structure on normal and hard remained the same, the placement of the trees which create the sections and paths within the level was different and procedurally generated each time, which is awesome. Accomplishing all this in 48 hours is an amazing feat. I like the concept of farming for carrots to be used as an attack and to self-heal too, but yeah, I would like to see more uses for them.

I know this is due to the game jam time limit, but I guess my only criticism is to have more variety in the mechanics and enemies, because right now, changing the difficulty only means bigger level and more enemies; it doesn’t introduce much depth other than the reduced chicken-time. Great work! Would love to see more of it!

Very polished game with interesting interactions! Turning playing cards into a puzzle game is a brilliant idea, I think you should consider making this into a tabletop game, or make a rulebook so people at home can play using their own playing cards! Planning out the jumps feel satisfying and is easy to understand because everyone is familiar with suits and numbers. I think the instructions in the beginning can be improved a little more, as I wasn’t sure how the character actually jumps consecutively - especially if the player sets up more than 1 possible direction to jump to. Because of this ambiguity, I had the initial misunderstanding when being told I could set up multiple jumps, I thought it had more to do with jumping over existing platforms. Speaking of which, because the player can’t jump over existing platforms, it’s a trap! Even with the leaderboard, it’s not inherently clear that this game’s objective is just to earn score - one might think that they may fail if they do not collect enough food. So I think you should let the player know that food just gives points, they are not the objective of the game.

Lastly, I’d just like to point out that I personally don’t find a lot of engagement in solitaire-like games because of the lack of variety and complexity in player action, but I know other people who do love games like this (which is why I recommended making a tabletop ruleset for this game). I did enjoy the game for a bit, and I think it’s an awesome concept!

Nice little shoot-em-up game with 2 different enemies. I like that the bats have its own behavior and try to swoop into the player. Other than that, there’s not much to do, could use some more mechanics and polish.

Decent shoot-em-up but could use more mechanics. I like the effects and it feels pretty cool to destroy the enemies. I think the use of the sprites in such a way to create a kind of arcade screen border is pretty cool, sort of like a CRT monitor. Other than that, there’s not much to do in the game.

It’s a creative concept of controlling the rocket by jumping onto buttons, and it feels adorable to play although there’s not much to do in the game. I think it’s a fun way of controlling the rocket. If you further develop this idea in future, I think it would be cool if the focus is on operating the ship, make the player feel like a smart mouse. Try not to throw too many asteroids at the player, and try not to disrupt the mouse in the ship too much because the controls are already non-orthodox, so further making it difficult to maneuver would be too much of a distraction. Instead, I think focusing on things that challenge thinking, like minor puzzles, more buttons, fuel management, and story choices would serve the game better. Good luck!

This game is pretty polished and has a neat concept. I think how the critters interact with each other is pretty adorable. There’s a cool effect over the food when winning too, which feels great. Some of the level design like the positioning of the fences should be improved, because it can be hard to maneuver once the critter is being controlled. Also, because the only reason to control a critter is to move it away or closer to its food, I feel that it becomes tedious after a while and is not enough to engage the player over many levels. If that’s the case, moving critters with the mouse would have been the better control choice. So to counter this problem, it needs more mechanics that motivate the player to possess. You can try allowing the player to gain the critter’s abilities, essentially becoming a more powerful version of that critter, like maybe the player can pounce and scratch as a cat. You can also try varying up the gameplay and not make it all about defense. Lastly, there are some AI behavior issues where the cat sometimes doesn’t hit the mouse, or the mouse doesn’t eat the cheese.

Overall, I enjoyed trying to defend my steak and cheese and had fun watching the little critters move around. Good job!

A short and simple platformer which is nice. It has a nice atmosphere that makes me feel like a lost wanderer looking for purpose, and that all fits the theme and story very well. The player can jump by colliding with the side of the walls, which can function as a climb, but it doesn’t feel right because the jump sound plays a lot in that instance. There is also an attack that feels like RPG combat, which I kinda like. Other than that, I feel that there isn’t enough mechanics that can keep the player engaged. The movement is basic and there’s no coyote-time. There is a background/foreground aspect to it at one point, where the player/enemy is covered by the wall, which is pretty cool but is very subtle so it may confuse the player at first. There is also an invisible enemy, which if it is a ghost, should at least have some outline or faded sprite to indicate something. Anyways, I enjoyed playing the game! Good effort!

A nice puzzle game that has good feedback when you’re doing something wrong or right. I liked the little things like filling water with the bucket, though collecting cheese doesn’t seem like it amounts to anything. I liked that it challenges thinking more so than dexterity, and allows you to solve it at your own pace - I appreciate relaxing puzzle games like this. I enjoyed my time going through the puzzles but it could use more variety and challenge the player in different ways other than just observing the patterns. Overall, good job!

It’s a simple but fun game and can be addictive. I like that the bombs break the ground and don’t outright kill you, so you can still jump the gap if you have flying charge, or regenerate with lucky charge. I also like that shooting bombs higher up give you higher score, so there’s some skill and timing involved. I think the controls will be more responsive if you allow the player to move and shoot at the same time. Finally, I think there needs to be more mechanics or effects to make it more engaging. It’s a good effort, and I enjoyed playing it!