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 I made some bad decisions and planning, and had a sprinkle of bad luck.

I got unlucky because my computer sort-of broke down about an hour after starting. I wasn't able to use my computer until yesterday evening (even then, today I got busy with family stuff and had to get ready for the school year) so I didn't have much time to fully code what I was hoping, but in addition, I also made a really bad decision to use the HTML canvas and Javascript. This wouldn't be a problem for everyone, it's just that I don't have any useful base code to help me out. That was just a plain stupid decision.

If I were to submit, it wouldn't be considered a "game"; the mechanics aren't finished or thought out, there's many architectural flaws in the code that limit the design, it would be rigid due to the lack of animations, no sfx, inadequate instructions, etc. I don't feel close to finishing. I might still work on it past the deadline cause I still want to make a game, but I simply don't have enough time to submit something in less than 15 minutes at this point.

Anyway, if there's a Miz Jam 2, I'll definitely plan better for it, and cross my fingers my computer works the whole time. Pretty disappointed about how this jam turned out for me :(

zoMG very useful for my levels definitely not being a paid commenter summoned by daxterapid. Haha xD