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Love it!

Holy shit! This game.

The writing and soundtrack fully pulled me into a sword whirling chicken experience. 10/10 this game is lit!

Nice game :)

Beautiful game! :D

Nice game! I ended up rage quitting... :P

This game is amazing! Great job!

Reminds me of the curious expedition combat system. If I am to point out anything for constructive criticism I would recommend slowly introducing various mechanics rather than an information overload at the start. Completely understandable considering this is a game jam.

Nice game! I liked the idea of using the dice to change things but it felt rather clunky in design.

Great game! I'd love to see some more stages/ backgrounds :D

Very nice and polished game! The puzzles were well thought out.

If you're looking to work on it further I would recommend having the camera pull back a bit more. I like what you were going for, it feels more personal up close but I think a wider view (even slightly) would be better suited. I had one situation where the block was "on the right path" however It fell into a spot next to another block where I couldn't quite get in between and push it. The "R" restart button fixed it but it was a bit of a let down right before the end of the level.

Overall you've made an amazing game for such a short period of time and you should be proud of what you've made! Great Job!

If you like difficult adventure games :D


This is so unique! The atmosphere created was fantastic!

I'm a fairly slow typer so the game was difficult but very well put together.

I would have loved to see more dialogue, every character was either scared of me or attacked. Apart from that you've put together a decent experience. Good job! :)

Things got intense fast :D    Throwing the food was satisfying.

One of the foods disappeared while I was holding it then the game crashed. I think it was because I pressed the 'put item down' button.

Its so cute!!!!! the music and animations make the game feel playful and positive. I went through and played both difficulties to success :D

Loved it!

SO SATISFYING! I completely forgot about the ladders and just went for it ending up digging around as fast as possible.

Having the spikes appear in areas that have already been 'cleared' is a great design choice.

Wow that was great! I was caught on the last one for a while but felt awesome when I solved it. The music was fantastic! definitely suited the game.

I'd recommend placing the text in a window somewhere other than over the player, It was occasionally difficult to read. I also came across a few switches that seemingly didn't do anything, not sure what happened there.

Adding a tutorial is definitely in my sights. I like the idea of an undo system, it would be worth exploring.

Thank you for playing! :D

Thank you! I'm glad you liked the game!

I think if I am to work on the game furthermore it would become a narrative strategy game with tighter environments and checkpoint like locations.

Imagine dark souls of the walking simulators :p

Thank you :)

I hope you were able to explore the foundry and midway! I could have definitely been more clear on an initial objective.

Yay!!!! I'm happy that you noticed that :D 

There are three main areas to explore (including the starting zone) and multiple characters to talk with. I was hoping that the signs at the start would provide a bit of direction. I'll likely spend a bit of time on a new introductory area/tutorial zone.

Congratulations! and good job! your game looks beautiful!

Ive got a dark exploration game, Hope it encourages Interaction with "the chat" (viewers). Id love to know what you think!


If you like dark otherworldly exploration games give this a try. Hoping for some productive criticism :)


I'm also eager for that sweet sweet feedback! :D

Check out Respawn!

Whoops, enabling the console messages was unintentional, thank you for pointing that out.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to implement any audio to the game, I would have liked to have it in as well.

Oh that's strange, the window size can be enlarged either by clicking and dragging the window corners. Or with the default windows enlarge/minimise buttons which can be found on the top of the game window. Hope that helps :)

Thank you Neutrix! I was hoping to make the game somewhat challenging. Maybe checkpoint system could do the trick.

Thank you for your kind words! :D

I would have liked to get some music and sfx in as well. I'll likely add audio to the game in the near future.

Hope that doesn't happen with this jam,  I'd like to get the dev log in.

Nice! I'm keen to see it!

I'll put it up asap, hopefully it's seen, thank you :)

I'm the same, should be okay to upload in a day or two. Glad to know someone else is in the same situation.

Can we post devlogs and  update game pages after the jam ends? or is this considered breaking the rules?

I found calligraphr useful for creating fonts, hope this works for you :D