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How can I use the image assets and make them into a text font?

A topic by luhyphenwai created Aug 19, 2020 Views: 283 Replies: 10
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How can I use the image assets and make them into a text font that I can use in unity? I just cannot figure out how the hell I can do this.


I found calligraphr useful for creating fonts, hope this works for you :D


Same deal, couldn't make headway with TMP using the sprites or with Calligraphr (seemed not really what I was going for?), or with a post regarding generating font data packs from spritesheets that I read online. Instead, I started coding a way to just convert strings to the sprites and generate/manage them that way, but it seemed like it was going to end up being an inordinate amount of work for what should already exist and work (sprite -> font -> use it by typing).

I just want to make some wiggly fun text without 3+ hours of prereq. dev time :V

If I find anything I'll post here.


This works well

Holy hell that works absolutely perfectly thank you so much!



Do you have the font? If so, can send me a link to download it?


You can use caligraphr, but you can use your own too

I made it into a ttf file but capital letters are blank and spaces are short


Mine had the same issues, I just finagled with it to make it space out better :<

Do you have a ttf file of it?