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Submitted by AgentXMan — 1 day, 22 hours before the deadline
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Gameplay Innovation#1002.1382.138

Ranked from 29 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Please list any pre-made art/music/code/other assets that you used.
Tim's Assets

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AgentXMan - has done everything (solo game dev)

yt =

Anything you want to say to players before they play?

(also if browser laggy then pls download)

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Welp, this was really unexpected. Though, I don't think I get it right.

I didn't understand the "There will be consequences" part. But the game scratched that part of my mind that makes me think about existence and such. Overall, it was a great experience. The graphics are really simple and the audio makes it more creepy and atmospheric. Congratulations!


Needs polish but overall captivating little "ride" and the end was clever.  Definitely play the download though.


What am I suppose to expect from a surreal game like this one? If I don't know what to expect from this game, can anything in the game really be unexpected then?

Okay this was a surreal and weird game. I overall liked it. Well done.


Thanks for playing the game :)


Wow, weird game! It was lagging for me a lot (I’ve downloaded the latest version), but it didn’t stop me from finishing it. I liked the simple graphics and the voice acting.


It turns out that it was just my computer being laggy. The game works fine!


Thanks for completing the game. Hope you liked the twist


I definitely didn’t expect it, though I saw that platform from the very beginning! :-P


Paranoia level 11/10


Very creative! Nice job.


Thanks :)


I guess you could say there's some layers to this one. The voice acting was fun, and it definitely had a trippy style

Developer (1 edit)

thanks. hope you finished the game and remember: there will be... :D

the movement controls are a bit buggy though but that will get fixed soon


is very trippy and moody, controller is bit buggy but i got what you want to achieve =)

nice one


Thanks for your feedback, the player controller is a bit buggy but other than that, its fine. Thanks for the feedback once again...


super creepy, especially with the music! 

One tip I have is to fade the music when it loops to prevent the jarring audio clip. 

Otherwise the physics could be less floaty - maybe that's the vibe, but it made the platforming aspects kinda frustrating. I bailed at the first lava (red floor) area. 

Some of the text, especially in the beginning, were kind of difficult to read. Movement is really tricky to get used to, especially the one area with the brown obstacle. And I'm not really sure what my goal is here, as I'm going through this.

I do like the soundtrack that helps give a dark vibe to the setting.


oh, i am sorry that the text was difficult to read, yes i have got a few people saying the movement is kind of sticky so i am working on that.

The game is supposed to be unexpected which makes the player confused about what is going on to make it a bit unexpected. 

Thanks for the feedback !



This definitely weirded me out! I loved it! Also little tip: Antivirus programs flag unity programs that have icons as viruses, so you should leave your game without an icon if you want it to be more playable. I don't know any workarounds sadly!


Thanks a lot, and thanks for the suggestion also, i was wondering why does the thing say that there might be viruses but there just aren't any.

Thanks a lot again for the suggestion and feedback :D


I really like the big drop with red, white and black elements. It was very visually pleasing. The movement felt finicky most of the time (is it just me or does the character drift to the left?) and I kept getting stuck on everything in the house level. But overall pretty good!


Thanks a lot for your time and feedback. Yeah thats a known issue that the player in the house level goes to the left but i have no idea why does that happen, but it will get fixed soon once i figure it out. The house level i guess the colliders are a bit too much over there, that will get fixed soon :D

thanks a lot again


Overall game idea is pretty good, I would love to see it in more polished way.

The graphics and gamplay itself... basicly doesn't exist here.

And after playing I remember only one thing... :D


Thanks a lot, after making the game more polished i will make a sequel, SO REMEMBER......:D

Submitted (1 edit)

I was confused for a lot of the story but it kept me interested the entire way to when I finished it. All of those levels must have taken a ton of work and I enjoyed my time playing through it. One thing I recommend is polishing the movement controls. It feels imprecise and I often lose because I jump way farther and faster than I expect to. Overall, a great game! Play my game if you get a chance!


Thanks a lot, yeah the movement is a bit off, i cant get the exact reason why, but i am still trying to fix it, doing everything i can :D

Thanks a lot for giving feedback!

sure i will play your game


K yeah... <3 love this game haha got to the control room then it put me in a dropper game and the big black square got me good each time also the jumping is soooo farrrrr haha I'm not a parkour god but wow PrestonPlays a youtuber should totally play this you made congrats it's fun and all the 3D words in air! :)


Thanks a lot, i am trying to fix that black square because apparently a video should be played but i have no idea what happened that made that big square come, i will remove that as soon as i get on my pc again. Thanks again for the feedback


note that i have fixed the black square bug, it was a bug which was troubling people. so i removed it, now you can continue the game :D

Deleted 316 days ago

Hey there, thanks for the feedback. i just made the player movement not so slippery and its version 1.1.

the colliders problem has to get fixed but other than that everything else should be just fine :D

and thanks a lot :D

Deleted 316 days ago