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Oops I meant to rate more, woah I never knew there was over 150+ or more games to rate? Where did they all come up from? I rated maybe 5-10 games haha mine only got 9 ratings and not much comments or feed back on my 2 games, I'm still game for if people want to play mine, and I'm still game to try out more games, I didn't know the voting was timed I woulda voted way more and commented on more! I'm willing to give feed back as well as receive feed back on mine so that we each can do better next time. :)

Your welcome :)

Good point also I will update that this week then as well.

Good point I will update that this week then.

I will look for yours and play too thanks for bringing to my attention. :)

I will look for yours Nikki :)

Alright I tested it several times thing is "Seeds come easy, Food come easy, Animals come easy, the only thing that doesn't make sense is roughly around day 700 ish the game crashes each time! :)

Alright I tested it several times thing is "Seeds come easy, Food come easy, Animals come easy, the only thing that doesn't make sense is roughly around day 700 ish the game crashes each time! :)

Your welcome, but truly it's me to thank you, it's a cute fun game!

Cute so pretty game <3

I will try this again but I talked to everyone and got them to move behind the vase and plant and pillows and curtain, I picked up the magazine book, the burning sun on chair was unexpected haha, when timer hit 0 the screen went all black! :)

I'm a programmer looking for a team.

Cute looking and fun game.

OMG I want this soo bad now! Um I will see what I can do.

Cute looking game reminds me so much of the cartoon show Studio Ghibli made.

I love Sonic the HedgeHog series soo awesome.

Pink and cute I love it wow <3

PROCJAM 2020 community · Created a new topic Question?

Is it possible to make a game that makes it's own self, thus when you play the newly made one that it makes a copy of itself and so on, and at same time is still functionable and fun and playable? I would sooo totally be into this if anyone knows how to make my idea a reality? :)

Thanks Limo :)

I'm thinking of adding a work contracts or something in the paid version lols playing my own game and the hour wait kinda loooong lols good thing it's only a demo so much I can addy to it one day! Buyable work contracts to work, maybe an anti aging potion, save feature, and past life mechanic to boost stats or money or something, all of which would be too much for me to do atm!  :)

I will be a 40 year old maid in a cat costume skiing down Mount Everest. Yolo.

K yeah... <3 love this game haha got to the control room then it put me in a dropper game and the big black square got me good each time also the jumping is soooo farrrrr haha I'm not a parkour god but wow PrestonPlays a youtuber should totally play this you made congrats it's fun and all the 3D words in air! :)

This is my more serious of the 2 game submissions where I put more thought and time in on! Also I wish I knew how to add peripherals graphics or sounds in dos batch, anyways they are just Keyboard only, Text Based, and Soundless games! Also ascii art I never got too sorry maybe later with these ones one day! Also if you ever want to work with me for a future jam game project, I'm all ears, just may have to teach me a more robust language that can add more stuff lols, I'm willing to learn new things, Cheers! :)

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I liked this game and I like the fact that regardless of the opening I chose I could win or lose, and nomatter what a big long scrolling message came up! The 1 dimension idea seems fun I wonder what would happen if the game board was 12 tall and each person had 2 pawns in front a knight then a king, and cuz chess rules the front most pawn moves 1 and 2nd moves 1 or 2 and attack directly in front, and the knight can jump 2 or 3 spaces forward or backward thus allowing to jump over the 2 pawns on 1st move like normal chess! I liked it the way it is I'm just thinking of ideas that could make this bigger thanks this totally gave me ideas but your the original so I rather give and support you some ideas! Cuz I like chess I gonna straight up give you a [3.5/5.0] it's simple and fun cheers! :)

Kisk if you need some ideas both my submissions are in, you can look at some of my ideas in both submitted games, look at the code or whatever! Hopefully something pops out that sparks an idea, I didn't have many unexpected ideas but I was able to attempt a few that sorta works! But mainly randomizing works to a degree and that factor is part of both games somewhat as well. Hope your game turns out well and hope yours do very well too in this jam. I joined this jam to be productive and get back into coding again since I took a long break. Kisk I know your gonna do great think of really crazy ideas and work those in the game they just might be unexpected.

I have 2 submitted to this unexpected jam, The vampire one and The horse one, I will admit my Horse one was more thought out but they both are likely worth a look at, but if you had to pick one fast then I vouch for my latest Horse one. Thanks Brightlight, also mine is Dos Batch so it runs on 32 and 64 and can be full screen, just the thing is the game will be top left as I dunno how to center it out, but you can right click and resize the letters etc. I just never had time to program in the scaling and centering features.

Sure I can try tomorrow. :)

Um well I can give ya helpful advice, you want to Fight on 1st move and heal up to 10 then you want to fight at 2/3 HP and heal back up to that, then about 30 to 35 sucks in you wanna "Stuff a shoe" then what you wanna do is Music when you become a vampire unless you have uncanny memory and Fight only 10 times as a human, because the hidden factor is the Shoe Stuffing is the vampire fangs, and if that's not in your shoe to make money well then the fangs on hand hurt and haunt you! Also stuffing a shoe converts to Money for you to use as a Vampire as those fangs are sold. Hopefully this info helps you some, and that's part of the puzzle a player had to solve, but I feel like I can tell ya the deeper meaning of that shoe. Cheers! :)

Yeah it can happen lols I guess I can upload a 2nd game since there appears to still be time left if I not mistaken! @MetaBitly

Not really sure BITHALT, but if you did he might allow updates between the now & deadline time, provided you submit the final edit before the deadline, If not then just have a plan to have another project in case, because he did say you can submit more than 1 game for this JAM, atm I submitted 1 & have some small plans for a 2nd already. Just I haven't any new major ideas atm for this jam, I have some tiny ideas, but not enough fuel for another game in full, creating small batch games are quick & easy for me as I barely code alot in them, I generally stick to alot of goto's & if's & variables, then a few pages of text that change now & then, so time wise I can get another 30 in if I wanted to like 3 a day easily, as the language is soo basic & doesn't require adding sounds or peripherals or gui's or graphics so, the thing is though I dunno if I just wanna make a pile of games for the sake of games, thus why I want plans & ideas 1st to make another, my next project though is likely python or javascript because at least those I can add the extra stuff, whereas batch, you can construct temporary mouse but atm I only know how to make that work with tic tac toe in batch. For sound making it open a Youtube link song is not fun to do cuz the browser opens overlapping the game. So in a sense Batch is both easy but then harder in other areas! Which is why I submitted early & tbh not even planning on updating, I rather code in a higher language to make my next game, also even if he did allow edits, I just dunno if anytime soon I would edit as this really was more to get my feet wet & my brain starting to think up! Mind ya though we could team up on a middle 3rd game between us, then we would have 3 entries between us BITHALT if ya want!? :)

What's a cba? for ios almost everybody has those... :)

Hey ya'll :)

Good to know thanks I have 1 submitted but I will see what others I can attempt to make, hopefully I can find a language that can top my submitted game cuz I would love to add "Mouse, Sound, Graphics, etc." Instead of a text based game, mind ya I did put some unexpected things in the story so players will be confused, I'm just seeing if I can maybe try a graphical approach next as in 2D or 3D art give me a day or two I need to study and sort something out. .bat games are easy and fast to code, and I can get really in depth with them, but maybe there is another entry I can do with a bit more interactivity, because as it stands .bat doesn't have many options to have running game code, generally it's user input to make it happen step to step... :)

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I just know .bat I mean I was looking at ways to try to convert it to html but couldn't find a compiler or .bat to html program so it's kinda what it is that I submitted moments ago to this jam, it's a tough language to work with as there just ain't the stuff like other higher languages and I wouldn't say I'm a master at ascii i wouldn't know how to draw a vampire in ascii, so all I know is a "Fish, cat, bat, rat, dragon, bowl" The scope is small to what I can draw! There is no sound or mouse either cuz that just ain't pluggable that i know of so it's just words and numbers and works with a keyboard! Aka a pure Text based game, for windows only unless something else reads .bat games! :)

Not sure why 9 people joined if only 2 games to vote on so I extended this round, and also I will submit a game myself, I just been so busy during the Covid lockdowns and such online past few months till now that I haven't really had a chance to do up a game so, I will be submitting a game in like a week or so from now, making the minimum 3 to vote on, this will be the last and final extension, lets hope to get some games to vote on! The game jam is intended mainly to see what we can do with such a limited coding language, and to bring awareness to it, personally I never had problems with Batch Script, it's just very text based type of language the kinda of games that come from it and sure a person can use all ascii and generate a mouse on the spot and such, we won't be making 3D games or RTS, but l will submit something this round as I have more time, and regardless of what's submitted whether it's just the current soon to be 3 games or 20, the vote will happen, and this type of jam will see it's completion unless I or someone hosts another like this! Enjoy, have fun and happy coding! :)

This game lols I love the fact this game always twists into some sad or violent death lols! I played 5 lives it was fun while it lasted but I'm moving on now cheers! :D

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Sure let me know what we should do as in taste wise should we make a clicker, an rts, an rpg, a platformer... like I'm trying to feel and gauge what your into then I can explain even more depth what I like and do and feel for and if anything matches or is close proximity then we have our game jam game out of the bag and we do it :)