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Neat I will solve something no worries.

So 3 days is this Jam right? That's how long we have right?

Sure I will look into it, so just a game that there is a timer and you have to run to get to the next phase in game huh hmmm I wonder if hidden timers for things would be a thing I will look into it. Thanks.

I looked into it, you can't create just random "Chance" without RNG, might as well make a linear path or multiple questionaire, example there is a chance you will roll a 5 on a 6 sided dice, however if it is predestined then no matter how you play, everyone plays the exact same game in same order same steps and get same score, might as well make a visual novel and make a story about some person getting lucky by chance, because that is the only thing that will work for this Jam. Impossible to detach RNG from Chance as they are literally exactly the same thing.

Comments enabled! - No idea why it was not on, I will be making the paid version, I'm like a month later but this game was not forgotten, I will make quick work of edits now. Cheers!

I'm not sure how to leave a rating, but from what I seen so far I would +1000, I will 1 up the "Shelves' Schwa" comment and make it go from +1 to +2 soo... That's my mark I will do for now...

Good list never saw this post till now. Better late then never at all.

I meant to ask " Leafo " as I lost his comment for "Jam" where do I find Jams or post my Jams again I prolly won't make a Jam till next year or so but is good to know and remember? - be nicer if this site was coded better so I can find his post to me...

I played up to 6 Gold yeah... I don't get this I tried but this doesn't make sense sigh... So we selling stuff for gold or do these items mean something?

It's an ok game I got 1 of each item, but the south door does not seem to open...

Oh no worries I woulda got that one in like the 800 or so games for $5 deal, the person was giving keys away for free till I discovered I owned it and it came in a mega deal, tbh I paid less than a cent on each game/software as it stands so I practically got it free anyways as the developer is always trying to get people in it.

Huh neat I love the artstyle of this! game, nice do please check mine out also.

The idea is great, it's fun, sorry I got to it just today, so I missed the rating, please do check my submission out. - Hope we can collab one day I like your style actually tbh.

Hmmm... interesting... something about this style you did, thing is we can collab, as I have professional photography and film kit, I can totally get behind this style and polish this type of "Video" into a game, nothing beats the real sceneries of the real world, and would actually give me a use to actually use my $60K worth of equipment in a collab with you. I never done a game like this before but you can direct it the 1st time in the collab but yeah this reminds me like the minecraft in real life parody stuff so totally doable and viable in an actual game as these are considered playable games FYI and there not many existing. If we can collab on something like this then amazing I won't disappoint as I have the equipment and the skills to use my equipment.

It's free and you do know more than 1 or 2 people can download and play it right? 

Also no comments or feedback about the game wtf is this?

This was fun!

This was neat!

Sure mine has next to no effort on all in fact it's literally a game that loops the same thing and just a counter really ahahaa

Everyone's timezones is different so yeah don't sweat it.

You don't need to change times due to other peoples timezones, there are 24 in fact, and itch always shows the dates in which an event/jam will start, there will always be the 3 cases where there is people both before or after your timezone if your in the middle somewhere. There will be people basically a full day behind you if your like the 1st timezone, or there will be people ahead of you if your the Last timezone, as there is 24 hours and each part spans a part of the day. (GMT) as in General Mean Time is a very good one, just state the obvious and Itch will also state the obvious to those in other timezones no biggie if this was like a locally locked Jam event only then time does matter as everyone is same time. (I'm EST Time) but I ain't asking for an adjustment cuz my time will be off. Just do what works for you, your the host so you need to be there to Moderate, Guide, Help, etc. The people in this community during. ;)

Yup np, I'm not sure what I will make, but 1 thing for sure I will make very good use of the "random" function just to mess with the numbers a bit to make things ... CHAOTIC ... ;)

Windows Batch Script? I did lols ahahaaa then I just Exe coverted it just to get an icon for it, as batch doesn't do icons.

I made it to your jam.

Nice,  I guess I can join yours as it's your 1st Jam, I need a de-stresser after today's ordeal on itch lols

I'm not sure what to do as I cancelled the Jam indefinitely, I never deleted I like added 130+ years to it and wrote a message, I won't be getting my friend to advertise my Jams again like that, however if you want I can wait a bit, and let everything cool/simmer down some and maybe next week do a new one, does that sound fair Leafo?