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My Internet is back up, no guarantees it will stay up but so far today it's been up.

My internet was completely cut off for a week.

Yes I can, I just got my Internet back on today!

Alright so just Cute Feel Good vibes, should I look at techno/trance or like Japanese, or some kawaii anime ish stuff? I know of some already, so which one then I can send the correct ones.

I'm up for anything tbh, I put this here for anyone to reply on it's ok, there still 17 hours still.

And I'm young and extremely pretty and adorable, you'll love me I promise if I help on any project with you!

I submitted for now The game of doubled RUSH by Sarainia ( in case I happen to not produce anything for this jam, yeah it's been years since I made a game, I'm working around the clock to find a team mate within 12-13 hours before close. I posted in a few community channels, but I cannot do it alone, I don't have a proper computer on me atm so, it be paint like the one submitted if I get stuck alone, but I dunno what to do atm so I'm likely not getting any ideas on my own today at least. I need a team mate bad to bounce ideas and what to do.

Oh otay I want help pwease. What we do?

Otay sounds good, so how I partake? I can find yeah.

Thanks I joined. I dunno what to do tbh but hey Im there.

KSP Clone Jam community · Created a new topic Thanks!

I joined you from the other jam thanks.

I have a potato for a laptop, I do have all the programs needed for 3D on steam, and Itch and such but this laptop barely runs Minecraft without overheating. I wonder if there is anything of any caliber I can do for you? I know 3D very well and godot but this laptop can't handle it and I have 0 income probably till 2026 so this all I have for now. Maybe I can asset hunt for you??? Ideas person, maybe mechanics or math maybe lore? Proofread code??? Sound???

I want to join a jam and be part of something and maybe a team, anything?

Sure we can jam I'm probably weird enough for your liking. I can do weird stuff in games yeah. I do my best to make it gendered to both and others, i put whacky mechanics in and name them funny at times.I don't know what X-Com is but prolly fun huh?

I can post one of my own past games for the bundle for people to have for free? I'm trans, however I don't think I ever made anything lgbtq themed yet, I wouldn't mind doing more for our community.

Sarainia, She/Her, here, I never made one before, as mine was requiring them to buy cards or something so more instructional, it might be a TT no idea, I think I made a cutout, that one might be a stretch to a TT lols,  so a tool would be welcomed yeah, I did post in a couple spots in asking to join an existing or winging a quick game, I'm trying to understand the full scope of this "TT" RPG thingy, my guess is it's not programming or effects or sounds, but something like a Printable copy, and like a board or cards and or dice or something, as I'm thinking this is a Played on a Table Top, I never made one of these so it's a wild guess, I think I made possibly 1 past TT not sure but if so I can review that but I will have to focus on all of my games which are actual RPG's and or Text Based RPG's on my Itch profile.  Anyways a tool for me as an aspiring game maker would be so awesome, for a pretty young trans gal like me uwu. :3 I would like to make an official TT though I'd be truly honored. I would love to help the bundle too for free.

I can program at least... but if this a TT as in table top I think we make a physical game they print out right??? Not sure. That also means sound not a thingy too I think, it's art and cards and or board and dice and rpg like I think??? I will join you once I know what we doing.

This said TT as in Table Top? That means we just make something physical they print out or something correct? I'm so stoked this looks fun asf. All My Games on my itch profile is rpgs or text based rpgs so I'm beyond seasoned wow, I can't wait to get started, even share industry secrets with the group that takes me in.

I'm Trans Female on HRT btw, Sarainia, pleasure to make your acquaintance, um how do I get involved here? I wonder if a pretty girl like me fits into a team and can make something for the bundle, I'm not looking for profit, so can be for free I'm open to anything.Not sure what I can do, join an existing project or wing a fast game with someone, just 1 thing to note is I have a moderate concussion, so I need light duties, and not much screen time if possible, I will try to dark mode it for now ok.

I'm Thinking Bubbles, Or Confusion, Or Even Both? Something about that seems easier, as it's a base shape and it's quite easy to portray confusion in many ways, hmmm... it's an idea... just was pondering for several hours... it's a thought!?

Ok back! So you code and do animations correct??? Your games and apps move in pictures so I'm guessing you got serious skills eh?, what programming languange, or game engines, you use, I have alot of programs to my disposal for games, also are you interested in html games, I'm flexible and open to any idea or journey, we can do anything, do I need to code with you, do I need to produce art, etc. I'm open to anything and will come up with a solution, I'm not much a sound person but I think I have game sound licenses and probably could find open source sounds in a pinch, if I'm just the person who procures what you need then sure, I'm flexible, if you need me for ideas and mechanics and math I'm also good at that too.

Hi if you want we can team? I posted on here what I'm good at in the 3rd post well there only is 3 lols, I show everything I can do if your interested, I will check your portfolio out, but I have faith your amazing anyways. ;)

Oh Hi,  I just noticed this now, yes I'm willing to join anyone's team/group, I kinda posted before on what all my skills and what I do is on, but yeah glad to be here.

Sure I'm interested in your group/team, I did make a post before noticing yours, so if you needed an introduction of what I can do, I did post in community here and wrote a briefer about me.

Oh right in case this helps too, I just remembered I have " Juice FX " it animates like still PNG's and like converts them to effects/gifs so yeah... animation lols.

I haven't coded or made games in literal years and decided today is the day to jam, that's right jump in get my feet wet, reintroduce myself into the game making scene, what I can do is, ai art if you need, cuz hey I'm not an artist so if that's our shared lack I got you covered with mine, and 2nd I can do is coding but to some degree, it's still best you can code just enough to proof read what I do, as I make mistakes, and lastly if all the above is not appetizing I do have rpg game maker series. Notes: I text chat only, I'm Deaf and Mute, I share code and game screenshots, that's all I want you to know. Again if your antsy at what I can do I have an itch page with my games ok cheers. Sarainia She/Her has had university classes in coding. Also I do have a game on using ai arts to give you an example. Life Is Chaotic Good Luck! (Public) Edition - (Stats Conversion Completed!) ( so yeah that should be alot about myself, I can't wait to meet my team.

Lols xD. My Last and Current scores always are 0 and the game always picks something way different than I do.

Interesting color choice/theme for a game.

Another option too cuz of the way this game is, since there is rotation and always in 3's, planning is involved this could even be a decent simple game to test basic AI's out more complex than tic tac toe, but lesser than lets say Minesweeper.

Oh I think I solved this game now, it appears you wanna get the houses together lols. 

You could do that for us, having local server, could also mean advertisement and possibility for co-op and multiplayer and chat ideas in the future, maybe a split screen where 2 players can place tiles fastest and get bonus points and having a ranking structure. Lots of potential for certain here in this game.

What is a "RANK: E" Mean???

[Deadline for myself aim for 30th of April]

Memo:Finish-Soon New Update!

Please explain? Solo RPG? as in like an offline console game Roleplaying but just you and NPC's only and like no other human players? If so my Steam Library is basically 60% of those that I would play by myself solo, the good news is because it's solo usually means, what you do is safe from other players wrecking your work/progress etc.

Message her on twitch like I did, I'm not sure she comes on itch frequent as in daily. Her name is " Goat Song Publishing " here but on Twitter she is " Mids Meinberg, the Void and the Flame "