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You would also think that "Air" has nothing to do with the Theme, however Air is the only thing that will help "Air" out sweaty Balls, for men, and is the win condition, thus why reinvent what's already existing ya know.

I think I succeeded in that endeavor. The coding language was "Air" who woulda guessed. ;)

I made no game and I uploaded no game. That's as low effort as it get's and I never set any reminders or attempted to find this chat, anyways logged on now, what a breeze that was. ;)

Would a pen and paper game with camera picture be a worthy game or it has to be digital and not like table top or a mental game all in the head?

Low Effort Jam 24 community · Created a new topic Hi

Nice to meet you, I have no idea what i'm gonna make I just joined now as of this post is when I joined this jam. So what I make? Do I need to team up with anyone? I'm not really good at graphics or sound or much but I think I can code some in windows batch script or use RPG maker, Low effort means I just make something in 5-10 mins and call it done?

Lols xD. My Last and Current scores always are 0 and the game always picks something way different than I do.

Interesting color choice/theme for a game.

Another option too cuz of the way this game is, since there is rotation and always in 3's, planning is involved this could even be a decent simple game to test basic AI's out more complex than tic tac toe, but lesser than lets say Minesweeper.

Oh I think I solved this game now, it appears you wanna get the houses together lols. 

You could do that for us, having local server, could also mean advertisement and possibility for co-op and multiplayer and chat ideas in the future, maybe a split screen where 2 players can place tiles fastest and get bonus points and having a ranking structure. Lots of potential for certain here in this game.

What is a "RANK: E" Mean???

[Deadline for myself aim for 30th of April]

Memo:Finish-Soon New Update!

Please explain? Solo RPG? as in like an offline console game Roleplaying but just you and NPC's only and like no other human players? If so my Steam Library is basically 60% of those that I would play by myself solo, the good news is because it's solo usually means, what you do is safe from other players wrecking your work/progress etc.

Message her on twitch like I did, I'm not sure she comes on itch frequent as in daily. Her name is " Goat Song Publishing " here but on Twitter she is " Mids Meinberg, the Void and the Flame "

I think they did not set the settings right, or... maybe Html5 games are just playable if 100% off only? My guess normally the page may be locked if a price was on board???

If I get an itch, it's usually only to colab on a game tbh, I haven't made a new game in awhile, due to how the world has played out, but equally I'm in my seat if anyone has an itch, and bam I colab lols.

However I would like clarification on the "Playing" cards bit and the rules as I do own 52 Cards of course and even dice here.

True the Bundle is worth it even if the every 2nd or 3rd item I come across makes me raise an eyebrow on how the file works lols, after all $10 for a huge $6500 package of games is worth it anyday as I likely can print some off and give to family and friends anyways, so I'm not really losing out on anything, except maybe just the VR games in this lols ahahaaa

Likely won't happen lols, no worries it came in the Ukraine Bundle so I was expecting some games to of course not play on Windows directly, in fact the Ukraine bundle is a huge hodge podge of everything, From VR to Roms, to Printout Games, to Music, to Ebooks, to PDF's to Video games, and the list goes on! Some Developers bundled games within the Bundle making it easily 1100+ games in all honesty!

Fair enough, yeah I own just the basic one as it came in the Ukraine Bundle, I may or may not get around to any of the 6 due to the fact some Devs put more than 1 game up, which make mini bundles within a larger bundle I would say their likely is approx 1100+ games actually, in short my Steam Library is like 1350 games, so you can see why the Ukraine bundle has got me a bit busy going through it all lols, at least I helped a good cause, even if some things I found from various people in the bundle makes me raise a brow and ponder lols there is everything from ebooks, to printout games, to music, to basically anything tbh, atm I'm a bit lost what to do with all of it actually "[{however your "Planet Shader Thingy" I will check out, that looks cool btw.)]"

Just to let you know please give me a heads up, I would totally give a pile of my games for free or cheap cost etc. for a fundraiser that's a good cause! I never knew itch or people did this, if there is anything to donate I would, but this round I paid the $10 for the bundle to do my part to help out the cause, I don't have a huge library of games but the next disaster in the world to come along I likely can gift away 10 ish for their cause.

I saw each copy number goes up in price but what do they even mean?

What's a .nes file lols? I downloaded it now what? I'm on Windows 10 btw.

What's a .gb file lols? I downloaded it now what? I'm on Windows 10 btw.

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I got this in the Ukraine bundle 1000 games for $10 deal! I'm a bit puzzled on what to do with this game lols as I'm more well versed with the digital kind xD lols! Either way glad to support you & or Ukraine! I don't have a printer but glad to chip in & do my part!

Neat I will solve something no worries.

So 3 days is this Jam right? That's how long we have right?

Sure I will look into it, so just a game that there is a timer and you have to run to get to the next phase in game huh hmmm I wonder if hidden timers for things would be a thing I will look into it. Thanks.

I looked into it, you can't create just random "Chance" without RNG, might as well make a linear path or multiple questionaire, example there is a chance you will roll a 5 on a 6 sided dice, however if it is predestined then no matter how you play, everyone plays the exact same game in same order same steps and get same score, might as well make a visual novel and make a story about some person getting lucky by chance, because that is the only thing that will work for this Jam. Impossible to detach RNG from Chance as they are literally exactly the same thing.

Comments enabled! - No idea why it was not on, I will be making the paid version, I'm like a month later but this game was not forgotten, I will make quick work of edits now. Cheers!

I'm not sure how to leave a rating, but from what I seen so far I would +1000, I will 1 up the "Shelves' Schwa" comment and make it go from +1 to +2 soo... That's my mark I will do for now...

Good list never saw this post till now. Better late then never at all.

I meant to ask " Leafo " as I lost his comment for "Jam" where do I find Jams or post my Jams again I prolly won't make a Jam till next year or so but is good to know and remember? - be nicer if this site was coded better so I can find his post to me...

I played up to 6 Gold yeah... I don't get this I tried but this doesn't make sense sigh... So we selling stuff for gold or do these items mean something?