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I'm looking for peeps to collaborate & make a game with also, as well I make text based games, and also RPG Maker as well! :)

This is a text based game, Primarily using just the keyboard, with the sale you can get the other modules that can plug in or play this as a standalone game for (WINDOWS) not sure if this will work on 1 through 9, but will work on Windows 10 for sure! This is also gonna be the "Core" of all other games as well in this series where this one will be overhauled alot when new Modules and games come out to always point back to this! You will make 1 account and be able to play same account across them all!

You basically : Do math, get about 1000 to 2000 correct answers, buy Attack and or Attack Rounds, and fight if you want 7 in a row before all mobs level up! Then repeat the process of another 1000 to 2000 answers and so on... You get score and money for every Correct math answer and every won battle, Beware of Dragons, they are strong bosses that have a 1 in 50 ish time of appearing so you'll likely destroy some Rats most likely 50 with good luck and hopefully no Dragons and be able to level up the best you can! The other modules allow you to auto farm money more or less (I'm adding pets soon) another module to plug in but this game here is complete for what it does exactly! And will be the spot you come to always level up your attack always and will be your main source of battles! Other games will have other mobs, but they likely won't give as good score or money like this Core game will! :)

Lols sure i guess life happens and you can't dev I suppose? anyways I literally made 5 short games ish in the time span I first played your game up till yesterday kinda thingy and I'm busy all the time too like chatting, having a real life, playing games most of my time, and sleeping 8 to 16 hours a day, but in the chaos of barely anytime devoted to games I have whipped up 5 games in which 2 are fully complete in what they do, and 3 of them just wrapping up some final touches, for instance my 2 RPG Maker games, I'm just gonna double to triple the content so there is a minimum of 4-5 hours play to exist, insteads what maybe an a couple hours atm in each :) if anything at best I may have cumulatively put 48 hours in an over 200 day span, and I thought I was the worst one here on this site but I have looked around on itch before and there are plenty of people with abandoned games/projects, and I'm like what? huh how can that be unless they suddenly died, there's no excuse for the amount I find on this site, like I barely ever get to updating or making anything ever but when I do, I always make quick work of it, I literally updated 3 games yesterday alone in what maybe a few hours, threw them in a zip folder to remove 4/5 of the size so it easy to download and extract :) but tell ya what I will "Forever" be lingering around hopping game to game, I will be awaiting your updates ever so "Patiently" :) I love my Text Based game series, it's like nearly all coming together, i just gotta couple things to make useful and I'm all good to the races, I think next module is gonna be a major "Shop" module where everything in all games and then some can be done in that one zone still cuz 1 save in 1 game affects all saves in other games, in that series, I still may one day expand each module to be it's own full on game but so far I'm working on just keeping them all playing with each other as a starting point, Basically what I did is like you build a character up in [Runescape, then walk on over to World of Warcraft] with it and vice versa, cuz no point having a single character locked down to just one game, might as well create walking space and more breathing room, and then I will add online to all of them except maybe 1 game where people who just wanna play offline can chill and do whatever But as it stands (Auto Currency Miner, and , Battle Dustmites Training), is complete in what they do! All ya do is fire it up and it auto Battles, or Auto mines, and you get all goodies like Stat Shards, or Gold and Diamonds etc. then a person closes those 2 out and hops on into  Core Math Clicker, and you fight Mobs and Dragons and power your Attack Up, but mainly it's a Polynomial I think is what it is for math questions, just numbers no Algebra, I got to keep it simple so Kids don't have too hard a time on it lols, it's a great Math generator by far and I love the result :)

Does the game end where they walk past each other on what seems to be a bridge? Cuz I tried pressing every button and swiping and clicking all ways, tried clicking the purse and the cherry blossom leaves so is that it and all? :)

Hi, wow looks neat :)

Did you add more content yet just curious cuz I beat the game in 10 mins like a year ago so... :)

Um Otay lols fun and cute game :) ... I not much into men either so I understand this scenario all too well, I had a Girl, date me awhile, and I was kinda scared at first like OMG if I kiss a girl then will I sin and all, but I got used to it and I'm still alive today, so all is well, I have dated guys before but they really not my thing anymore! unless he charming and funny and like does girly things lols :)

Thanks I can't wait for the full game, do you know the estimated price? :)

I am Sarainia, Single, from Canada, Um I'm new to this site I think I signed up like yesterday or the day before so yeah very new, I just came to this site to upload and sell my game lols, other than that I am not much other than a game designer! I am working on getting more games up and eventually making them all free but I dunno how to make them free and still have food on my table lols I dunno if I want to add ads to my game as people find those a turn off in most cases! :) I am not a coder by any stretch the best I can do is Drag and Drop stuff like RPG Maker or BuildBox! I wish I knew how to program because then I can customize things even more :)

Do you have a full game I can purchase? Or is it just a demo? :)

Maybe there should be a palace and a castle in this game! Palace can cost like 50,000 and castle maybe 250,000, in 10 mins I was able to fill all slots with inns! I am thinking maybe everytime you buy something it should increase just that item by 10% selling should go up by 10% as well! Starting gold should only be 100 as I completed the game in 10 mins and have over Half a Million gold coins already lols This is the fastest I ever beat a clicker/ incremental game ever! :)