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Thanks I can't wait for the full game, do you know the estimated price? :)

I am Sarainia, Single, from Canada, Um I'm new to this site I think I signed up like yesterday or the day before so yeah very new, I just came to this site to upload and sell my game lols, other than that I am not much other than a game designer! I am working on getting more games up and eventually making them all free but I dunno how to make them free and still have food on my table lols I dunno if I want to add ads to my game as people find those a turn off in most cases! :) I am not a coder by any stretch the best I can do is Drag and Drop stuff like RPG Maker or BuildBox! I wish I knew how to program because then I can customize things even more :)

Do you have a full game I can purchase? Or is it just a demo? :)

Maybe there should be a palace and a castle in this game! Palace can cost like 50,000 and castle maybe 250,000, in 10 mins I was able to fill all slots with inns! I am thinking maybe everytime you buy something it should increase just that item by 10% selling should go up by 10% as well! Starting gold should only be 100 as I completed the game in 10 mins and have over Half a Million gold coins already lols This is the fastest I ever beat a clicker/ incremental game ever! :)