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The art and music on this is amazing!

This is super creative and a lot of fun! The twist at the beginning was great lol

Couldn't solve the steps puzzle, but great implementation and feels great to play!


Thanks so much for playing through, and glad you enjoyed it! Loved the video.

This has to be one of my favorite games of the jam! The art, gameplay, all of it works super well! And without spoiling anything, the body animations are fantastic. After a while I ran out of ideas (don't know what the thing in the woods was but I couldn't interact with it), but it was a blast until that!

I really like the art & animation on this one, and the platforming was a good level of difficulty! The only issues I had were that I got stuck at the first blue force field even though I picked up the blue pickup, and wasn't sure how to progress. Overall I had fun with this one though!

This was super creepy and immersive! It was unnerving exploring all the environments, and while I would've loved a little more audio feedback for my actions, the background ambient noise was really ominous and good. I also liked the level design, though I ran out of air before I could find the 3rd part :(. Overally really good job! I'm impressed you did this in only 2 weeks.

Thanks so much! Awesome video, loved the voices :D

So happy you had a good time! Thanks for the review :D

I think that may be an issue with the web player. I'll take a look when I get the chance!

Great puzzle design. That's the coolest duck I've ever seen

You created a magnificent sense of atmosphere with this one! Ominous and relaxing at the same time. Great job with the shifting environments as well, kept me on my toes :)

Really fantastic sense of atmosphere with this one! The visuals, the sound design, all of it came together in a really immersive way. Awesome work!

Thanks!! Guess you could say it was... unexpected?

Wow, this is so nice!! That screenshot is amazing, and exactly the kind of thing we were hoping people would write in the message. Thank you so much for the feedback, this kind of thing means a lot!
As for the dialog bug, yeah we weren't sure what was causing it but we're taking a look. Next time we'll be sure to check out Yarn though.

So happy this one left an impression!!

Thanks for the lovely review! Glad the experience was sufficiently unexpected :D. Also sorry about the text boxes, we've been trying to figure that one out. If we find a fix we'll update it!

So happy you had a good time! Sorry you got that freeze at the end, hopefully it was after the fade to black? We can definitely look into it.

Thank you! We always strive for pure realism in our lunch gameplay

Thanks so much! Laughs are what we were hoping for :D

This one feels really good to play! I didn't last too long, but I really enjoyed the spooky visuals. Well done!

10/10, dedicated quack button.  Seriously though nice job, the controls felt fluid and fun to move around, and the narrator/duck both had a ton of personality that made this a charming experience!

I enjoyed all the funny messages for the ads! I also loved all the little details - the character getting squashed by the fists, the thanks for playing message, getting to play a single level of the game, etc. Had a great time with this one.

Ah yeah sorry, we don't always communicate when a line of dialog is the "continue" line. We might tweak the dinner meter as well. Still, glad you still had a positive experience overall!

Always gotta be careful not to choke on spaghetti. So glad you had a fun time with it though!

Then our mission is accomplished.  Thank you so much!

Thanks! We always love a little nonsense

This one has a ton of personality, and your voice lines were hilarious! The art is also really well done. I enjoyed adapting my strategy to the different players! 

This was definitely one of the more unexpected games in the jam. I absolutely love the amount of personality you managed to squeeze into a 3 minute experience. The graphics, writing, and everything came together in a phenomenal way.

I'm honestly blown away that you did this in 2 weeks. The visuals, music, and puzzle design are all top notch even for a full-release game, and it's both a great brain-bender and a zen experience. The only downside for me is that on the web player if I took too long it crashed with a javascript error. Still, phenomenal work though!

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My brain is too small to think in one dimension. This was super fun though! I like how you took a straightforward idea and added a ton of personality to it. I might've read the whole paragraph...

The hand animations in this are top notch. Love all the little details like resting the gun on the ground, or slamming it on the ground to reload. The neon vaporwave style definitely fits the whole theme, and overall jumping and dashing all felt super juicy to play. Had a blast with this!

This one has a ton of personality to it! I liked the mounting challenges, and the game felt really good to play. Honestly I even think you could have lowered the time limits a bit, since I never felt too rushed. Also, loved the art style so awesome job to the 3D artists!

this was super relaxing to play! I got some big Osmos vibes, which is a good thing - I love that game. You added your own pleasing art style as well, and the music was nice to settle into. I know someone else mentioned it, but I like the parasites - definitely wasn't expected, and kept me on my toes. Once I figured it out though it was well communicated visually.

This one is super impressive, and the puzzle design was really well done! Not much I can say that hasn't already been said, but still incredible you got this done in 2 weeks.

I guess you could say there's some layers to this one. The voice acting was fun, and it definitely had a trippy style

This one is just oozing with personality. I love the little bounciness added on all the houses, and it feels great to play! Dialogue is hilarious too. Only thing was that I thought we were supposed to jump in the volcano, and I died :(

Love the art on this one! I agree with one of the comments that some more audio cues would be nice, but overall has a great tone and feel to it. Nicely done!