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Yeah, it should work fine on Linux. The browser problems are mostly a Windows thing

One of my favourites so far!

Great graphics, great audio. I think I would like more feedback, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Love the idea, haven't met anyone on my playthrough, but I could see it being more fun with more people on the server.

Hey, unfortunately libc version is tied to the rust toolchain and we're stuck with a specific toolchain version because of shader compilation utilities.

I'll try and build a musl version of the game, should be dependency-less.

Very fun! A solid gameplay idea, needs more graphical and technical polish!

Great music! Love the mechanics!

But having another player and 2 controllers is quite a big requirement.

I'm afraid I didn't get through the game after my second fall into the abyss on the second level.

Some checkpoints along the way would be nice I think.

I have to say I'm not a fan of the combat.

The movement though almost works - running and jumping feels very nice except when trying to steer mid-air.

Play well!

The controls are brutal though!

I found that for me the best strategy would be to spam the magic attack and just dodge the enemies.

Interesting graphics!

Not sure about gameplay, I wasn't able to figure out how to properly play the game.

Failed to play it :( 

I tried clicking all the button, but nothing worked.

I assume it's cliche because of the game type/genre.

It was very difficult to get a hang of the mechanics, I kept dying in the first few seconds.

I think there's something worth exploring here, maybe if there were indicators that something is about to hit me from behind. Right now I feel like it's essentially up to random chance whether or not some incredibly high speed tuk-tuk rams into me and I die.

Also I don't understand why there's always a vehicle with a minigun?

Really fun! Great replicability. I only wish we'd get a choice between 2 upgrades instead of just one per level.

This feels like a very complete entry!

I liked the music choice and the gunplay and movement felt very fluid.

In terms of cliches I especially enjoyed the CoD shot hit cross and sound.

On level 2 the platforming section felt a bit off, afaik the only way to complete it was to sprint jump across all the elements. And the timing was a bit too punishing.

I feel like I would have liked the enemies to be a bit more forgiving. I tried playing the game quite fast and it felt difficult not to die in a few sections.

Overall, I liked it!

Oh and I loved your use of text to speech

What a cool idea! I really enjoyed it! Great job!

I feel like there's a cool idea here. But the execution leaves a lot to be desired.

Is the challenge of the game guessing where to go? Cause that's not a fun challenge.

I was constantly on my toes waiting for something terrible to happen, but the game ended on a pretty chill note.

Amazing use of visuals (with a few artifacts here and there) and audio. Very nice story. Really like this one!

I was expecting some visual storytelling, some sad story. But I got Dark Souls 2D!

Definitely unexpected!

I love the visuals. The gameplay feels unfairly hard - like the spikes appearing at the ground, there's no way to tell that they'll be there.

But overall pretty good! Really like the atmosphere

You were definitely supposed to do that ;) in fact there's one level, where doing this and moving to either side is a valid solution :P

And thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

First of all, thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

And about the stage changing? You mean the 3rd and 4th bit? Those shift the level half a length respectively right or left.

And all the levels exist on the same "map", so you can sometimes see them peeking through, and for some levels we designed it so that there's a little bit more of the level there.

I hope that clears it up a bit :)

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The game doesn't load for me :/

Hey! This one's a lot of fun!

I made the mistake of trying to play without reading the how to, but after I read it was a lot of fun.

Gave me Shadow of the Colossus vibes!

Is this a Legend of a Hobo or something? Brilliant idea, I didn't get far, I only manager to get the flute, but had fun nonetheless.

Very unexpected!

Nice voice acting, and I see a lot of unique ideas here. Great job!

Very unexpected! I enjoyed it a lot!

Very nice! I had fun playing this game. At first I thought it was impossible to beat at easy, but then I discovered the dash.

Oh my god I hated the moving platform!

But apart from that platform, pretty good, the movement is weird, most games give you some momentum on jump, you don't just stop mid-air, so that took getting used to.

That was really unexpected!

But I really liked the story and the overall tone!

Thank you!

Wow, um, wow. Feels like inside of a creepy, crazy music video.

Definitely unexpected.

A nice and calm game.

I would like a better indication of how well I'm doing, or how close I am to ecosystem collapse.

Very difficult!

Very twitchy gameplay, the movement is hard to wrap your head around, I managed to get down to 4 kills remaining and then I accidentally restarted the game :/

Very unexpected when it switched to using rocks as weapons!

Very well made movement!

Very unexpected in many ways.

A nice, short game overall

Very interesting!

A suprising combination of puzzle and combat mechanics!

A bit tough in the later levels, but still very nice!

Very unexpected and suprisingly fun!

Love it!

Oh, but the speed at which you have to click is a bit fast imo :P

Very nice! I love the visuals. I haven't managed to progress much.

I figured out (or rather chaotically kept switching the levers) how to get the water to that one mirror switch, but then I couldn't figure what to do with the light ray :/

Overall very good, so far this is my favourite!

I really like the big drop with red, white and black elements. It was very visually pleasing. The movement felt finicky most of the time (is it just me or does the character drift to the left?) and I kept getting stuck on everything in the house level. But overall pretty good!


Would be nice to have a screen summarising the score and some more variety.

I also wonder how this would play out no a mobile device.

I managed to score 48! Pretty fun

So cool! Awesome idea!

I think the controls could use some work, it's very hard to aim the jumps.

Oh and I managed to cheese the first level with crates by jumping :P you might wanna look into that.