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Okay ight

Ight, glad I could help

Do send me a link of your game once done :)

I think change the friction of the object a bit, i had the same problem and I fixed it by changing the friction of the object and moving the position around the colliders, I dont remember the exact thing which I did but it was probably some collider or game object issue for me atleast.

Or try rigid body collision ?

Maybe put a function or something that as soon as it detects a collision the collided object should go front or something or maybe a force

Idk I am just giving ideas it may or may not work out, probably try to ask on unity's discord if this doesnt work out

I ain't sure about this one but I am pretty sure you can use the website itself and see community posts or other things like featured games or new content etc, their discord is also a good place to get updates and stuff 

all of em 

mine was "Time Pass"

A small but fun game

I agree with whatever you said and me being a person who did game dev in the past but took a break and getting back on track (dont get much time for developing games but atleast have time for helping the community with the experience) , this advice is actually helpful and I will recommend this as well.

For the first point, even If your game doesnt look nice or doesnt have good graphics, put on some pics, screenshots and a good summary of your game, even if it isnt good. Be proud that you made something and it could lead to something bigger and better.  And plus putting screenshots and trailers really does make a good impact on your page

The 3rd point is a really good way to get views and to get people to play your game and get more exposure but as one of the person in this reply section pointed out that game jams r gold for exposures but have certain limits (as in the limits and the boundaries like themes and stuff which the game has to revoke around, what the game can have etc.) They can give you an advantage and a disadvantage. Recommend it for short projects and for fun ofc and for beginners but if you plan to make a really full fletched game, then take some time off and put dedication to your game and then use the posts and basically try to get a good reach on people.

And above all always have fun. The community in also exists for a reason. Have fun and explore the community 

ok this ones a bit sci-fi

But what if you were to make a game which changed the meaning of life, the way we look at life right now isnt the same after playing the game. It gives you immense feeling that maybe you're just binary or maybe just a simulation or anything of that sort (just dont make it cliche and make it more unique. A thing which have never been thought of as a possibility) but yeah change the meaning of life (sci-fi) is my game idea :)

hi there

The way I started programming in unity and ultimately making games with unity  without any prior knowledge in c# or unity was through this video followed by brackeys, but essentially if you dont know how to program you can use google and YouTube and well the community itself (like, etc)

I can too help with the game (both programming and interface if needed) but you have to give a lot more details on what exactly do you need to do,

 It's ok if you take scripts from outside but you have to understand what's going on, etc and please describe what you exactly need to do too

ik I am a bit late in answering but here goes nothing 

I use unity as my game engine (some time ago when I made games still do but lately didnt get much time)

But yeah I use unity and unity's asset store mainly since I didnt learn blender yet to make my own models, and as for 2D games i use simple shapes given default by the unity's editor (because why not) and apparently use the color scheme to give simple colors etc

So yeah unity and visual studio (an ide to write c# for unity's code to work) is what I use for game dev  

doing gooood. Took a lot of time off game dev (still am) but still remember everything somehow lol, welcome to the community btw and hope ya enjoy it

also you can message me on discord 


I mean you could use vpn lol 

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I mean yeah sure but there arnt details about like how it is gonna be conducted

Also for me i used to make games (and will still do once my exams get over) and didnt make them in a long time so idk if I am eligible for the interview but I do know and remember about the stuff I used to do before and how I did them but I am willing to take the interview if you're fine with it 

Rate Cube Chaos by AgentXMan for Brackeys Game Jam 2021.2 -

thanks a lot for playing and trying out my game, its a game which i made after like 160+ days of no game dev. its full of chaos and hope you like it :D

nice man, the visuals and graphics were super good  and sound effects too!

its polished too! nice job

hey there, heres mine, i played and rated your game too !

sure man.

also heres mine it is like a Sandbox game so no particular goal but the level of chaos is sky high 

Also the explosions may be looping after but it was actually intentional tho I think so it may cause a problem of the animation looping

But thankss

ah yes, sorry about that didnt realize it there r way too many rating posts lol

thanks for the feedback, the explosions was intentional for  more chaotic experience but I may remove it too. Yep I will check out your game as well.

thanks for the feedback, and thanks for the rag doll idea too I forgot that those existed XD

The explosions dont have sounds because if it did it would ruin the background music 

The game doesnt have any goal because it's a sandbox game I didnt really have a clear idea of what  good goal it may have so I made it more chaotic instead of a goal based chaotic game :D

hey there, heres mine it is like a Sandbox game so no particular goal but the level of chaos is sky high 

Also the explosions may be looping after but it was actually intentional tho I think so it may cause a problem

But thankss

hey there, heres my game and hope you enjoy it :D

It is a Sandbox thing so no particular goal but the chaotic levels r sky high. Thankss

here ya go and thanks

Lol even I love dark theme and use in everything I can that includes as well

heres mine and thanks

hey there, 

Here is my game

It's a small Sandbox game where you spawn in cubes and explode them and see the physics and stuff into it 

Hope you enjoy it 


heres my game

Good luck on your game and enjoy the experience of the 1st game jam :)


here ya go and thanks

here there, here's my game :D

ohk thanks for the feedback!


heres mine and I like the way you are going with this post :D

thanks a lot!

The explosion effect after the explosion was kind of intentional because it could cause more chaos but I think it may cause chaos irl too XD. But I think I should have changed it but it was kinda intentional

The cubes r supposed to be effected by the explosion you put and not the looping explosion.

Thanks a lot for a detailed feedback once again :)

thanks a lot !


hahaha thanks a lot

The explosions was actually kinda intentional to give a more chaotic feeling but I think it was a bit too much lol. Thanks a lot again for playing the game and I will check our yours too :D

hey there thanks for playing my game and liking it :)

Yeah the lagging part might be due to the number of particles and the explosions but dont worry about that, I made it so its playable atleast if u dont spam it. And theres also a gameplay video I uploaded for a quick look through of the game itself

Glad you enjoyed the game :D

this is an intensively great game ! congrats

really good game, reminded me of left 4 dead 2 when i played it, the music reminded me of call of duty world war 2 where that music part came, overall very very good game !