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that party was to die for

This game feels great to play - it looks and sounds very polished too. I love the little pop sound effect when you die. Put up some more levels!

Took a really long time to load, and when I finally got to play it was very disappointing. I'm glad you at least put some effort into making the loading screen one of my favorite games in this jam ;)

Great game! So many ways to get stuck and lose made it very challenging, but a really cool puzzle to figure out which order to collect the pieces. All the powerups were unique and very unexpected! 

I will admit the reverse gravity jumping was too hard to get used to for me so that's where I bailed on actually winning. My initial impression was that there's too much reading before the game starts, and then I died twice in the green goo before realizing it was even there so I was very confused. But it all started making sense when I found the goo jumping power. 

Really this was a blast to solve. Keep up the good work!

Well that was tons of fun! Derek made me laugh, and I liked the omniscient fire guy. Really cool characters. 10 minutes is nice and generous I didn't feel rushed. All around great job!

This is really cute, I love the ears! It's also cool how random mutations of color and size will sneak back into the gene pool.

I lose :( but I'm not sure why! Took me a few tries to realize I can control the aliens.

Edit: I figured it out! Honestly a really cool idea and super unexpected. It's interesting how my preconceived notions based on so many similar looking space invader clones and expectations upon seeing how closely this game resembles space invaders actually made it very difficult to switch my way of thinking to how your game is played. But I think that's what makes this game so cool and unexpected!

+1 to the game not loading, looking forward to playing whenever you get the chance to rue-load

very unexpected! Some out of the box thinking required in a lot of these puzzles - maybe a bit too out of the box to figure out that exiting the screen on the right brings the flag through the door in the top left. Gliding is a bit funky. But overall super clever levels :)

I was really hoping to find the hat in that trash can, but alas just a bottle of vodka. Everyone in this town is an alcoholic. 

This is all hilarious. Makes me want to play a full Zelda game as ridiculous as this. 

Love the puzzles and abilities! 

The amount of times I pressed "z" first when I meant to press "a" and fell through the floor to my death is embarrassing. 

cool idea, though I have no idea how to progress past the first emailed image

This was really fun! I love the music and the voice over.

Only reason I didn't play again after dying was the weird physics. I'm focusing so much on navigating my character toward the enemies, then they fly right by in the blink of an eye and are pretty tough to hit. It's a slog to kill 30 of them. 

super creepy, especially with the music! 

One tip I have is to fade the music when it loops to prevent the jarring audio clip. 

Otherwise the physics could be less floaty - maybe that's the vibe, but it made the platforming aspects kinda frustrating. I bailed at the first lava (red floor) area. 

this was awesome!

the garden is beautiful! I wish I was there :)

All the themed rooms are really cool and add to the memorability of each room to solve the puzzle, which was an absolute joy to solve - totally non-trivial and really makes you think about what's happening.

Only sad part is reading the other comments about the audio in each room, when my game was silent the whole way through. 

With cover art like that, how could I not play this game!

After dying 3 times on normal I flaked over to easy mode :')

I hate it when I play fresh beats from the 1680s and nothing goes wrong. Thank goodness you've created a remedy. 

super cute visuals and music!

the gameplay was a bit confusing though, when can I place a block and when can't I? I ended up just clicking repeatedly until the block would place.