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Damn dude! The relaxing intro is the perfect setup for the awesome energetic song that starts at 2:12. This whole soundtrack is really beautiful. The part that grabs me the most are your melodies. They're full of whimsy and emotion at the same time. It's a nice balance to the ambient pieces that are less melodic and more immersive. I hope you keep making music like this :)

Those are three incredible composers for three incredible works of art. All of their music is definitely floating around in my head at all times :)

Woohoo! This is full of adventurous spirit! I love Deck Dance because it absolutely sounds like pirates and also Hyperspeed Voyage because of the energy coming from the breakbeat and the low piano notes bassline. It kinda reminds me of this random song I found once called Sparkle, by Serph. I could listen to a whole soundtrack of music like that. Great job!

Thank you! I kinda threw all the sounds at Moonrise and I'm glad it turned out well :)

This is fantastic. It really feels like I'm on the ocean at night. I can hear the wind and the water in the music and it's incredibly immersive. I love daylight in particular - the subtle choir effect and really quiet tinkly noises take it to the next level. Really well mixed too down to the bass. I'm in full spectrum bliss. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful soundtrack :)

Thanks! Glad you liked the story :)

I love your style so much. The minimalism really lets us appreciate each juicy layer. I could listen to this soundtrack all day. In particular, I'd love to listen while playing Minecraft ;)

Thank you for listening! I love that you thought of sirens because I didn't at all, and it totally fits! The flute sound that seems real is pretty real, I think. My woodwind library has an effects section that seems to be random notes paired with random expressive techniques. Maybe it's whatever the soloist was feeling when they were recording samples. In any case, I knew I had to use a few :) 

These songs are all so good! Right from the opening phrase followed by the nostalgic zelda-adjacent piano melody I was captured in this story. The music is so soothing and pensive that I ended up just leading against my hand and closing my eyes until The Magic Music Box lifted me out of it. And the opening of that song has to be my favorite moment! Lastly, great job ending with a return of the main nostalgic melody with the uplifting orchestration. It was incredibly satisfying! Loved it :)

The experimental nature of all this was refreshing. Most of these tracks would honestly make great background music for actual gameplay, in that they don't demand too much attention and generally sit on a specific vibe throughout. It's all very chilled out but still has a focused energy. The spacey minimal guitar brings the whole thing together nicely. Great take!

What an adventure! Your songs and story are so creative, I would love to play something like this or at least see concept art for some of the cool stuff like the star kids and things that swim in the sky. I got really vivid imagery of the star dunes (my head cannon name for this whole place) while I was listening. 

Ok now let's talk about the music, which is lush and dripping with magical energy. I can feel the percussion and percussive-adjacent instruments like piano and plucked strings forming the backbone of the tone in each song. And the variety here was really nice. And I think my favorite part of the sound overall is the vocals/choir doing pad stuff - really brings the emotion up a notch.

And here's some awesome things in no particular order: vocals in Captain of the Sea and Sky and A Starlit Prayer, piano arpeggio and  bell melody in Mapping Constellations, the entire vibe in Where the Star Kids Sing, the rising wind effects in One Cosmic Night, the fact that Captain of the Sea and Sky channeled both Pirate of the Caribbean and How to Train Your Dragon, and of course all the creative mystical elements of the story itself, and the bittersweet ending that left me with chills.

Damn dude this story is so real. I got lost in Sloth of the Lost Souls, but glad its the holidays lol. I love how you kept it a little bit whimsical amid the subtle oppressive atmosphere. The last track is really a emotional journey and a beautiful moment in your story. It gets so epic! And the outro is a perfect conclusion. I can picture Blake and Silvy reconnecting :)

I absolutely love when the guitar comes in on the first track. It really feels like the start of something. I love the melody that comes in later on too and the two chords are perfect for setting an adventurous and mysterious tone. The last song is my second favorite and nice and conclusive. Beautiful work as usual :)

Glad you quit your lurking to join us this time :)

You have a great sense of pacing and musicality, especially considering you improved a lot of this. I love your bendy synths and arpeggios, and you kept me interested throughout the whole soundtrack! The bonus track is great!

Woah!!! I love Infinite! It's such a beautiful song that's dripping with sadness and longing but still goes hard! Great production too. Thanks for sharing this!

Oh yeah these are all great! I was bobbing my head to the whole thing, except maybe parts of Library of Lost Dreams that had me wishing I could grab the good dreams and get out of there. It's a cool concept, and I would definitely be a little uneasy flipping through the pages of every dream I've ever had. 

By the way Tunnel Pop is seriously awesome. Certification of hoodness goes without saying

Shane's theme was an awesome surprise. I love how it contrasts Claire's theme and helps build your narrative about the conflict between the two. Nice job!

Nice orchestrating! The Monster Who Shatters Stars had a great ominous energy, especially after 1:30

Holy crap you nailed this. The Herald is so damn hype for the story you're setting up. The harmony and textures work so well together I got goosebumps for days. I think my favorite is The Forest Spirits for that section that goes incredibly hard. And I can't not mention the ending solo piano song. Your playing is really beautiful. The whole soundtrack is evocative and fits your story. Nice job!

Your compositions always blow me away in how the chord progressions and melodies are incredibly familiar sounding and stir up all kinds of memories. "Adventure Begins" sent me back to Hyrule Field and Vaelen Crown made me feel like the end of a Final Fantasy game. Also Vaelen Village opens with such a perfect fairy-tale quality to it.

Great job diving into orchestration. I'm surprised its new to you because I think you nailed it - really lets your compositional skills shine!

Thanks, if anyone were to fall asleep while listening to this I would not be upset :)

Thank you so much! It means a lot to me that you took the time to listen fully and share your feedback. And I love that you were able to see the story come to life. I tried to combine "diegetic" instruments like strings for waves and winds for the Albatross alongside the piano melodies. I'm so glad it seems like it worked!

You're totally right that it's our job as composers to bring out the best in the visuals we're given. I think we're incredibly lucky to have this jam format as an opportunity to create both the vision and the delivery. It's a very cathartic experience and it seems like every time I'm going through the submissions for a new jam I discover this magic all over again :)

Ooh yeah Soul Sanctum is a haunting and beautiful song, and that whole soundtrack is so inspirational. For Adrift in the Storm, the chord progression is 100% stolen from somewhere, but I had it lying around for so long I can't remember from where!

Yay! Moonrise was a very fun one to write as the climax for the story

Thanks! I was worried the "Rest" string interludes would be boring so I'm glad it resonated with you :)


Thank you Man :)

Thanks! Catching the Wind is the second song I wrote after Adrift in the Storm and I think it's really where the style for the whole album came together. Glad you enjoyed it :)

You sir are too kind


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Thanks! Adrift in the Storm is probably my favorite too. And for the whale song, a magician never reveals his secrets! jk it's an electric guitar crossed with some female choir :)

Awesome to hear you got frisson! That’s the most raw indicator of success for me. I can die happy now :D

I just listened to Learning the Truth again and got some at around 0:43 seconds :)

Nice I like the steel drum sounding thing and the echo you put on it. I can totally picture this playing in a puzzle game, rewiring things and such. The nature sounds are super subtle but add a lot to the overall texture. This is really creative! Great job!

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This is taking me back to the Professor Layton games, which are near and dear to me  (edit: just realized someone else said this too! So you know there's something to it). It makes me want to sit down on a rainy day and solve a puzzle of a noir city. The accordion bandoneon sounds great! And I agree with Aran that some reverb could probably help the different parts sit together in the same space.

The jingles are probably my favorite part of all this. They're super creative and something that makes the soundtrack feel very complete, like now it just needs a game, which I would love to play. Nice job!

This is just adorable. The anthem for digital bunnies :)

Wooooooah this is a really creative sound design piece. Love how you turned diegetic sounds into an eclectic ambient space  


Woah! Hopeless took me by surprise. Hauntingly beautiful vocals, and I love the emotional evolution of the idea with orchestral elements up to the end. This is really good!

Awesome combination of sparkly and clicky textures. The lead synth sounds great against it all. Nice job!

Holy crap! This is awesome right out of the gate! I love all your melodies and the consistent energy the song has without getting repetitive. This is a great title theme!