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Thanks a bunch!

Screenshotting this and sending it to the artists :D

I haven't yelled at my monitor in a while, great rage game! Loved the aesthetic 

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Thanks! It was the best I could do in the week I gave myself! I learned a lot of things I could've done different.

yeah, I don't think I executed it to the best of my abilities but I'll definitely keep all the little things that could've made it a better experience for the user into account for my next game jam. Thanks for taking your time to play :)

thanks for the detailed review! I didn't actually think of the whole instructions only being in the audio part, I think I would've added subtitles if I had more time since I started the jam halfway through, and I've been hearing of cinemachine here and there but I've never looked into it so I'll have a look. The timing was explained in the tutorial as far as I remember. It basically said it ranges form 3-5 seconds, and yeah that's where I should've added difficulty options, I probably played through the level 50 times so I had no right making it that difficult. Anyways thanks for taking your time to try my game :)

I agree with this, I didn't have time to add difficulties, and I don't have time at the moment to add it because of my other projects, thanks for the review :)

That's an awesome idea! 

That's awesome! I'll download the new version tomorrow :)

Thinking of traps was the hardest part tbh xD Thanks for the feedback :))

Yeah pretty much, I could see the inventory/hotbar at the bottom and the quest in the top-right but the rest of it was black

Ah that makes sense! I didn't see that

Lover it! Would've loved to play with some people tho :)

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Loved it, definitely in my top 5 favorites of this jam!

The game is great for a first! To avoid the jitteryness of the platforms that move up such as the one in the first level, you'll want to use Fixedupdate() instead of the regular Update() since fixedupdate advances with unity's physics engine whereas update just advances based on FPS. Also the installer wasn't really necessary, it also gave me a few errors when trying to install but it worked in the end. Overall, nice effort, keep it up!

One of the most satisfying games I've played so far! I loved the arcade feel

Awesome job! Would've enjoyed some audio feedback for punching and stuff but other than that everything was phenomenal, the artwork was seriously outstanding and I enjoyed the classic vibes a lot.

I wasn't talking about the reverse movement, I meant the player stopped shooting and wouldn't shoot again afterwards.

This game was great! I love the way you need to memorize the level or fall into the unexpected traps! Two critiques: The audio was only coming out of one side of my headphones and the second is that the jump sound was a little overplayed and got annoying after a while. Only those two little things, the rest was great! Keep it up :)

Awesome game! I loved it! Makes me fear daisies now xD Also little tip: putting an icon on unity games triggers a false positive in some anti-virus softwares.. So it's best to leave unity games iconless unless you're releasing to steam or something

The title sequence was great, however the screen was black once I started playing and I couldn't figure out what to do, interesting concept tho!

So aesthetic! I love it. 

Reminds me of Geometry wars, it's an awesome game! I was a little confused on the shooting system and when I could or couldn't shoot, or maybe my shooting was meant to be unexpected xD

Big portal vibes! Love it!!

Thanks :) I might actually fix that when I have time later, because I also think it's really slow at time and a bit unpredictable. Not everyone is gonna take time to learn the trigger intervals xD

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Five star everything. I loved it, those chords I could listen to for hours, the fishing system was just plain fun, especially when I tried fishing that Barrelcuda, and it went off the guage, that's the little things I love. The game was just weird in the best way possible! Also there is a little bug where you press escape mid conversation and the text begins floating in front of you!

This definitely weirded me out! I loved it! Also little tip: Antivirus programs flag unity programs that have icons as viruses, so you should leave your game without an icon if you want it to be more playable. I don't know any workarounds sadly!

The game was very laggy and it blackscreened when I got to a certain point, but it was creepy as hell and the graphics were great! I think all it needs is some optimization and some bug fixes. So creepy!

Didn't realize I hit that genre lmao

Thanks man :) The camera movement was my favourite part to make!

Pretty Epic.