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Joshua McLean

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Bit out of luck with pico-8, because the GB resolution (160x144) would actually scale to 128x115.2.

Although if you ask me, a four-color pico game is still in the spirit of the jam, even at 128x128. Because who needs to follow rules? XD

Hello jammers! I'm a composer looking to get involved in this jam.

I am open to working with jammers for custom music, but my time is limited, so please get in touch as soon as possible. You can send me a message through itch.io or an email to joshua.mclean.music@gmail.com

If you want some quick chiptunes, check out my royalty free music which you can include in your project for free. They're also licensed for commercial use, so if you go on to sell your game, you can keep the music!

Thanks, and happy jamming. :)

Took me a while to figure out the core mechanic, and once I did, couldn't figure out how to progress. Ended up locking myself on the first floor in the end.

Sorry if I missed something obvious. I really do love the mechanic idea. :)

This game looks really amazing and I loved the meta twist. Would have liked more to do. And also, inverted mouse. ;P

The dragon looks amazing, and the rest of the art is solid. "Guess the right combination" isn't my cup of tea, but it's cool how many unique responses the game provides. :)

This was very well-crafted and super difficult. Would have liked more warning instead of the game just ending.

Really enjoyed the graphics and music. Although simple, the animations (especially the main square character) bring it all to life. Good work. :)

This had me scratching my head for quite a while. Short and sweet, but unlikely that I would have figured it out without help. A solid presentation and unique puzzle make this a worthwhile experience.

This would be an amazing way to teach JavaScript. Things like Scratch or PencilCode are absolute nonsense. This game is the sort of thing we need to see in education.

That said, it's very free-form and massively scoped. Would probably do better with additional limitations early on, then slowly introduce the user with more power as they go.

Also, audio would have been neat. Playing with that would have been awesome. But I'm an audio guy, so maybe I'm biased. :P

Loved the panels mechanic here, and the bit with the first upgrade. Not what I was expected at all. XD

Thought this was going to be a breeze to get through, but I got stuck on the fourth level. An interesting setup with the double-wide resolution. Would be a good match for the DS. :)

The metaness of being inside a Unity project was shocking and amazing.

I'm probably not the target audience for this because I haven't the patience to listen to people give me orders (let alone do what they say) but I see what you were going for. The writing is excellent, even if the VO delivery is iffy in places.

Would love to see what you do with a larger project. Well, as long as you allow me to invert the mouse y-axis. :)

An interesting experience, especially after reading through the postmortem. Definitely appreciate that you kept trucking on through the ups and downs. An excellent microcosm of game development, as any successful jam should be. :)

A fun little game that's super relatable to a lot of weekend workers who still manage to pull off game jams. Hopefully inspirational to those who say they don't have the time. :)

This game is absolutely gorgeous, especially the opening comic. However, it seems to have run well out of scope.

I didn't like using the on-screen controller instead of keyboard/gamepad input. Got the feeling that it was meant to be part of the puzzling, but it was frustrating to work with in real time.

However, the idea is amazing and I would love to see a more polished, complete version. :)

I don't know if I reached the end or missed something on the idea of Iteration, but this was pretty minimal. Looked like a lot of things were planned but scrapped. Fair enough in a game jam, although it would have been nice to see more.

I wasn't keen on clicking buttons above/below objects instead of clicking the objects themselves.

On a positive note, the art and atmosphere was really cool. Loved the visual effects and the computer implementation. :)

The food puns are hilarious, and the implementation of the console is absolutely solid. Would love to see you making more games in this style. I'm a huge fan of Hacker Evolution, which this game reminds me of.

Would have liked more freedom to explore and discover things at my own pace rather than having to listen to the voice. A button to replay clips would be nice, because I got stuck at one point.

Overall, a solid and very meta entry. :)

Enjoyed the beginning, but never got a grasp on the controls. Would have been interesting to poke fun at games that have awkward control schemes instead of having one. Not my cup of tea. :)

Bookmarks on the wall are pretty terrifying and I'm glad I didn't have any pictures in my Pictures folder. :P

But overall, pretty neat. Needs inverted mouse option!

This was one of my favorites. The meta element is pretty minimal, but after you've died a few times... That got a chuckle out of me. Good work. :)

Really enjoyed this one. Here's my thoughts: 

An interesting platformer. Here's my thoughts: 

This was a pretty fun little romp with a good meta theme. Nice work!

Here's the video from my stream: 

Hey, thanks for playing and leaving feedback! What operating system were you using? Keyboard or controller? If controller, what kind?

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Hello! I'm a composer and sound designer with experience in electronic, retro game, chiptune, and orchestral music. My repertoire also includes some rock/metal compositions. Please check out my demo reel and compositions at my website: http://mrjoshuamclean.com/

My work focuses on enhancing the emotional content of your game's core experience. By complementing gameplay and visuals with the appropriate musical cues and sound effects, the game can reach a whole new level of immersion. I'd love to work with you on your project, whether it's a tiny jam game or a huge undertaking.

Feel free to contact me through Twitter or email (both available on my website). You can also leave me a message on this thread, which I'll check regularly. Thank you!

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Do we have to pick one palette for the whole game, or are we allowed to switch between the two palettes as long as we use one at a time?