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I have to admit that this game is honestly pretty well made! The gun mechanics worked well, the 3D character models are very good and it even runs smooth! It's a little short, but none the less I definitely had fun playing this hahaha!

What a masterpiece of a game. I have never felt more at peace and in harmony with my fellow man as in this game, yet it was able to hit me emotionally too. 12,5/10, would shake hands again.

I had a lot of fun playing this game! I absolutely love it!! I usually don't play a whole lot of indie games besides in my videos, but I've actually been enjoying this game in my spare time too! Everything works well, I haven't encountered any bugs and it's just a lot of fun to play in general! Great job on this one!!

I am sorry. Those are all the words I can come up with. Just... I am sorry...

Wait... are my eyes deceiving me... or do I spot... an Unus Annus hoodie. Because if so... I am currently wearing the exact same one xD

A really confusing, hilarious and yet terrifying experience haha! I'm afraid I encountered a problem at the end though. I all of a sudden couldn't move anymore, but none the less I had a lot of fun playing this game!! ;)

I honestly had a lot of fun playing the game! The game runs very well and the levels are a lot of fun while still opposing a challenge. I also absolutely love the physics of this game! Really well done!!

It was a tough one but I managed to get through it! I love the way the title really misleads you into thinking it's actually a simple survey.

Honestly I had a lot of fun playing the game! I loved the little side questions that come up when you annoy the narrator! I personally didn't run into any bugs or weird glitches or anything, so that's great!

I'm pretty sure I managed to find all the outcomes (pretty sure...)

I got all the results from 0/5 up to 5/5, I got the hard questions, the emotional questions, I had the narrator getting replaced twice in different scenario's and I found the "error system crashed" screen!

Great job on this one BenBonk and Deynum!

I mean I figured spongebob would go insane at some point. So much krabby patty's can't be good for anyone. But I did not expect spongebob to spiral down that badly...

I've played spongebob horror games before and never before has one actually properly jumpscared me, but this was did it. This one definitely made me jump! I also did not expect that dark ending! Well done!

So since you made your own banana controller to play the game with and since I am way too small brain to make my own banana controller, I decided I would make my own banana VR-headset which is very real and very functional. I'm very glad it was compatible with the banana vr headset, because it was an absolute delight to play this game in such a realistic experience!

I've been playing the game some more outside the video and although it's quite the challenge, I genuinely had a lot of fun playing it hahaha! I always love a challenge!

I was honestly not expecting this game to be so fleshed out! I had such a blast playing this! Throughout the entire video I was flooded with nostalgia. I love the sense of humor that this game has and the fact that mario is flailing around a gun everywhere he goes. (In my opinion it controls much better than actual Super Mario 64 hahaha) Thank you for this absolute masterpiece. I can't wait to play more of this! xD

What an absolutely hilarious game! I had way more fun playing this game than I probably should've had hahaha! For the first 20 minutes of playing I didn't even know there was a story, I was just shooting up Bikini Bottom. Before Mr. Krabs could even speak a word he was already penetrated by a bullet that accidentally shot through the wall. I absolutely love games like these that turn something so kid friendly into something so dark and gruesome hahaha! Absolutely well done!! Can't wait for more games like these! xD

P.S. The first time Mr. Krabs came sprinting at me in his true form I almost sprained by back and hit myself in the face with my microphone, which you can clearly see in the video. I've got a bad case of arachnophobia, so this made me jump more than any jumpscare in a terrifying horror game ever could xD

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WAIT! LISTEN! Before you hunt me down and execute me... listen. Do not criticize the video if you haven't fully watched it. The title is not clickbait, literally everyone who has fingers can do this. HOWEVER, I'm not here to promote this technique. A lot of people probably already know about this, but for the people who do not I suggest you learn about this since not everyone is who they seem. Some people who say they can complete Ballistic on hard mode might be using this technique, which in my opinion is straight up unfair. With the "New Input" option in the V.S. Whitty mod, there's a way to complete every single level without having to possess over any sort of skills. All you need is your fingers and the ability to press buttons at a high pace. With the old input I can not complete Ballistic on hard mode by a long shot, but with the new input it became very easy to beat it. It just doesn't feel right to do so...

Now that I can easily complete all weeks on hard mode (due to a lack of doing something with my life), I've decided to move on to the B-Side remixes. So until Week 7 comes out, I'll be locked up in my room practicing MILF on B-Side hard mode for 4482 hours until I've finally completed it at least once. In the meantime, here's a video of me completing  week 1.

I absolutely loved the atmosphere of the game! It all looked so aestetically pleasing and it just... feels right. The sounds fit the vibe so incredibly well too. I just had absolutely no clue what happened at the end there hahaha. For some reason I couldn't see anything? I kept trying to walk and look around, but it didn't do anything... However, I've seen other people's endings and all in all a really well made game!! ;D


So I kind of made a compilation filled with moments in which I regret a lot of decisions in my life

YES YES YES. I've been waiting patiently for this one to come out... I absolutely loved the first episode and this one did not dissappoint by all means. As terrifying as those mannequin-like things could get, I couldn't stop enjoying myself the entire way through! The style is fantastic, the concept is great and the storytelling was really good! Can't wait for future episodes to come out! Absolutely well done!!!

Honestly I feel like this game very accurately represents my feelings towards corporate/business life. It's just sucking you and your soul dry for the profit of someone else's million dollar company, while you're left with a mediocre pay check, sleep deprivation and a full blown burn out. Really interesting concept and the atmosphere was perfect! I'd love to see this concept reappear in a future game some time, for example with a full in depth story line or something like that! 

Especially since this is your first game, I'd say you did a really good job on this one! ;D

Really enjoyed playing this game! Love the style and the concept! I checked out both endings, but I still couldn't figure out what had really happened. Really looking forward to how deep this storyline goes in the full version!

After trying to complete M.I.L.F for 2,5 hours straight during a livestream and a lot more practice on the side, I can now finally complete week 4 (Hard)  on the first try! It’s far from perfect, but maybe some day I’ll get there!

I've absolutely fallen in love with this game this week. I've been playing it more then I probably should have hahaha!

Here's me beating week 6 one hard mode while playing one handed (as I always do for some odd reason)

Also, love the music for week 6! Can't stop bopping my head to it, which is sadly really inconvient while trying to focus on playing the game xD

I was by all means not expecting that hahaha. Out of all three games, even though it's very short, this one scared me the most xD

I absolutely loved playing this game! I really like the concept and the style of the game! Sadly at the end the game must've bugged out or something, because after I messed up the potion and died I couldn't go back into the cave again or perform the ritual. None the less, fantastic game!!

I absolutely loved it!! I'm already a big fan of PS1 style games so I can't wait for the full version!!
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Today I stumbled upon this game and I really enjoyed the challenge it offered me! I accidentally played it for about 3 hours straight instead of doing what I was supposed to do. Therefore I decided to live stream my journey to completing every single week on hard mode difficulty!

I absolutely loved the demo! Everything feels so smooth and plays so well! When you said some of the mechanics were inspired by Titanfall I knew I had to play it, because I absolutely love that game! I can't wait to some day play the full game!

Okay first of all the main menu is fantastic! So far I had never seen something like that and I absolutely love it! I personally wasn't very aware of there being secrets and different endings so I'm afraid I missed quite some things. I did however really like the concept of the game! With the way the story progressed it did become clear to me what had happened and pulling that off without literally showing me what happened is really difficult! Great job on this one!!

I played TRAPT about a year ago on my channel, but I didn't know you made this game as well until I got into the game. Right as I realized you made this, I knew I was in for a ride. This game scared the bujeezus out of me several times, just like TRAPT did. 

This game really has that terrifying vibe down that holds on to you from start to finish! The VHS style really adds to the vibe, the graphics are great, the sounddesign is very well done and the crawlers are terrifying! Overall a really well made game!

I LOVE the style of the game! I absolutely adore PSX and VHS style horror games! I had a lot of fun playing the demo and I'm really looking forward to the full version of this game! It had the right vibe, a good story so far and the sound design sent shivers down my spine! The sounds and unsettling music that played as I was being chased really put me in a fight or flight mode. The first time I didn't even see what happened, but only by the audio I could immediately tell something was horribly wrong and I should really run away as fast as I possibly could. Absolutely well done!! Looking forward to the full version! ;D

I had a lot of fun playing the demo! I really like SCP: Containment Breach and when I saw this I just had to play it! The story progressed well, everything worked the way it should and that monster is just beautifully terrifying! I'm looking forward to full version! Great job on this one! ;D

For a game that was made in only 48 hours it gave off such an uncomfortable and terrifying vibe! Being in an enclosed space with a killer demon as mother really created that uncomfortable vibe and that feeling just did not let me go until the end of the game. It kind of reminded me of Cooking Mama if Mama was a demon and terrifying and a killer and able to twist her neck 360 degrees. Great job on this! ;)

Oh and for the people who want to play this Sandbox Mode, but have no clue how to get it. I made a very simple video on it showing you how to easily install the Sandbox Mode Mod, since I had a lot of people ask me how to get it. So here you go, this exists now. I hope it's useful (I never make tutorials)

So... I tried to make a 3 block nuke since everyone said it was completely impossible. Now it's technically not a real nuke, but it does fill almost the entire map with only 3 blocks. So I guess that counts for something... I guess?

So I heard about this sandbox mode and figured I'd mess around in it a little. It was fun messing around a little, however messing around a little turned into making a nuke and making a nuke turned into making even more nukes... So here's a video in which I make random nukes, I guess? It really doesn't have any added value to it, other than me creating a bunch of nukes, so yeah. This exists now.

I tried, but I just couldn’t find Bill. I’m really sad and worried now. Some day I’ll find Bill! I don’t care how, Bill will be found one way or another...

I really like the concept of the game! I never thought I would get the opportunity to install a PS5 in the form of a game. I personally think it came across as a very realistic experience since everything that could've gone wrong, did go wrong. Just like installing new electronic equipment in real life!

I personally had a lot of fun putting furniture in boxes, throwing knives, filling my kitchen floor with a gratuitous amount of knives, dragging the sofa through the kitchen and warming up the PS5 in the fireplace. Installing the PS5 was incredibly frustrating though, so I'd say this game is spot on hahaha

I did it... I completed the game inside a game inside a game inside a game! I didn't know I had it in me, but in the end I was able to complete it! (and lost my mind in doing so...)

Sam, I absolutely love the concept of the game! I've never played a game before which made such a great use of recursion. I've actually never played a game before which made use of recursion in general, so props for coming up with that idea! I don't know how you keep doing it, but you keep impressing me with game concepts you come up with! Absolutely well done!

In the end I had a lot of fun wrapping the fibers of my brain around these recursion puzzles, even though the end of the video may tell you otherwise hahaha! It was very challenging, yet very possible and I really like that!

Overall a very challenging, enjoyable and especially original game! Very well done, Sam!

I had a great time playing this! Ironically for me the boss was easier than the first 5 enemies. However that's only because I managed to find a loophole which kept the ogre (with great taste in underwear btw) from being able to hit me, I could never beat 'm in a fair fight hahaha! Also I was pleasently surprised by the quality of the graphics! Really well done!! 

I had a lot of fun playing this game! I've never seen something quite like this before! I can now officially say I have been scared by a baby...