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I absolutely love it! The combination of "kids-themed" and "horror" always make for great disturbing and cursed content and especially in this game. The way this demonic child snaps at you when you disobey her is truly unsettling. I'm always a big fan of games with hidden lore so I will definitely be diving into this more haha. 

Besides that the game ran smooth, I didn't run into any problems, the sound design was good and the art style of the game fits perfect with the concept!

All in all I genuinely enjoyed this disturbing experience. Solid work on this one!!

I was extremely pleasantly surprised by this game! Normally I absolutely hate clowns, but in some weird way this game made me feel bad for hurting them. It ultimately made me feel like I deserved whatever was coming to me for hurting them haha

I love how this game really plays in on that unsettling/disturbing kind of horror, more so than just leading up to a cheap jumpscare at the end. So all in all a really well made game in my opinion! Great work!!

Absolutely in love with this game! It really reminds me of the FNAF hidden minigames, which was one of my favorite parts of the entire series. I'm a big fan of cryptic games with deep and dark lore. I didn't know what to expect going into this, but I came out loving every second of it! I hope there's either going to be more to this game eventually or a game similar to this concept, because I can't get enough of it hahaha!

Great job on this game!! 

I really enjoyed playing this one! I love horror games that focus more on creating a creepy atmosphere rather than working up to a cheap jumpscare. The atmosphere really creeped me out! 

I love the concept, the art style and the audio were great and I really like the backstory that's going on in this game!

I really don't have anything bad or critical to say about this game, so overall a really good game to me!! :D

I honestly had so much fun recording this game!! I love the randomness and deceiving aspects of this game! I honestly can't wait to play more hahaha! Great job dev! ;D

I really enjoyed this one!! I love the take on the playstyle for this game! A lot of games are first person horror games, so I love the fact that this was more of a 3D third person game in the style of a 2D platformer!

I really like the concept, the artstyle is great, the game ran smooth and the audio was good too! There were some parts which were difficult to hear, but it was overall very good! My only problem is that I really wanted it to go on for longer hahaha. I really got into it towards the end so I was really caught off guard when it ended xD

Overall a great game!! ;D

This game spooked me a fair few times hahaha! The atmosphere in the facility on the island was very good!! I was very weary the entire way through that part. After that I unfortunately couldn't quite catch what was going on anymore so I kind of lost the sense of the atmosphere there. At the end I felt kind of left in the dark, because I didn't really know what had actually happened. But I wouldn't be surprised if I missed a lot, because I am that big of an idiot hahaha

What a great game! I absolutely loved playing it! The way the story of the game progressed was great and the horror aspect was very well done! I'm very happy that this game isn't one of those horror games that builds up to a very predictable jumpscare!

I really like the concept, the artstyle is great, the game ran very smooth and I didn't encounter a single bug!

Great job on this one!! :D

I absolutely love how weird and gruesome this cute game is hahaha! I'm a big fan of games that are as absurd as this one! I've always enjoyed the Henry Stickmin games and Happy Tree Friends and this game just felt like the baby of those two. If you're ever gonna make more choose your own adventure games like these please let me know, because I would love to play them! :D

I really enjoyed playing this! This was a very good horror game! I honestly have nothing bad to say about this game. As a Dutchman I really liked having to control a bicycle for the entire game. I mean it's what I've been doing for years every single day hahaha.

What I really like about this game is that it doesn't revolve around planned jumpscares. I personally don't like games that build up to a cheap scare at the end. This game was disturbing the entire way through and you only get jumpscared if you mess up yourself and that's what I'm all about!

So overall a great and really well made game!! :D

I really liked this game! There's a lot of horror games that are mainly focussed on jumpscares and I really like that this one didn't do that! It made great use of sounds and subtle visual changes and that can truly make the player think they're going insane. 

I love the concept of the game, the game ran smooth, I didn't encounter any bugs, audio was great, the chase in the slides was terrifying and of course the monster itself truly disturbing.

Overall a really great game!!

I really enjoyed playing this! I've personally never watched Courage the Cowardly Dog, but I still wanted to play it and when I figured out there was lore to this game, I had to dive in. Like I said I don't know anything about Courage (I'm sorry, I'm Dutch and for some reason it just wasn't as popular here), but I'm a big sucker for lore so I installed Reshade, tried to get it to work for 50 minutes and kept on exploring. I ended up finding one of the missing data pieces, but right as I thought I was special and did a thing, I noticed other people had already found it...

None the less I absolutely love games like these! I wish there was more games that have as much lore and a community trying to get to the bottom of it. 

I really love the concept of a cursed Courage game filled with secrets, I didn't encounter any unintentional bugs or problems and the game ran very smooth! I don't know what more to say about it then that it's a very well made game!

Last but not least I hope everyone in the community as well as the devs are having a lot of fun with this game and all of it's lore. I would love to join in on the fun, but since I don't know anything about Courage I would be a completely useless asset and probably become that YouTuber who accidentally steals everyone else's credits for finding secrets that were already found hahaha

An absolute masterpiece hahaha! I honestly don't have a whole lot to say about this other than the fact that I truly enjoyed myself and had a good laugh! That's all I can really say about it hahaha. Time to commit tax evasion again too!

Really enjoyed playing this game! The ocean already gives me the creeps so this was perfect haha! The story was great, I loved the style of the game and I'm a big fan of absurd, mysterious monstrosities/creatures such as this one. I also accidentally turned this game into a stupid improvised story while playing it. It just felt like the perfect game to do so haha. Great job on this one!!

So I took a break from making video's for a while, which means that I didn't play any horror games. Oh boy was that a mistake... My tolerance to horror games was completely gone and this game already has a very scary and disturibing vibe in and of itself, hence why I was shitting my diapers the entire way through.

I thought this game would take it somewhat of easy on me, but it didn't. This is one of those games that makes you feel like you're gonna get jumpscared, but then it doesn't so the entire way through I was super jumpy and braced for impact.

If my tolerance was a bit higher I would've absolutely enjoyed this game, but that only means that it truly did what it was supposed to do haha! The vibe is perfect, I loved the art style of the game, the introduction was really good and I didn't encounter any bugs or whatsoever.

Overall a very good game! I can't wait to play the full version! (Hopefully then I won't be too scared to walk normally xD)

You need to download the Mystic Mod. There's a link in the description to a video wich has the actual download link in it's description ;)

So somebody told me about a more advanced sandbox mod called the Mystic Mod and once I realized I was the one in control over the size of the map, I very quickly came to the conclusion that I had to push it to it's absolute limit. So I managed to find that limit... It took 12 minutes for the nuke to fill the entire 1000x1000 map...

I have to admit that this game is honestly pretty well made! The gun mechanics worked well, the 3D character models are very good and it even runs smooth! It's a little short, but none the less I definitely had fun playing this hahaha!

What a masterpiece of a game. I have never felt more at peace and in harmony with my fellow man as in this game, yet it was able to hit me emotionally too. 12,5/10, would shake hands again.

I had a lot of fun playing this game! I absolutely love it!! I usually don't play a whole lot of indie games besides in my videos, but I've actually been enjoying this game in my spare time too! Everything works well, I haven't encountered any bugs and it's just a lot of fun to play in general! Great job on this one!!

I am sorry. Those are all the words I can come up with. Just... I am sorry...

Wait... are my eyes deceiving me... or do I spot... an Unus Annus hoodie. Because if so... I am currently wearing the exact same one xD

A really confusing, hilarious and yet terrifying experience haha! I'm afraid I encountered a problem at the end though. I all of a sudden couldn't move anymore, but none the less I had a lot of fun playing this game!! ;)

I honestly had a lot of fun playing the game! The game runs very well and the levels are a lot of fun while still opposing a challenge. I also absolutely love the physics of this game! Really well done!!

It was a tough one but I managed to get through it! I love the way the title really misleads you into thinking it's actually a simple survey.

Honestly I had a lot of fun playing the game! I loved the little side questions that come up when you annoy the narrator! I personally didn't run into any bugs or weird glitches or anything, so that's great!

I'm pretty sure I managed to find all the outcomes (pretty sure...)

I got all the results from 0/5 up to 5/5, I got the hard questions, the emotional questions, I had the narrator getting replaced twice in different scenario's and I found the "error system crashed" screen!

Great job on this one BenBonk and Deynum!

I mean I figured spongebob would go insane at some point. So much krabby patty's can't be good for anyone. But I did not expect spongebob to spiral down that badly...

I've played spongebob horror games before and never before has one actually properly jumpscared me, but this was did it. This one definitely made me jump! I also did not expect that dark ending! Well done!

So since you made your own banana controller to play the game with and since I am way too small brain to make my own banana controller, I decided I would make my own banana VR-headset which is very real and very functional. I'm very glad it was compatible with the banana vr headset, because it was an absolute delight to play this game in such a realistic experience!

I've been playing the game some more outside the video and although it's quite the challenge, I genuinely had a lot of fun playing it hahaha! I always love a challenge!

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WAIT! LISTEN! Before you hunt me down and execute me... listen. Do not criticize the video if you haven't fully watched it. The title is not clickbait, literally everyone who has fingers can do this. HOWEVER, I'm not here to promote this technique. A lot of people probably already know about this, but for the people who do not I suggest you learn about this since not everyone is who they seem. Some people who say they can complete Ballistic on hard mode might be using this technique, which in my opinion is straight up unfair. With the "New Input" option in the V.S. Whitty mod, there's a way to complete every single level without having to possess over any sort of skills. All you need is your fingers and the ability to press buttons at a high pace. With the old input I can not complete Ballistic on hard mode by a long shot, but with the new input it became very easy to beat it. It just doesn't feel right to do so...

Now that I can easily complete all weeks on hard mode (due to a lack of doing something with my life), I've decided to move on to the B-Side remixes. So until Week 7 comes out, I'll be locked up in my room practicing MILF on B-Side hard mode for 4482 hours until I've finally completed it at least once. In the meantime, here's a video of me completing  week 1.

I absolutely loved the atmosphere of the game! It all looked so aestetically pleasing and it just... feels right. The sounds fit the vibe so incredibly well too. I just had absolutely no clue what happened at the end there hahaha. For some reason I couldn't see anything? I kept trying to walk and look around, but it didn't do anything... However, I've seen other people's endings and all in all a really well made game!! ;D


So I kind of made a compilation filled with moments in which I regret a lot of decisions in my life

YES YES YES. I've been waiting patiently for this one to come out... I absolutely loved the first episode and this one did not dissappoint by all means. As terrifying as those mannequin-like things could get, I couldn't stop enjoying myself the entire way through! The style is fantastic, the concept is great and the storytelling was really good! Can't wait for future episodes to come out! Absolutely well done!!!

Honestly I feel like this game very accurately represents my feelings towards corporate/business life. It's just sucking you and your soul dry for the profit of someone else's million dollar company, while you're left with a mediocre pay check, sleep deprivation and a full blown burn out. Really interesting concept and the atmosphere was perfect! I'd love to see this concept reappear in a future game some time, for example with a full in depth story line or something like that! 

Especially since this is your first game, I'd say you did a really good job on this one! ;D

Really enjoyed playing this game! Love the style and the concept! I checked out both endings, but I still couldn't figure out what had really happened. Really looking forward to how deep this storyline goes in the full version!

After trying to complete M.I.L.F for 2,5 hours straight during a livestream and a lot more practice on the side, I can now finally complete week 4 (Hard)  on the first try! It’s far from perfect, but maybe some day I’ll get there!

I've absolutely fallen in love with this game this week. I've been playing it more then I probably should have hahaha!

Here's me beating week 6 one hard mode while playing one handed (as I always do for some odd reason)

Also, love the music for week 6! Can't stop bopping my head to it, which is sadly really inconvient while trying to focus on playing the game xD

I was by all means not expecting that hahaha. Out of all three games, even though it's very short, this one scared me the most xD

I absolutely loved playing this game! I really like the concept and the style of the game! Sadly at the end the game must've bugged out or something, because after I messed up the potion and died I couldn't go back into the cave again or perform the ritual. None the less, fantastic game!!