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Submitted by IGhibi, Matteo Graizzaro (@matteograizzaro) — 2 hours, 2 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#15792.8002.800

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Short but interesting! This has potencial: you just need to polish it a bit, make the controls a little bit more intuitive and add more levels.

I hope you can continue to work on this now that don't have a 48 hour limit :D


This game looks really good! The totem throwing and freezing in time was what I liked best


I realized the freeze of the block in 20 minutes, when there were, if I remember correctly, 20 minutes at the end of the Jam.

It seemed like a good idea and I wanted to add it, even though making the menu would have been better.

I am very glad you enjoyed it and thank you for playing our game.

Submitted (1 edit)

To be honest I don't get the idea of what's the objective in this game. I find it pretty confusing even after trying it for a few minutes. Neither it is very polished.

Hope you enjoyed making it anyway and I urge you to improve when making games in the future :)


The original idea was to bring the totem to the end of the level.

But ... then when we had only a few hours left at the end of the Jam we accidentally lost 2 hours of work and we were forced to cut different parts of the game, including the end.
I'm very sorry for this mistake we made, but I hope you enjoyed playing it like us to produce it.


Aww, sorry to hear that. I'm sure you'll do better in future Game Jams!

Cheers :)


Neat little entry, the totem block idea fits the "One" theme well. 

I'm just a bit confused by one thing in the controls, the fact that you can drop the totem, but there is no way to pick it up other than using the teleport key, no big issue but a bit confusing at first.

Other wise its cool :) i liked the throw and freeze mechanics, and i dig that little wheel bot character you have ^^


Once you could pick it up from the front but then it all broke and I didn't have time to reinsert it = (

However the artist who did the animations really appreciated the compliments, I just took care of the programming.

Have you reviewed the game on the Game Jam page?
It's not to force you to do it, but I'm curious to know if I can see the reviews or not, do you see mine for yours?


No problem, broken mechanics can happen especially with such a short delay ^^

Good to hear i really mean it, i like the character in the entry,  congrats to you both for the game :)

For the jam page, i'm a bit new on itch io and how the site works, so i might have messed up and not comment / rate on the right page, i'll check it out and rate / comment there.

Oh and no problem it's not forceful, its a legit mistake on my part if i didn't go to the right page, from what i can see also, i saw your comments on my rate page (Wich i guess is the one for the jam if i understood properly)


Yes, you commented on the game on the right page.

I searched on the internet and discovered that it is not possible to know the ratings, only their number, to keep them anonymous, makes sense.
Already 3 people voted our game so we're happy anyway.


Makes sense, but it was another mistake i made, when i rated i didn't see the "Save rating button" so now it's saved so it should be ok XD