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DragonRuby Game Toolkit

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No way to access in-window console for Italian layout keyboard

A topic by Filippo created Aug 08, 2019 Views: 352 Replies: 6
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Within the game, press the [`] (:backtick), [²] (:superscript_two), or [§] (:section_sign) key to open the DragonRuby GTK Console.

None of the keys listed in the console message are present in the Italian layout. Is there a local solution to this problem?

The Italian layout:


I can add an accessible key for you. Would “\” work?

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In Source 2 games the console can be accessed with that key, so it sounds good to me. 

Thanks a lot for the fast response! 


No prob. We are going to push a release this weekend most likely. Expect the feature to be in there 👍

Very sorry to write on a year old thread. Was this ever implemented? The cosonsole doesn't open using that key.


Try adding this to your def tick method:

def tick args
  if args.inputs.keyboard.c

The code above should bring up the console if you press c on your keyboard. :-)

So I should add this to every project I make?