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Thank you for playing :)
Unfortuately I was crushing that last hour at 2.30 in the morning and put that lock in the wrong spot and published. We appreciate you having a crack at the game though. After the jam I'll upload the fixed version.

I gave it another try but tbh I gave up again after 20 failed hashes. It's hard to know how long I should try for sorry. 
Also how did you make the music? It's groovy.

Thanks so much dude :)

That's all good dude you did well with what you know :)

Genuinely quite fun, the large spin attack radius is really satisfying. Would be great if it had a score and maybe some enemy variety. Graphics are neat too, good colour palette.

Checking out your game cause of this post :)

Lmao what a great idea.

Will give you a play and a rating :)

Hey I am stuck here, how do I progress? :)

Thanks for playing man <3

I ended up leveling the volume down but if you listen closely when he's walking fast he's making little grunts as he walks ;)
Thanks for playing!

Really cool and weird, took me a while to get the hang of it. Would make a neat app.

Rated and commented :)

I LOVE that you play as the only loner. What a great idea. 



Left you a rating and comment :)

This was hilarious and the art style is fantastic, is it just a shader? 

rated and left you a comment :)

This is super cool and original, plus I love your art style - kind of parapa the rapper. 

This was cute, played for a little bit and enjoyed it. Rated and left a comment :)

So cute! Graphics really add to the gameplay.

Super weird, super funny. Can't believe this is made in game maker.

Gave it a play, left a rating and comment :)

Rated and commented :)

Super tough, very fast. Works how its supposed to, good work :)

Obviously not a lot of gameplay here but the originality is 5/5. Great idea.

Rated :)

Left you a rating and a comment :)

Interesting music choice, cool idea. A little clunky to play but I like what you were going for.

I put 5 mins into it but the hashes kept turning up false so I quit. Which sucks cause I was really engaged in where that narrative was going.

Really great graphics and game-feel. Lost it when the psy came on. 


Thanks for sharing, good fun :)

Very relaxing. 

Done :)

Already done :)

Left you a rating and a comment. I like your design choices :)

Rated and left you a comment!

Great atmosphere, controls were perfect weight to be believably controlling an old man, sounds were really pretty.

Cool idea, a little clunky but worth checking out :)

We played for 25 minutes. Definitely the favourite of the Jam so far! Really great work guys.

Sorry dude I don't think I can download half a gig, hotspotting off my housemate's mobile <3