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Hey mate. Thanks for playing! Yeah I was aware the camera shake was pretty hardcore, it affected me too, but I figured since its a fun game for a jam I wanted to make it ridiculous hahaha,

Thank you

Hey thank you so much! I didn't have time to playtest with anyone besides myself (finished at 2.55am, 5 mins before the limit) so I just tried to give a few minutes extra on my own time. That's really great to know you enjoyed it, thank you!

After using Gamemaker for 12 years this is so nostalgic. This was so identifiably a GM game I checked the logo and was right. Everything about it is fun and chunky and feels good. Great game!

This is so cool, but it's really showing me how badly I need a GPU upgrade. I wish my computer was better cause this is excellent.

This was very cool and challenging, it took me a few levels to work out what was happening lol. Music is gorgeous too!

Absolutely incredible, my favorite of the jam. 5 stars for fun, 4 for originality. My only complaint is I would play 20 minutes more of this!

Hahaha I really had to fight the urge to leave it out

I like that I had to work out if I wanted to play a target shooter or a bullet hell, that kind of control gets me going. 4 for fun :)

Thank you :) Just played the game you guys made and now dealing with the adrenaline comedown!

DAMN.  "Oh yeah this is a neat aesthetic, nice and responsiESOAADIUDFUFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF"

Demolished me, I got 12 lol

This was cool and unique, I managed to just push the red guys to the end really fast and then mostly just had to deal with spikes til the end, maybe the red guys could resist being pushed the more there are. 4 stars for fun, felt very responsive :)

1 Minute remaining. Badass.

Hey, if you're still looking chuck me a message :)

How are they looking this late in the jam? Mine was clean at the start.

As the title says! Would love to share and see other's progress :)

Thank you for playing :)
Unfortuately I was crushing that last hour at 2.30 in the morning and put that lock in the wrong spot and published. We appreciate you having a crack at the game though. After the jam I'll upload the fixed version.

I gave it another try but tbh I gave up again after 20 failed hashes. It's hard to know how long I should try for sorry. 
Also how did you make the music? It's groovy.

Thanks so much dude :)

That's all good dude you did well with what you know :)

Genuinely quite fun, the large spin attack radius is really satisfying. Would be great if it had a score and maybe some enemy variety. Graphics are neat too, good colour palette.