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I'll keep it in mind :) Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing! This seems to be a common feedback and I fully agree :) There will be handcrafted levels in the full game. :) Maybe some random elements mixed in. 

Thank you! That is some first class feedback. I will try to apply as much as I can for the real game. 

Thank you!

Some day you just might be able to :)

Thank you! 

Yes they were generated but based on different rule sets for each level, which was hand written. In the final game I will probably craft hand made levels anyway :) 

Sorry about the performance hit. Is already fixed!

And I a will do my best to incorporate any feedback I received so far :) Thank you!

Feel free to give it a go :)

Only One Shall Pass

Give it a go :)

Only One Shall Pass

Agreed! I have this idea about a level transition, where the whole game basically is a tower and you always fall one floor below onto the next level. Mixed with nice vfx, sfx etc. of course.  Thank you!

Right? I'll see how I can ramp up the challenge even more in the proper game :) Thank you!

Sure, why not :)

Have a looksie!

Only One Shall Pass

Unfortunately I was playing alone, but I dig the concept. I think it's a nice twist to have a competitive game but only one player has a weapon.

Since I could not test it, is the player with no weapon able to do anything about it at all? Rated!

Thank you for the feedback! I will work on the performance issue as well (I found the culprit already, silly mistake). Hope it did not distract too much from the experience. If anything, it should give you more time to think hehe :P

Lovely interface and nice execution of the idea. Quite elaborate

Hey :) Gave yours a rating too.

Only One Shall Pass 

Feel free to check it out :)

Feedback would be appreciated, rating is always nice too. 

Only One Shall Pass 

Feel free to check it out :)

Gave yours a rating too

Nice idea! Looks and feels very polished as well. 

Thank you for playing!  Certainly a few things I could have done to improve visibility. On the other hand, I think it is quite common knowledge that two opposite sides always equal to 7 and I kind like that idea of having people doing a little bit of math as well. However, I will implement a camera rotation to mitigate this. 

Ah , sorry to hear :/

Then you did everything correctly. 

I'll try to keep it brief:

I asked myself about my game: Would it matter / change much if more than the 1 would be allowed to hit the goal tile. (Yes, in my opinion. It would be extremely boring).

So you could ask yourself how different would your game be if you would have more than one buttons. 

I mean technically you did, absolutely. 

To me personally, there were a few possible ideas (and most of them Mark mentioned) that are too bland in my opinion.  For example you would go for a game that has only 1 level. Now you could make any game you want, no matter what, and just include one level and you fulfilled the topic 100%. Is it innovative? Probably not. Is the design good? No idea, depends on your game, but the 1 level aspect does not play into the design.

And I feel similar about the the 1 button control. Yes, you fulfill the topic 100%. But you can make all sorts of games with one button controls, and they all share that same requirement, and none of them would really tell me anything about it's design, originality. etc.  If it helps, I feel the same about all the one button games in this jam.

Don't take it personally please, your game is still awesome. In the end, it's about how you interpret things. Not me, not others, not even Mark. 

Have to agree with lethandralis. Looks very cool, plays very nice, but the theme is not explored really in depth. At this point I feel like Mark Brown already gave to many options about what "only one" could mean. 

Left a rating for ya!

Not at all now! I was back in the game before my pc even realized what happened!

Played and rated yours as well now!

Had a crash first time I died (I think, I got touched by enemy) but other than that, quite fun :). Feels juicy!


I will most definitely expand on it :) I already got some good feedback (yours included!) and together with my ideas, there is some good potential. 

It may have happened to me, thought I would win, clicked 3 times, didn't work and then another guy seemed to have found him somewhere else. Regardless, cool game, rated :)

Pretty cool! And its online!

Your wish shall be granted!

Thank you.

Only One Shall Pass

Yeah same here! Already have the fixed version ready to deploy as soon as it opens. Working on converting it into a bigger project at the moment. So much fun this weekend.

Played and rated!

Played and rated!

Played and rated!

Played and rated now!

Already had played that one, but thanks for pointing it out in the bug thread :) Rating is present!

Looks pretty cool given the short time frame! And don't worry about the bug mentioned in the forum thread from me. You have a rate anyhow!

I did already haha